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Dec 29 2020

What They Mean by “Unity”

When Democrats claim to want “unity,” they mean they want utter submission from their opposition. A self-avowed socialist calling into Hannity’s radio show dispenses with euphemisms and spells out how triumphant moonbats view the situation:

“We have the machines, we have the courts, and we have the media, and the game is over. You had a good run, 200 and some odd years, great. But now it’s over with, and there’s nothing that can be done about it.”

Another gem:

“We don’t want to unite with you. We want to destroy every single one of you.”

When guest host Rose Unplugged asks about the end goal, he gets scarier still, referencing the chilling notion of a Great Reset:

“A massive global reset on a scale that people can’t imagine now. They think that they can. They think they can conjure it up in their little brains. But they have no idea what’s coming for them. None.”

Unless maybe if they have read The Gulag Archipelago.

Right-wing moby or moonbat? You decide:

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