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Apr 08 2021

Vaccination Priority for Illegal Aliens in Maryland

A just government would treat all citizens equally regardless of their race and ethnicity, and would never side with foreigners who are in the country illegally against these citizens. A government run by Democrats works differently:

While many Maryland residents wait patiently to receive their government-funded COVID-19 vaccine, the state’s two biggest counties—both illegal immigrant sanctuaries—have launched a “special clinic” to inoculate 600 Latinos a week.

The counties are Montgomery and Prince George’s. A large percentage of those benefitting are likely to be illegal aliens.

Recipients will be “preselected” by an area open borders group, Casa de Maryland, and a Latino Health Initiative launched by Montgomery County two decades ago. In a statement announcing the venture public officials claim that it will help overcome inequities in the vaccine rollout as well as general health disparities that plague poor minority communities.

Overcoming inequities means that if you do not belong to an identity group that votes overwhelmingly for Democrats, you are last in line. Illegal aliens go to the front of the line.

Never mind that we are the ones footing the bill.

The shots were created as part of a Trump administration initiative called Operation Warp Speed to accelerate the development, production and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and deliver 300 million doses.

$Billions were spent on this. Taxpayers might hope that the vaccine would go to Americans first, regardless of race and ethnicity, not foreigners who scoff at our immigration laws.

This isn’t the first time Montgomery County has worked with Case de Maryland to prioritize illegal aliens at taxpayer expense.

Montgomery County launched the Latino Health Initiative, which receives hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars annually, to develop and implement a culturally and linguistically competent health wellness system that values and respects Latino families and communities. … Among the county health program’s “partners and collaborators” is Casa de Maryland, a nonprofit that operates day laborer centers for illegal immigrants which are partially funded with public money.

Nor is it the first time that preferred identity groups have received priority for ChiCom virus vaccine.

In late February Judicial Watch reported that Virginia shifted its vaccine distribution to prioritize black and Latino residents as white 85-year-olds struggled to get the shot.

Imagine if Democrats achieve their goals of socialized medicine and single party rule. Whites who are not ruling class VIPs will end up getting healthcare from veterinarians, while paying for first-class healthcare for everyone else. This will be called healthcare justice, and anyone who doesn’t like it will be called a racist.

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