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Mar 29 2021

The Fate of a Patriot in Salem

It is no longer safe to publicly support what this country stood for. Watch what happens when a patriot is badgered and menaced into threatening to defend himself at the state capitol in Salem, Oregon yesterday:

The patriot has not yet been arrested pending investigation, according to the liberal Oregonian:

Right-wing demonstrators initially gathered in Sandy for a “Freedom Rally” with plans to travel to the Capitol. A flyer for the event said they planned a “flag wave to honor those who fought for our freedoms.”

Those who fought for our freedoms have been cheated by the enemy within. Salem police turned back the caravan.

The plans attracted more than 150 left-wing counter-protesters, who arrived at the Capitol hours earlier, some carrying banners with symbols tied to the antifa movement. They billed their gathering as a “direct action in opposition to a fascist event.”

“Fascist” in this context means “pro-American.”

The crowd pelted passing trucks — some flying a combination of American, Thin Blue Line and Trump flags — with paint-filled balloons and other objects. In one case, police said someone threw a tree limb through the front window of a passing vehicle.

They attacked the truck of the patriot we see face down in the street in the video above, throwing objects that apparently included a paint balloon.

What kind of country do we live in, now that you cannot drive down a street with American flags on your truck without being assailed by a leftist mob that knows the federal government has its back?

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