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Dec 04 2020

“Stand and Deliver,” the Song YouTube Doesn’t Want Heard

As predicted, Google/YouTube censored the Van Morrison/Eric Clapton song “Stand and Deliver.” It asks a question thought police apparatchiks don’t want anyone to hear: “Do you want to be a free man, or do you want to be a slave?” Fortunately, this excellent song challenging COVID-19 tyranny has turned up on BitChute:

America is only a free country to the extent it is not ruled by the totalitarians who run Silicon Valley. The Harris/Biden ticket would not have been competitive without the aggressive support of Big Tech, so those living in this country who are Americans in any meaningful sense could be in for a rough ride.


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3 Responses to ““Stand and Deliver,” the Song YouTube Doesn’t Want Heard”

  1. […] It didn’t take the apparatchiks at YouTube long to censor this song, as predicted. There was a time when no American would have put up with this level of censorship. Hear the song via BitChute here. […]

  2. […] I hope she didn’t waste time posting this on video on YouTube. It would be censored. […]

  3. […] was gracious of the thought police at Google/YouTube not to censor this like they did with the latest video by coronavirus thought criminal Van Morrison. They will let us watch it for now, above a statement […]

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