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Jan 27 2024

Seattle Pays Black Lives Matter Rioters $10 Million

The reason Black Lives Matter rioters were able to loot, destroy, and vandalize statues of our national heroes throughout the country with minimal resistance from police is that big cities are run by liberals, who are on the same side as the rioters. This was made obvious from the beginning, when soy boy Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey turned over the Third Precinct to be burned down by the mob. It continues to be underscored by municipal moonbats who shower public money upon rioters to reward their behavior.

Philadelphia. New York. Denver. Now Seattle:

The city of Seattle has agreed to pay $10 million to 50 Black Lives Matter protesters who sued the police department for claiming they used excessive force during the riots in 2020, in a settlement announced by attorneys from both sides on Wednesday.

The supposedly excessive force consists of using “aggressive” crowd control devices like flash-bang grenades, foam-tipped projectiles, and blast balls that emit pepper gas.

Traditionally, rioters are shot.

Big Government taxes what it wants less of, like wealth generation. It uses the money expropriated to subsidize what it wants more of, like race riots.

Democrats want rioters to know that their services will be compensated, in case they are needed in 2024 as they were in the last presidential election year.

However, it isn’t only Democrats who side with leftist rioters against the rest of us. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) infamously marched with a Black Lives Matter mob. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) was instrumental in establishing Juneteenth a.k.a. George Floyd Day as a national holiday to reward the rioters with a celebration of their viewpoint. This obscenity passed the Senate unanimously.

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Nov 30 2023

Falling Christmas Part II

The symbolism of the national Christmas tree falling over was relatively subtle. The Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting ceremony more explicitly reflects civilization under siege:

In the context of recent events, few could be unaware that the Palestinian flag represents Islamic terrorists, who are supported by Western leftists with increasing openness. They have a common enemy: us.

Remember the outpouring of support for the NYPD after officers bravely rushed into the World Trade Center just before it collapsed? The climate in New York City has changed:

As Legal Insurrection reported last night:

It’s getting nasty outside of the Fox News headquarters. The Anti-Israel protesters are fighting with the cops and even set one NYPD hat on fire.

The original intent was to disrupt the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony, which is happening a block away.

It isn’t just New York. On the other side of the country:

Antisemitic Antifa activists, anarchists and other radicals targeted the Seattle Starbucks Reserve Roastery as part of a call to “Block Black Friday.” …

Activists promoted direct action by sharing social media flyers. The flyer claims the protest and mass vandalism were “autonomously organized by Seattle area radicals, anarchists, and community members.” The hope was to “shut [Black Friday] down for Palestine.” …

The damage was significant, yet Seattle Police (SPD) did not intervene.

Police in Seattle have been marginalized to the point of irrelevance in the name of scumbag criminal/liberal demigod George Floyd.

As in the rotting Big Apple, Christmas came under attack:

The group marched into downtown Seattle after their assault on Starbucks. Once there, they disrupted the annual Seattle Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

“Once the group descended upon Westlake Plaza, they spread out within the hundreds of Christmas capitalists gathered for the absurd celebration of excessive consumption,” the Puget Sound anarchist wrote.

Islamic terrorism, hatred of all things Christian, Marxism. Sign up for the Muslim—moonbat alliance and you get the whole package.

The author admits that activists “took over the stage soon after arriving and started throwing Christmas decorations to the ground and trashing the scenery.” There were a handful of activists who stayed on the stage, holding a banner reading “From Turtle Island to Gaza: Land Back.” Land Back refers to a movement of literal land reclamation to its so-called original stewards.

Regarding Turtle Island,

Turtle Island is a name for Earth or North America, used by some Indigenous peoples, as well as by some Indigenous rights activists.

This confirms that leftists support the terrorists attempting to eradicate Jews from their homeland as part of an overall philosophy that everyone white or “white-adjacent” should be eradicated or at the very least confined to Europe, where they are getting swamped into extinction by an endless deluge of welfare colonists from the Middle East and Africa.

While the Christmas tree lightning ceremony was under attack, the police actually arrested someone for vandalizing the Starbucks. The only one arrested was Aly Youssef:

Youssef described himself as a transgender, polyamorous, pansexual, anti-capitalist, autistic Egyptian who is an “honorary member of Trantifa” (a name for transgender Antifa members).

Whether Starbucks would cooperate to allow prosecution was unclear. Most likely, Youssef will go unpunished, with a feather in his/her/its cap to flaunt on social media.

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May 21 2023

Seattle Circles the Drain

Lest you imagine there is some extreme of sickness and lunacy from which liberals will recoil before pulling the country over a precipice into the Dolorous Abyss, consider Seattle, where a pedophilic sex offender has been nominated to serve on a homelessness board:

Shanee Colston, the co-chair for the King County Regional Homelessness Authority Continuum of Care Advisory Committee, presided over a Zoom call on May 3 where the group voted to approve prospective board members, including 38-year-old Thomas Whitaker-Raven Crowfoot.

Board member, military vet, and sexual assault survivor Kristina Sawyckyj had experience with Whitaker. It didn’t leave her wanting more. She objected to his nomination.

Colston defended Whitaker while condemning Sawyckyj during a tense and firey outburst in front of the group.

Shrieks Colston:

“I’m actually glad that is the case that he’s here because sex offenders are another population that is most vulnerable that don’t have housing.”

As legislators in Connecticut have confirmed, pedophiles are oppressed. That means that while all animals are equal, pedophiles are more equal than you.

Presenting Whitaker’s qualifications for a position on the board:

In 2012, Whitaker was convicted of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, according to the King’s County Sheriff’s Office.

He was also convicted of harboring a minor, a 13-year-old who he had a sexual relationship with, and was charged with raping a minor in 2010, according to Publicola.

Colston shrieks more:

“This is about equity and everyone, EVERYONE, deserves housing. I don’t care if they’re a sex offender. I don’t care if they’re black. I don’t care if they’re indigenous. I don’t care if they’re a criminal. I don’t care if they’re coming out of jail or prison. Everyone deserves housing.”

Actually, Colson does care. The protected identity groups listed should be first in line for housing and everything else, per liberal ideology.

Shanee Colston appears to be a man:

Calls for Colson to at least have the decency to resign in disgrace have been rejected.

Beyond those listed above, Whitaker does have other qualifications:

Colston announced the nomination, noting Whitaker is a “lived expert,” meaning he was, at one time, homeless. She [?] claimed he also represents the “LGBTQIA2S+” community, which helped earn him the nomination, though did not elaborate.

In other Seattle news,

Out-of-control crime in the Democrat-run city of Seattle forced the United States Postal Service (USPS) to pause deliveries to an entire zip code for a week.

Around 900 residents in the 98118 zip code did not receive their mail as delivery services were halted due to mail theft and ‘equipment security concerns’.

They were told to pick up their mail from the local post office and stood in long queues of up to an hour while delivery services were paused for a week before UPS lifted the ban on Tuesday.

When depraved ideologues who revere lowlife criminals are in charge, crime flourishes. This applies to any jurisdiction controlled by Democrats.

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Jan 08 2023

Do-Gooders Do Evil Through Bail Fund

Thank liberal do-gooders for Seattle’s first homicide of 2023:

On Wednesday a judge found probable cause to hold Allister Baldwin in jail for the grisly murder of Ivette Wallin, who lived at the Canaday House in South Lake Union.

A bloody knife and drug paraphernalia were found at the scene of what police call a domestic violence incident.

Baldwin, 46, was previously arrested in 2020 in a domestic violence incident involving another woman. The Northwest Community Bail Fund posted cash bail to help him go free until the trial began. Charges were later dropped when the victim refused to testify for the prosecution.

Baldwin might have killed Wallin anyway, but he should tip his cap to the Northwest Community Bail Fund for doing what it could to help.

The Northwest Community Bail Fund is a nonprofit group that helps indigent defendants using donations from the public.

The money likely originates with left-leaning do-gooders of the type who gave so many $millions to Black Lives Matter grifters in the midst of the riots and mayhem of 2020.

Moonbat do-goodery originates in the fanciful never-never land of liberalism, but it has real world consequences:

In May, police said Kylan Houle broke into a Skyway home and shot the father of four who lived there. Months before the alleged murder, the fund put up bail for Houle’s release on two pending felony gun charges.

Last June, Michael Sedejo was charged with stabbing a man to death at City Hall Park. A month before the deadly crime, Sedejo was in jail and charged with assault and robbery until the Northwest Community Bail Fund paid for his release, pending trial.

Other pernicious effects of the do-goodery fall short of directly getting people killed:

Nearly 52% of the defendants bailed out by the fund since mid-2020 failed to appear for their court dates, according to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. That compares to 22% of defendants who failed to show up that didn’t get the fund’s help.

Also, among those the bail fund assisted, more than 20% were later charged with a new felony versus 15% of defendants who posted bail without the fund.

But the important thing is for the donors to feel self-righteous about expiating their imaginary privilege. Their donations prove that they are good people, even if their ideology calls upon them to reject morality as bigoted, racist, homophobic, ethnocentric, Christofascist, et cetera.

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Jan 04 2023

Businesses Shut Down as Civilization Dies in Seattle

The societal decay that gave Seattle the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone has reached the point where it is becoming impossible to do business there.

That’s why two branches of the Seattle Credit Union are closing:

“Ensuring the physical safety of our members and staff both in and around our branch offices has become increasingly difficult at these locations. Your personal safety, as well as your financial well-being and banking preferences, are important to us, representing the key variables in our decision,” a Dec. 30 email explained to customers.

Physical safety cannot be ensured in the aftermath of Black Lives Matter because in cities run by progressives, the police have been marginalized. The closures are due to frequent vandalism and break-ins.

They aren’t the first:

In September, Bartell Drugs announced it was closing its Chinatown-International District location after relentless theft and vandalism.

Nor will they be the last.

Yellow Butterfly Coffee in Seattle’s Pioneer Square has dealt with ongoing issues. Its owner, Robert, recently dealt with a drug dealer who refused to leave and camped out in front of his storefront.

“He says, ‘I’m not moving, and I got guns.’ Today, the same guy, he threatens me with a gun,” Robert told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

Robert had better get used to it. If liberalism prevails, only criminals have guns, because law-abiding citizens will be disarmed and local police will be out of sight and out of mind.

Multiple Starbucks locations have closed due to crime in the city of its birth.

We can have businesses, with the goods, services, and jobs they provide, or we can have moonbattery. Which would you prefer? Before answering, be advised that according to establishment ideology, preventing crime is white supremacist. Also, the climate prefers that we do not generate wealth.

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Jun 13 2022

Bum Paid $250 per Day for Pushing Nurse Down Stairs

This is a terrible time for patriotic Americans who hate watching their country die a disgraceful death by moonbattery, but a great time to be a lowlife with mental problems. In woke Seattle, a homeless career criminal named Alexander Jay will be paid $250 per day for having pushed a 62-year-old nurse down the stairs:

Jay, 40, was arrested on March 3, a day after the attack at the Chinatown-International District light rail station at 5th Avenue South and South Jackson Street, Fox News Digital previously reported.

Jay made another contribution to society that day:

Jay was also accused of stabbing a woman 10 times at a bus stop that same day…

As for being held accountable for his actions,

He went on trial in April, but a judge deemed him incompetent and ordered him to spend three months at an inpatient facility, according to the report.

However, taxpayers well be held plenty accountable:

King County Superior Court Judge Johanna Bender found the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) in contempt of court for failing to get Jay treatment…

Jay’s $250/day bonanza accrues retroactively from May 9 and will continue until healthcare bureaucrats admit him for the treatment he gets in lieu of punishment. DSHS says he won’t get in before mid-August.

Whether this treatment will do any good is doubtful, especially considering Jay is likely to be even further out of his skull on drugs. What else would he spend the money on?

Jay has nearly two dozen prior convictions in Washington dating back to 2000, according to prosecutors.

By the time they go through with the treatment charade, Jay will likely have killed someone.

In the video below, Jay demonstrates how to secure a comfy income without working under moonbat rule:

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Feb 21 2022

Seattle Repeals Bike Helmet Law for Being Racist

According to the liberal doctrine of disparate impact, any law that is more likely to be violated by preferred identity groups is racist and therefore should be abolished. This could be applied to virtually every law — even laws requiring bicycle helmets. Woke Seattle responds accordingly:

The King County Board of Health voted to repeal the helmet mandate because of accusations that the law was disproportionately enforced against people of color and homeless people. …

Despite acknowledging that bike helmets “provide a 63-88% reduction in the risk of head and brain injuries for people who ride bikes,” the King County Board of Health decided to revoke the safety law on Thursday by a vote of 11 to 2.

It’s not that bureauweenies don’t care about public health. They just define it differently:

[Dennis] Worsham [interim director for Public Health in Seattle and King County] noted that the repeal was in line with the Board of Health’s 2020 “Racism is a Public Health Crisis” resolution that vowed to make the health agency a “vital player in dismantling oppressive systems that are grounded in white supremacy.”

How can Seattle residents be deemed healthy while bicycle helmets impose an oppressive system grounded in white supremacy?

As for preventing head injuries, Seattle will take an approach more consistent with liberal policy:

“The Metropolitan King County Council recently budgeted more than $200,000 to buy helmets and expand education,” The Oregonian reported.

That is, bureaucrats will pretend they are doing something constructive, as taxpayer money is flushed away on “education” and giving derelicts free helmets that they won’t wear.

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Feb 07 2022

Connect the Dots Between Moonbattery and Crime

Washington State — or more specifically, Seattle — provides two dots that shouldn’t be hard to connect.

Dot 1:

Senate Democrats in Washington state have once again passed a bill that creates a pathway to early release for a variety of incarcerated people serving long sentences or even life without parole, including those sentenced for aggravated murder and murder in the first degree.

King County (i.e., Seattle) Prosecuting Attorney Manka Dhingra sponsored the bill. According to Republican State Senator Judy Warnick, 196 murderers may be released in the next 5 years.

The bill passed along party lines 28-19-2.

The bill now moves to the House…

Democrats outnumber Republicans in the House 57 to 41. Leftist Governor Jay Inslee can look forward to signing the bill into law.

Dot 2:

The Seattle Police Department released its annual crime report for 2021 on Friday, detailing across-the-board increases in rates of crimes across all major categories.

According to the report, overall crime increased by 10% from 2020 to 2021; violent crime increased by 20%, while property crime went up 9%.

Thank the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots and the liberal War on Police.

SPD highlighted Seattle’s violent crime rate as a primary concern, after reaching “a 14-year high in 2021.” That was driven by marked increases in aggravated assaults (up 24% year-over-year) and robberies (up 18%).

Consistent with recent county-level reporting, shootings and “shots-fired events” increased in Seattle over the last year as well, rising by 40% year-over-year, and by 86% from 2019.

Democrats zero in on the gun violence so as to exploit it as a pretext to disarm law-abiding citizens, rendering them still more vulnerable to the criminals Democrats enable.

It isn’t just a matter of letting dangerous criminals roam free instead of keeping them locked up. A signal has been sent loudly and repeatedly that ruling Democrats are on the side of criminals, so it’s party time.

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Feb 01 2022

Seattle Considered Giving East Precinct to Black Lives Matter

Skeptics of defunding the police might ask, “What are you going to do when a gang of thugs breaks into your house? Call Black Lives Matter?” To which the moonbats running Seattle might respond, “Sure, why not?”

During the BLM/Antifa riots of 2020, the East Precinct was abandoned to the mob, which declared an “autonomous zone” without rule of law for weeks on end. This was allowed to happen because local Democrats sided with the criminals. Now we learn that they considered officially turning over the East Precinct to Black Lives Matter.

From the Seattle Times:

At the height of Seattle’s racial justice protests in 2020, then-Mayor Jenny Durkan’s administration drafted legislation to transfer the Police Department’s East Precinct building to a Black Lives Matter activist organization and researched relocating the station’s operations, newly released documents show. …

The draft resolution for transferring the property to Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County (BLMSKC) included a July 1 effective date, and Durkan’s office subsequently discussed the possibility with the nonprofit, which at one point pushed to remake the building as a hub for public health and community care.

As it turns out, July 1 was the day the police reclaimed the East Precinct, after abandoning it on June 8.

The building is worth $millions, but apparently BLM had not yet acquired its extravagant taste for acquiring property.

In a recent deposition, former Deputy Mayor Casey Sixkiller said the Durkan administration nixed the East Precinct transfer possibility after the activists decided they didn’t want the property.

Where was the federal government while mobs of thugs were taking over police stations? Keeping out, at the request of local Democrat authorities. As the BBC reported in June 2020:

State authorities in the north-western US state of Washington have hit back after President Donald Trump threatened to “take back” a police-free district controlled by protesters in Seattle.

Governor Jay Inslee said Mr Trump should stay out of the state’s business, and Seattle’s mayor said any invasion of the city would be illegal.

Democrat policy has predictably resulted in an explosion of violent crime. Democrats control the White House now. Biden’s press secretary sneers at us for believing that crime is a problem.

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Jan 19 2022

Seattle Limits Traffic Stops Because Equity

Just as traffic cameras are racist, so too are traffic stops by the police. Therefore, Seattle is severely restricting them. The inevitable increase in crime is unimportant; imposing equity is the primary concern of those with power.


Seattle Police Department interim Chief Adrian Diaz announced sweeping new policies that ban many non-criminal traffic stops. The move is framed around equity concerns, with the chief arguing that because not everyone can afford to pay the traffic violation fines, they must not be enforced. …

Under the new policies, SPD will no longer treat several violations as the primary reason to engage in a traffic stop. They include expired or missing registration, which is sometimes a clue that a car is stolen.

Although class rhetoric is employed, the progressive campaign to undermine public safety is rooted in critical race theory.

These policies came from a working group convened by Seattle Inspector General Lisa Judge, at the behest of Diaz. Judge is a progressive activist who doesn’t trust police officers.

Even as crime rates skyrocket, the BLM-inspired War on Police continues.

In May 2021, Judge called on Diaz to end all low-level traffic stops because they are, she argues, especially dangerous for Black motorists.

Judge quacks moronically about “root causes,” “institutional racism,” “subconscious bias,” and “racial fairness” to justify her absurd and dangerous objectives.

As leftists impose their lunatic ideology, they render America unsafe for anyone of any color except criminals.

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May 28 2021

The Status of Property Rights in Suburban Seattle

According to leftists, property is theft. It should come as no surprise that with them in charge, property is not respected. In the Seattle suburb Sammamish, this resulted in an absurd situation after squatters infested a multimillion-dollar home:

“The amount of guns, drugs, et cetera that were confiscated out of that place are not for personal use or for any good reason,” Sammamish Police Chief Dan Pingrey told KIRO 7 TV. …

The homeowner lives overseas, but a few people living locally help maintain the home with routine checkups. One of those workers stopped by the home and found 12 guns, bulletproof vests, more than 15,000 fentanyl pills, heroin, meth, and over $40,000 in cash.

The squatters, who appeared to be running a criminal enterprise out of someone else’s house, were arrested for burglary. Within a few days they were out of jail and back at the house, along with friends. They wanted “their” property from inside the house. Pingrey was required to let them take what had not been confiscated.

Pictures taken by a neighbor show police vehicles lined up on the street with officers watching as the squatters filled a U-Haul truck. Another picture shows a garage full of appliances, including an ATM.

No doubt much of it had been stolen elsewhere. Some of it was probably the property of the homeowner. Police were not allowed to go in the house while the squatters went on a farewell looting spree before most likely moving on to do the same to someone else’s house.

A society that glorifies Black Lives Matter looters, and that does not allow police to deal with criminals in an effective manner, can expect this behavior to increase.

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Mar 31 2021

Black Lives Matter Art on Seattle Area Buses

Riots inspired by the Black Lives Matter cancer have caused $2 billion in damage. Seattle has been hit hard, with sociopaths pouring in from out of town to indulge in the mayhem fostered by its leftist leadership. Rioting and vandalism have been nearly as incessant as in Portland, leaving parts of the city in ruins. Police have been injured in large numbers; they were even forced to abandon the East Precinct. A six-block area of downtown Seattle was occupied by hooligans for weeks, resulting in multiple shootings.

To commemorate the mayhem,

King County Metro unveiled new artwork Thursday that will be displayed on buses and Metro facilities around the county.

The artwork, created by three Metro employees, features images from the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s nice to know that at least we will still have art, even after composers have been canceled and music abolished in the name of wokeness.

No society ever embraced its own decline with more enthusiasm.

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Jan 21 2021

Mob Violence Genie Remains Out of Bottle

In 2020, the liberal establishment released the mob violence genie by inciting, praising, and facilitating Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots. This worked beautifully, resulting in $billions in damages, destroying any number of businesses, and feeding a public perception of the country spinning out of control, which helped Democrats seize power. Now that it has served its purpose, will the genie obediently slink back into its bottle? Unlikely.

This was the scene on Inauguration Day in Portland:

Biden’s VP (and possibly already our de facto president) Kamala Harris has praised Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters as the “heroes of our time,” has explicitly called for them to keep it up, and has raised funds to bail them out of jail so that they can resume their destructive activities. But no one could be far enough left to suit a mob addicted to public displays of political violence — not even Biden’s handlers.

There won’t be fewer pointless “imperialist” wars under Biden’s handlers.

The Portland fun climaxed at Democratic Party HQ, where the social justice warriors paid their respects:

In case it wasn’t already clear that Biden’s own foot soldiers don’t like him much better than patriots do,

Meanwhile, up the Left Coast in Seattle, the original Starbucks location was attacked, as was a courthouse:

There was more Antifa violence in Denver and Sacramento.

Good thing Antifa is left-wing. Otherwise, the liberal establishment would be running these videos 24/7 as proof that dissidents need to be detained in reeducation camps.

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Dec 28 2020

Profiles in Moonbattery: Mikaele Andrew Baker

If you have kids, pay close attention to whose custody you place them in. You wouldn’t want their malleable minds warped by a camp counselor like Mikaele Andrew Baker.

Via Post Millennial:

An Antifa militant who publicized a hit list of Seattle business owners has been identified as a trans nonbinary furry and children’s camp counselor who has been arrested multiple times at violent protests.

Mikaele Andrew Baker, 23, of Seattle, tweeted an extensive list of local business owners last week who signed a petition in support of the dismantling of a growing autonomous zone in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The business owners were subsequently doxed and received threats.

In today’s political climate, they easily might have been burned to the ground, particularly in a place like Seattle, where local authorities largely side with Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists.

Baker was born male but now identifies as trans nonbinary and uses “they/them” pronouns.

Liberals would like nothing better than for children to grow up regarding guys like Baker as normal and even as role models.

Baker has called for violence on Twitter, dropping pearls of wisdom like this:

“What’s the point of having guns if you’re not going to use them to shoot racists? #seattleprotests #CHAZ.”

He is Vice-Chair of the Washington Progressive Party, a 2020 certified state delegate for Bernie Sanders, and a member of the Youth Liberation Front, which organizes violent “direct actions,” i.e., terrorist activity. Apparently none of this pays well, because he also works as a childcare worker and counselor at summer camps.

Online, Baker identifies as an “antifascist catgirl” and is open about [his] sexual fetishes, including having a desire for “punishment enemas” and exploring [his] “pet side.”

There was a time when Americans would not let a fellow like Baker near their children, even in Seattle.

At least he isn’t a schoolteacher like Yvette/Yvonne Felarca or a journalist like Renea Goddard.

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