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Mar 13 2023

Thieves Try to Escape in Electric Car

Electric vehicles are actually good for something besides showcasing enviromoonbat piousness. They assist police when thieves try to use them as getaway vehicles.

From Georgia:

Gwinnett County North Precinct officers were responding to a dispatch call notifying them of a theft in the area.

When officers arrived at the scene, they were told that the suspects fled in a Tesla. …

The suspects were discovered a short ways from the scene of the crime charging the vehicle.

In addition to stolen goods, police uncovered 2 pounds of suspected marijuana, helping to explain the choice of getaway vehicle.

Even thieves need to read If they had known about Xaviar and Alice Steavenson, who tried to drive a rented Tesla from Orlando to Wichita and found they had to charge it six times a day, they would have been forewarned.

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