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Oct 09 2021

Transsexuals Are to Women What Blackface Is to Blacks

No wonder the thought police have a warrant out for Dave Chappelle. There is only one thought crime more grievous than blackface: to say anything LGBT militants don’t like. Yet he made the stingingly valid point that transsexuals are to real women what blackface is to blacks — that is, a tasteless, demeaning parody. Then he doubled down by pointing out that only women are women:

These commonsense observations, which no one outside of a lunatic asylum would have found objectionable until a few years ago, have lit liberals’ hair aflame. The Blaze reports on the meltdown by a guy who calls himself Jaclyn Moore:

A white transgender showrunner is leaving Netflix over comments made by iconic comedian Dave Chappelle…

Moore said [he] could not work for a company that allowed Chappelle to “misgender” people.

I thought “misgendering” meant to refer to people by the appropriate pronouns even if they don’t like it. Chappelle calls Bruce I mean Caitlyn Jenner “her,” just like the media does.

But that’s not good enough. Recall from 1984 that in Room 101, even when Winston Smith said he saw five fingers rather than four, the torture continued, because O’Brien knew he didn’t really believe it. Likewise, Chappelle clearly does not believe that Bruce Jenner is a woman.

Looks like Moore stepped on an intersectional rake by calling attention to himself. His protest…

…was met with bewilderment by many black users on Twitter who were surprised and upset to discover that the show, “Dear White People,” was written in part by a white transgender woman.

“Wait a f***in minute. The show ‘dear white people’, which is supposedly about black ppl’s struggles & has a 90s soundtrack has a lead producer that is non-black??? & wants to boycott a black man???” read one popular tweet.

Moore effectively pretends to be black, just like he pretends to be a woman. You might even say that by writing for the show, he is wearing blackface. Then he boycotts someone who really is black. What a racist misogynist.

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