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May 28 2021

The Status of Property Rights in Suburban Seattle

According to leftists, property is theft. It should come as no surprise that with them in charge, property is not respected. In the Seattle suburb Sammamish, this resulted in an absurd situation after squatters infested a multimillion-dollar home:

“The amount of guns, drugs, et cetera that were confiscated out of that place are not for personal use or for any good reason,” Sammamish Police Chief Dan Pingrey told KIRO 7 TV. …

The homeowner lives overseas, but a few people living locally help maintain the home with routine checkups. One of those workers stopped by the home and found 12 guns, bulletproof vests, more than 15,000 fentanyl pills, heroin, meth, and over $40,000 in cash.

The squatters, who appeared to be running a criminal enterprise out of someone else’s house, were arrested for burglary. Within a few days they were out of jail and back at the house, along with friends. They wanted “their” property from inside the house. Pingrey was required to let them take what had not been confiscated.

Pictures taken by a neighbor show police vehicles lined up on the street with officers watching as the squatters filled a U-Haul truck. Another picture shows a garage full of appliances, including an ATM.

No doubt much of it had been stolen elsewhere. Some of it was probably the property of the homeowner. Police were not allowed to go in the house while the squatters went on a farewell looting spree before most likely moving on to do the same to someone else’s house.

A society that glorifies Black Lives Matter looters, and that does not allow police to deal with criminals in an effective manner, can expect this behavior to increase.

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