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Jul 21 2021

$125 Million Damages for Firing Person With Down Syndrome

Big Government has provided employers a compelling reason to avoid hiring workers with Down syndrome. Anyone you hire, you might have to fire. Fire someone with Down syndrome and it may cost you bigly:

A Wisconsin jury has determined that Walmart violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when it fired a sales associate who has Down syndrome over schedule-related issues.

After a four-day trial, the jury awarded Marlo Spaeth, who had worked at Walmart for about 16 years, more than $125 million in damages, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced last week.

On top of the $125 million punitive damages, Marlo gets $150,000 in compensatory damages. It would take a long time to earn that much working at Walmart. In our society, it is much more remunerative to be a victim and get the money for free.

Moonbats may feel pleased with themselves for being pleased that Walmart was punished on behalf of an allegedly oppressed person with Down syndrome. Yet these same people support killing babies in the womb for having the same condition.

Actually, companies like Walmart don’t pay for jackpot justice lawsuits. The rest of us do, through higher prices.

The EEOC brought the lawsuit. Federal bureauweenies eating away at everything like a massive termite infestation is something else we all pay for.

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Jul 15 2021

Universal Sued Over Okay Sign

Never let the tip of your index finger touch the tip of your thumb while your other fingers are extended. Someone might think you are making the okay sign, which until recently signified approval, but like so much else has recently been declared racist by the thought police. In the ultrawoke world of baseball, it will get you banned for life from Wrigley Field. In the ultrawoke world of NBCUniversal, it will get you fired and the company sued:

Two families are suing Universal Orlando after an actor dressed as the “Despicable Me” character Gru flashed a white power symbol while posing for photos with biracial children.

The lawsuit filed on the behalf of two girls, who were 5 and 6 years old at the time of the photos, alleges that they suffered humiliation and mental anguish from the separate episodes at the theme park in Orlando, news station WKMG reported.

In the unlikely event that the kids suffered any mental anguish, this was caused by their greedy parents and other moonbats lying to them that they had been oppressed.

The looters are seeking $30,000 in damages. The guy who made the okay sign — almost certainly accidentally — has of course been fired.

Here’s what passes as racist oppression circa 2021:

Liberals deeming the okay sign to be a thought crime is not totally arbitrary. It is the result of a 4chan hoax, launched to prove that they could be duped into believing absolutely anything to be racist. The joke — which as usual is on moonbats — is that the sign used by all sorts of people for as long as anyone remembers actually forms a “WP” for “white power.” There is no fool like the willful fool.

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Feb 09 2021

Gorilla Glue Girl May Sue

As noted yesterday, in a society that has rejected the concept of individual responsibility, there is nothing you can do that is so foolish you cannot blame someone else for the consequences and then sue them. If you can sue because your relative drank hand sanitizer, why not sue because you put Gorilla Glue in your hair? Looks like Tessica Brown will give it a try:

Tessica’s hired an attorney and is weighing her legal options against Gorilla Glue. We’re told the label on the product she used says do not use on eyes, skin or clothing … with no mention of hair, which Tessica feels is misleading.

Enterprising lawyers are probably checking now to determine whether it says on the label not to spray Gorilla Glue on your Chicken McNuggets before eating them.

GG says all of its products are considered permanent and the packaging states it too … but we’re told Tessica felt it was okay because the product said multi-use.

If they don’t explicitly tell you not to do it, then you can do it and sue — or rather threaten to sue and then accept a payoff. Since meaningful tort reform is unthinkable under Democrat rule, expect future warning labels to go on for many pages.

Tessica tells her sad story.

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Feb 08 2021

Costs and Benefits of Drinking Hand Sanitizer

One nice thing about living in a society that has rejected the concept of individual responsibility is that there is nothing you can do that is so foolish you cannot blame someone else for the consequences and then sue them. If your foolishness kills you, your relatives can sue on your behalf. A woman died from drinking hand sanitizer; her survivors are suing 4e Brands North America for producing it:

The federal lawsuit filed Friday in St. Louis says the St. Louis County Medical examiner determined that Kayla Stagner’s death was caused by acute methanol intoxication, and a bottle of Blumen Advanced Instate Sanitizer that was tested in connection with the autopsy contained dangerous levels of methanol. …

The lawsuit said Stagner, who was an alcoholic, is believed to have drank the Blumen hand sanitizer, which was recalled last year after officials determined that it contained methanol. Significant methanol exposure can cause nausea, vomiting, blindness and death, particularly if it is ingested.

But hand sanitizer obviously isn’t intended to be ingested.

Before the Biden Administration puts fossil fuel companies out of business, someone might try drinking gasoline. Energy companies still have plenty of money to be looted through the courts.

It isn’t easy doing business in a country where you might be sued at any time for anything.

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