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Dec 05 2020

Tyranny and Injustice in Los Angeles

The moonbat-infested movie industry has a lot of pull with Democrats like Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Small businesses do not. On the contrary, Democrats routinely crush small businesses on behalf of their megabucks donors and middle class–despising ideology. That’s why COVID-19 tyranny is implemented like this:

Handouts are not the solution. Our grandchildren won’t make enough money to finance paying half the population not to work. Big Government, which is a vastly more serious problem than the ChiCom virus, must be made to get out of the way. But this won’t happen so long as people can be duped into voting for Democrats.

I hope she didn’t waste time posting this on video on YouTube. It would be censored.

On tips from Zachary B, ScrewyPuppy, and Sad Hill.


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One Response to “Tyranny and Injustice in Los Angeles”

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