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Dec 25 2021

Attack of the Covid Karen

Don’t expect Christmas spirit from Covid Karens. They are not to be distracted by anything so frivolous when they are focused on preventing the spread of disease by spitting on strangers for not obeying senseless mask mandates:

This could offer some insight into who votes for politicians known for imposing tyrannical Covid policies that they themselves flout.

Masks on airline flights serve little purpose other than to signal mindless compliance. The air is so thoroughly filtered that inside an airplane is probably the safest indoor public place you could find in terms of airborne viruses — unless a Covid Karen starts spitting in your face.

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Nov 03 2021

COP26 Globalists Gorge on Meat; You Get to Eat Bugs

Sanctimonious social engineers of the sort who have been stomping a massive carbon footprint onto Glasgow want us to eat insects and weeds as a show of their reverence for the climate. Do they eat bugs themselves? What do you think?

Pretending for a moment that meat makes it be catastrophically hot outside as we are told to believe, the COP26 menu really is like serving cigarettes at a lung cancer conference. What do you expect from a global moonbat ruling class that has as its motto Do As I Say Not As I Do?

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Oct 28 2021

Profiles in Liberal Elitism: Joanna Lumley

The sanctimonious posturing of English celebrity Joanna Lumley will be partly to blame if we ever find that carbon caps have been placed on our credit cards — a concept already in development among moonbats who worship the global warming hoax. Her lifestyle is opulent in the extreme, yet she would like you to live miserably, so that she can pretend it benefits the climate.

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Oct 17 2021

Biden Violates DC Covid Mask Mandate

Whenever he makes a public appearance, Biden theatrically wears a Covid mask, although he removes it before he starts mumbling to make it easier to decipher his gibberish. However, when out on the town living the high life with his fellow liberal elitists, he dispenses with this prop. He can be seen behaving like the rest of our DAISNAID Democrat rulers — that is, not wearing a mask, even when they have been mandated:

If his mentor Obama doesn’t have to wear a mask, why should Biden? After all, Creepy Joe is supposedly the Big Cheese now.

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Oct 15 2021

Ecowarrior Bill Gates Arrives by Helicopter

Zillionaire social engineer Bill Gates wants us to change our way of life so as not to offend the climate. For example, he has declared we must eat synthetic beef. He is so worried about global warming that he has even funded a project to blot out the sun’s rays. He has written a book entitled How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. Gates has squeaked that “We need to transform the way we do almost everything” in order to reduce supposedly warmth-causing carbon emissions. But because he is an ecohypocrite extraordinaire, there is no need for Gates to change his own carbon-spewing jetsetter lifestyle. He likes it just fine the way it is:

Bill Gates has touched down in New York City for his daughter Jennifer Gates’ wedding this Saturday.

The Microsoft founder, 65, grinned as he exited a helicopter at an NYC heliport with a small group of family and friends Thursday, dressed casually in jeans and a polo shirt and carrying a brown leather bag. Sadly, Gates’ outfit was considerably outshined by another relative’s positively Princess Beatrice-esque hat, which appeared to depict a flower.

It really is some hat.

Bill’s NYC arrival was far more understated than ex-wife Melinda Gates’, who also arrived via helicopter Monday while sporting looks from several luxury brands, including a light pink Givenchy cardigan sweater and a black Balenciaga tote bag.

Yet according to their ideology, we little people must travel in golf carts powered by windmills, lest it become too warm out.

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Sep 19 2021

London Breed, Covid Hypocrite

Mayor of San Francisco London Breed follows in the footsteps of Gavin Newsom, who previously held her position and who is also a flaming Covid hypocrite.

Via Fox News:

The Black Cat Nightclub’s Instagram page had posted, and then deleted, a photo showing Breed smiling and partying with friends maskless on Wednesday evening, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. She was accompanied by BLM co-founder Alicia Garza and singer Raphael Saadiq.

Breed’s moonbat rule is not conducive to liberty:

San Francisco’s mask mandate states, “Everyone, including people who are fully vaccinated, must wear a well-fitted mask in indoor public settings at all times,” and adds, “people may remove their well-fitted mask while actively eating or drinking.”

Or you can hang out with London Breed and a Marxist Black Lives Matter pooh-bah and not have to wear an obedience muzzle at all.

This isn’t the first time that Breed is being criticized for breaking her own coronavirus rules. She was spotted in the swanky French Laundry restaurant in November dining with seven other people to celebrate the birthday of a friend, socialite Goretti Lo Lui.

The French Laundry is the same extravagantly expensive restaurant where Gavin Newsom dined maskless indoors with lobbyists as Covid lockdowns drove any number of less connected restaurants out of business.

Please welcome London Breed to the DAISNAID files. If she continues to follow Newsom’s example, her next jobs will be Lieutenant Governor, then Governor of California. Then her tyranny and incompetence will subject her to a recall election, which the liberal establishment will guarantee fails.

That’s Breed snugly social distancing in the middle in both shots.

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Aug 23 2021

Nancy Pelosi Makes Clear: Masks Are Only for Little People

Nancy Pelosi’s infamous maskless visit to the hair salon during the height of the lockdowns makes sense now. You see, masks are only for the ruled, not those who rule them, except as necessary for public posturing purposes:

This confirms that masks are a symbol of submission more than a health measure.

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Aug 09 2021

Obama Birthday Extravaganza: Après Eux, le Déluge

Après moi, le déluge,” said the last King Louis before Louis XVI, who died at the guillotine. Our big-spending neo-Marxist rulers have a similar attitude, as demonstrated by Barack Obama’s extravagant birthday celebration at his mansion in the elite retreat Martha’s Vineyard, a designated “high transmission” area for Covid.

The gala was scaled down to include “only family and close friends” for fear of public outrage, as the rest of us are still enduring Covid restrictions…

However, photos emerged of massive tents constructed specifically for the birthday party on Obama’s 29-acre estate. There were also images of celebrities arriving at Martha’s Vineyard to attend the festivities.

Some moonbat celebrities got uninvited. Plenty of others did not:

The celebrities who did make the cut include Beyonce, Jay-Z, Eddie Vedder, Tom Hanks, and musician Questlove, who reportedly coordinated a meat-free menu for the party.

Celebrities not making the cut include Obama’s hapless former sidekick, Joe Biden.

Treasonous Climate Czar John Kerry, who wants to impose the Great Reset to drastically lower our standard of living on the pretext that it will supposedly improve the weather, characteristically arrived by private jet. The location of Obama’s seaside mansion confirms that our rulers do not believe their own rhetoric regarding carbon emissions causing the oceans to rise.

Considering that the rest of us are expected to sit home in our masks socially distancing, the hypocrisy was hard not to notice. Sample reactions from the public:

• “Do what we say, not what we do.”

• “The hypocrisy is the point.”

• “These are the people calling you selfish if you don’t want to close your small business.”

• “Do you feel like a peasant yet?”

• One person quoted “Animal Farm” by George Orwell: “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

• “The virus so deadly the elites risk their lives for a birthday party!”

In an attempt to avoid public relations blowback, Obama resorted to censorship like a typical Democrat, as we learn under this headline:

Guests Forced to Delete Photos and Videos of Maskless Obama at Boozy Birthday Party


Rapper Trap Beckham and manager TJ Chapman discreetly snapped pics of the event’s high-end food, drink and swag offerings and talked to their followers as the party unfolded, according to screenshots of the posts, which were later deleted under the event’s photography ban.

Singer Erykah Badu posted video:

Not to worry about the Covid spread. The New York Times, flagship publication of the liberal ruling class, reminds us that the extravaganza was a low-risk event because it comprised “a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.” Only peasants spread Covid, so the rules don’t apply to our rulers.

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Jul 08 2021

Profiles in Covid Hypocrisy: Piers Morgan

Like many other members of our sneeringly condescending ruling class, anti-gun rights zealot Piers Morgan favors rigid authoritarianism regarding Covid precautions — but only for the little people, not for himself:

Add Piers Morgan to the list, along with Matt Hancock, Neil Ferguson, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, Gretchen Whitmer, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Sheila Kuehl, Michael Hancock, Steve Adler, London Breed, Sam Liccardo, and the rest of the sanctimonious authoritarians of the Covid DAISNAID club.

Maybe if the list gets long enough, people will get sick of having their lives ruined by an effete, degenerate ruling class that makes no secret of its contempt for the arbitrary rules it inflicts on those below.

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Jun 26 2021

Profiles in Covid Hypocrisy: Matt Hancock

Britain’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock is prominent among the army of bureauweenies who have been ruining other people’s lives with pointless and tyrannical Covid lockdowns. A typical Do As I Say Not As I Do statist in the Neil Ferguson/Nancy Pelosi/Gavin Newsom/Andrew Cuomo/Gretchen Whitmer/John Kerry/Joe Biden/Sheila Kuehl/Michael Hancock/Steve Adler/London Breed/Sam Liccardo/et al. mold, he has carried on a steamy extramarital affair with an advisor he used public money to hire while denying others human contact.

Matt Hancock is an MP for the Conservative Party. With conservatives like this, what does anyone need liberals for?

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May 04 2021

Pure Hypocrisy, Pure Whitmer

Under Gauleiter Gretchen, Covid tyrant extraordinaire, Pure Michigan is Pure Hypocrisy:

Via Not the Bee.

May 04 2021

Biden’s Mask Theater Gets Even Phonier

Joe Biden’s handlers have finally located someone who makes Sleepy Joe look like less of a liberal dinosaur by comparison. It made for a great photo op — or maybe not:

Where are the masks? If Biden needs to wear one to a virtual summit of world leaders, surely he should have at least two masks on his face to meet with the 96-year-old Jimmy Carter and 93-year-old Rosalyn, for whom the ChiCom virus would likely be a death sentence.

All four have been vaccinated, but even so, Biden says it is our “patriotic responsibility for God’s sake” to wear a mask even when it is patently ridiculous to do so.

Speaking of patently ridiculous, after cozying up maskless to the Carters, the Bidens put on their masks to go outside, where there is minimal risk of spreading the virus.

As John Nolte observes,

If he’s awake yet, His Fraudulency must be furious at the Carters for releasing a photograph that exposes every word of his mask talk as a hypocritical lie.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 18 2021

John Kerry Flies Commercial — Maskless

Biden’s frequent flier Climate Czar John Kerry, who recently took a private jet all the way to Iceland to collect a reward for perfecting the weather by preventing other people from consuming energy, has apparently been shamed into flying first class commercial. However, getting him to wear a mask like the rest of us have to do is another matter:

Via Daily Mail:

Kerry has defended himself after he was … spotted without a mask on a flight from Boston to Washington D.C., dismissing concerns over a maskless photo of him onboard the plane as ‘malarkey’.

So much for Biden’s lame “No more malarkey” campaign slogan.

Having been caught red-handed ignoring a decree his fellow liberal elitists impose on everyone else, Kerry claimed that not wearing a mask on the flight was “momentary.” However,

An anonymous passenger who shared the image with Fox News and the Tennessee Star told the outlets that they saw Kerry wearing his mask before boarding but he took it off shortly after getting on the flight before other passengers.

Kerry quickly retreated into his characteristic sanctimony, barking,

‘I wear my mask because it saves lives and stops the spread. It’s what the science tells us to do.’

He could have just said, “Hey, I couldn’t breathe.” People might think of him as human, instead of some freakish alien arrived from an evil planet to inflict the Great Reset.

Masks are required on flights, according to a directive from the Transportation Security Administration – and those who are found in violation can face fines ranging from $250 for the first offense up to $1,500 for repeat offenders. …

The TSA said its mask mandates will remain in effect until May 11, 2021.

The little people might also dislike him slightly less if he would pay his fine like we would have to do.

But then, why should the great John F. Kerry care what the little people think? He’s the one who tells us what to think.

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Mar 01 2021

Watch Teachers’ Union President Drop Kid Off at Open Private Preschool

If anyone could more perfectly personify teachers’ unions than Sarah Chambers, who defended pointless school closures from a beach in San Juan while indulging in “yummy seafood mofongo,” it would be Berkeley Federation of Teachers President and coronavirus hypocrite Matt Meyer, who has been caught on video dropping his 2-year-old off at a private preschool for the in-person instruction that public school students have been denied, thanks to unions and the Democrats who are owned by them.

Compliments of guerillaMomz:

Can’t a white guy in dreadlocks and a hoodie be brought up on charges of cultural appropriation?

Fox News reports:

The Berkeley Unified School District reached a tentative agreement with the Berkeley Federation of Teachers earlier this month to reopen public schools in March and April, contingent upon staff members receiving COVID-19 vaccinations.

By March, they mean March 29. Most grades would not open until mid-April at the soonest.

Meanwhile, teachers identified as high-risk individuals who document that they have condition’s [sic] on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s high risk list, who live with someone who has those conditions, or who is a caretaker as defined by a medical professional for someone with these conditions, will be allowed to continue to work remotely.

The CDC list is extensive. Is someone in your household obese (almost half the population supposedly is)? If not, does someone smoke, or have high blood pressure? Then you shouldn’t have to come to work.

These schools never should have closed. The only reason they are not already open is that powerful unions prefer teachers to do a minimum of work for a maximum of pay.

On a tip from Henry. Hat tip: College Fix.

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