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Oct 16 2020

Mass Exodus From Seattle Police Department

As John Lennon might sing, “Imagine there’s no police/It’s easy if you try.” Even easier if you live in Seattle:

Fox News confirms:

At least 118 officers have separated from the Seattle police department this year…

“Your 911 call for help will go unanswered for a significant amount of time,” Seattle Police Officer Guild President Mike Solan told the Jason Rantz Show on Seattle’s KTTH. …

The 39 separations occurred in September after the Seattle City Council made good on its promise to approve sweeping proposals that would slash the police department budget by $4 million and cut as many as 100 officers from the force.

Make life hell for police long enough and eventually you will have no police. Then the whole city will be the CHAZ/CHOP anarchy zone, ruled over by warlords like Raz Simone. Street-level moonbats would regard that as utopia.

As for the ruling-level moonbats who script the narrative and fund the riots, this process is just a means to an end. You can’t have a police state without police. It’s local police that are problematic, because they are part of their community. They might balk at confiscating your firearms or forcing you to get on the train. The idea is to replace them with federal police.

Imagine James Comey and Peter Strzok in charge of every police department, staffing it with soldiers from some different part of the country — or better still, some different part of the world. That’s the goal of the War on Police.

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Sep 24 2020

Watch Seattle Protester Hit Cop in Head With Baseball Bat

When the media and corporate America praise Black Lives Matter, they praise the shooting of two police officers in Louisville yesterday in reaction to authorities’ refusal to immolate three other officers to the BLM cause (the indictment of one officer failed to placate the mob). The media and corporate America praise this:

A shocking video from Wednesday night’s riots in Seattle shows a man dressed in all black violently smash a police officer in the back of the head with a metal baseball bat.

More terrorist violence:

The Seattle Police Department also noted that an individual threw an explosive at law enforcement officers at approximately 10:45 p.m. on Wednesday night. The incendiary device “exploded near waiting bike officers.”

It wasn’t the only explosive thrown at officers last night.

Here’s video of the baseball bat attack:

Hear that crack? If the officer hadn’t been wearing a helmet, that would have been his skull.

Insurrection is not a game. It is past time to employ lethal force against “mostly peaceful protesters” who attack the police. If we wait until the situation gets any further out of hand, the leftist maniacs who rule the streets of Seattle may rule us all from Washington.

The media will screech like a scalded cat if appropriate force is used. That is because the leftists running the media and the brownshirts assaulting police officers are on the same team. Civilization is running out of time to stand up to them.

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Aug 11 2020

Seattleites Back the Blue; City Council Defunds Anyway

Looks like no one has spiked the water supply with LSD after all. The people of Seattle have spoken, even if their rulers are not listening.

On Sunday,

City residents turned out in droves for a “Back the Blue” rally outside city hall ahead of a major vote on Monday that would take funding away from the city’s police department.

Videos and photographs posted to social media showed what appeared to be thousands of people outside Seattle City Hall, adorned in blue shirts and holding signs to show support for law enforcement.

Antifa showed up in hopes of intimidating, but apparently did not have the numbers to break up the demonstration.

The City Council had already made cuts to the police department, during a period of incessant rioting that calls for more police, not less. On Monday, they doubled down on the moonbattery:

The Seattle City Council approved a complex budget package to cut spending for the Seattle Police Department. The vote was 7-1, with Councilmember Kshama Sawant as the only dissenting vote.

Kshama Sawant, who keeps her dials turned even further to the left than the rest of them, dissented because the cuts were not sufficiently extreme. The beleaguered SPD will only be reduced by 100 officers.

But the package was more than extreme enough for Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, who promptly announced her resignation. Best is not a fan of mob rule.

She did her best. Unfortunately, it is not possible to police a city without support from the municipal government. Now she has more time to defend her home from moonbat commandos, and won’t have to rely on her neighbors.

Antipolice activists had demanded a 50% cut to police funding. Cutting funding at all in the face of arrogant demands by rioters sends a dangerous signal. Black Lives Matter is likely to draw the lesson that they will need to riot even more violently for their full demands to be met.

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