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Aug 07 2021

Us and Them

One reason the leftist ruling class does not object to authoritarianism is that restrictions do not apply to them. Unlike the deplorable little people, billionaires like Google cofounder Larry Page can travel wherever they please. They are not likely to die because lifesaving medical treatment has been denied in the name of the ChiCom virus, even in a place that has totally succumbed to Covid tyranny like Australia.

While millions of regular people have been financial ruined by pointless lockdowns, WaPo-owning zillionaire Jeff Bezos saw his wealth grow by $billions upon $billions.

Covid has been so good to our moonbat elite, it is no wonder no one in power is willing to let it go. Thanks to the DAISNAID policy of our arrogantly hypocritical rulers, they live free as we endure increasing totalitarianism.

The coming climate lockdowns (see here, here, and here) will similarly crush us while making them still more powerful — unless serious pushback gets underway.

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