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Nov 07 2020

Top Democrats Ready to Impose Radical Agenda

The election was so close that nearly a week afterward, whether Biden won is still a matter of opinion. Democrats lost ground in the House; the relatively sane among them expect to lose more in 2022 if they don’t tone down the radicalism. Even Jim Clyburn says that if they don’t back off from socialism, they are “not going to win.”

If Biden did win, it was by the skin on his teeth. So at least they won’t try to ram the full hard left agenda down the country’s throat, since it could not be more obvious that they do not have a consensus. Then again, these people are so arrogant and drunk with power that maybe they will:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) insisted several times Friday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a “mandate” to carry out their party’s agenda, referring to Biden as “president-elect” despite the fact that no winner has been declared in the close race between him and President Donald Trump.

Not just a mandate; a “tremendous mandate”:

The only thing preventing them from capitalizing on their imaginary mandate to transform the USA into Venezuela overnight is control of the Senate.

Like Pelosi, top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer meekly complies with kamikaze radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who may take his Senate seat in 2022 if he doesn’t dance to her tune.

Barks Schumer,

“Now we take Georgia, then we change the world!”

This is frightening:

It would change the world, all right. If America succumbs to socialism, authoritarianism, and economic collapse, the rest of the planet may follow us into a new Dark Age. Schumer would bring this about by packing the Supreme Court and the Senate, ensuring indefinite single-party rule. Literally insane policies like the Green New Deal and unprecedented levels of spending and taxation would become a reality.

Fortunately, Georgia is not likely to hand these maniacs the Senate. But we have certainly come to the very edge of a steep precipice.

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