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Aug 28 2020

Today’s Democrats Taking Senate Likely to Have Devastating Consequences

Every presidential election is hyped as being of momentous consequence. This time, it isn’t just hype. If Democrats take the White House on a radical platform after a year of promoting leftist riots and economically devastating, senselessly draconian lockdowns, America is in for dark times. The Wall Street Journal makes the case that the Senate elections are more momentous still:

A Democratic majority would elevate left-wing progressives like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Sheldon Whitehouse to positions of power.

Warren and Sanders are alarmingly aggressive socialist demagogues. Sheldon Whitehouse literally wants to throw people in prison for challenging leftist global warming orthodoxy.

Republicans are defending eight vulnerable seats, Democrats only one. The narrow 53-47 Republican majority is liable to flip.

The filibuster has always exerted a moderating influence. Not for much longer. Democrats have announced they will do away with it.

Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer has thrown in his lot with the radical left to stave off a primary challenge from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Schumer…

…said he’s moved left with the times and thus can’t take anything “off the table” in the majority. …

Schumer said this includes addressing “income and wealth inequality, climate [change], racial justice, [and] health care” and “improving our democracy.”

If that agenda is imposed, America will no longer be wealthy and free. It will be Venezuela.

Addressing “income and wealth inequality” means weaponizing envy to inflict Marxism. Note that Democrats no longer talk about lifting up the poor, but of economic leveling. They want to impose a ceiling above the lowest common denominator, as in communist countries.

Addressing “climate” means inflicting the demented and authoritarian Green New Deal under the pretense that it would have a measurable effect on the weather. Radically reducing our standard of living would not be a side effect; it would be the main point.

Addressing “racial justice” means further exploiting the divide-and-conquer racial strategy that has major cities up in flames. Preferred minority groups will receive ever greater favoritism at the expense of the core population, ensuring racial discord.

Addressing “health care” means socialized medicine. Sure it’s “free” (unless you pay taxes), but you will have to wait months for substandard care.

“Improving our democracy” may be the most ominous agenda item of all. This entails ensuring permanent Democrat power, in part by dismantling the Constitution. Plans openly floated by Democrats including packing the Supreme Court with enough leftists to guarantee the outcome of every ruling; abolishing the Electoral College so that urban population centers always pick the President; making Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia into states, providing four extra Senate seats for Democrats; and facilitating voter fraud by expanding vote by mail and ballot harvesting.

Other consequences of Democrats taking the Senate are likely to include pandering to unions by abolishing right to work laws, secret union elections, and freelance employment.

The only restraint would be public opinion, but Democrats (unlike Republicans) would have a cheerleading press corps behind them.

As the absurd coverage of the Black Lives Matter riots has demonstrated, there is no restraint on the left-wing activism of the liberal media establishment. Big Journalism has already cashed in its credibility; it will go to any length to push the country as far as it possibly can to the left.

Within a few months, the Black Lives Matter mob could be in effect running the federal government. The near future may present a choice between the sort of tyranny normally seen only in Third World countries on one hand, civil war on the other.

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