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Nov 10 2020

Manchin Balks on Packing Court

Is there even a single Democrat who would not destroy our constitutional republic for the sake of consolidating power? Maybe:

“With packing the courts, I’m not voting for that,” [Senator Joe] Manchin [D-WV] told CNN’s John Berman…

Once the radicalized Democrats take control of the Senate, they can abolish the filibuster and then pack the Supreme Court with leftists, converting it into an unelected superlegislature that in effect would run the country indefinitely like a banana republic junta.

First though, they have to take the White House (despite the media’s proclamations, the election is not over) and both of the Senate seats up for grabs in the January runoff election in Georgia. Then they have to get every Senate Democrat to in effect commit treason by destroying our system of government.

Manchin says he won’t go for scrapping the filibuster either.

If he wants to keep getting elected in increasingly deep red West Virginia, he might mean it.

Then again, power-mad Chuck Schumer is devious enough to have put him up to this to get patriots to let their guard down.

The stakes are too high to take any chances. The Party of Big Money will pour oceans of cash into the Georgia races. Republicans will be wise to counter as best they can.

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One Response to “Manchin Balks on Packing Court”

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