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Jun 15 2024

Transsexuals Sue Over Access to Women’s Locker Rooms

Although the LGBT agenda suffers few setbacks, the Alphabet People are still oppressed. The Olympics put the kibosh on Will “Lia” Thomas’s plan to compete on the US women’s team. He isn’t the first guy to encounter resistance at the door to the women’s locker room. In Europe, transsexuals respond with lawsuits.

In Germany:

A trans-identified male who was denied membership and access to the women’s showers at a female-only fitness center in Bavaria is suing the facility for €2,500 in compensation, claiming “personal injury suffered.” The suit comes just weeks after the gym was already ordered to pay him €1,000 by the federal anti-discrimination commissioner.

“Laura Hannah” Holstein, 25 and formerly known as Nicolas, recently came to international notoriety after filing complaints against Lady’s First Fitness Studio with the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency. The complaints came after Holstein, who is balding and fully-intact, was denied access to the female-only facilities.

Long before Herr Holstein takes off his clothes, it is horrifically obvious that he is not a woman.


A soldier in Spain is suing the Ministry of Defense for almost €50,000 after accusing officials of not properly facilitating or accommodating his “gender transition.”

The military agreed to let Francisco Javier López use women’s facilities, but only when no real women are using them, defeating the purpose.

At least his lawyer has a sense of humor:

His lawyer also told press that this restriction revealed “various serious and culpable breaches caused by the [Ministry of Justice],” and that the facts could imply the “existence of a conduct detrimental to the fundamental rights” of López. In particular, the right to respect for his dignity and his physical and moral integrity.

Terms like “dignity” and “moral integrity” are always good for a laugh when screeched by a transsexual’s lawyer.

Like Herr Holstein, Señor López does not look much like a woman.

López does not plan to undergo surgical disfigurement or hormone poisoning, or even change his name. Why should he bother? According to the dominant ideology, he is a woman because he says he is a woman. Having declared himself a lesbian earns him extra oppression points.

So cheer up, Mister Thomas. Liberal courts might bestow jackpot justice. Besides, the Olympics might let you hang out naked in the ladies’ locker room even if they don’t let you ruin the sport by swimming on the team.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, WDS 2.0, and Jester.


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