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May 10 2022

White House Officially Encourages Illegal Intimidation

For once, we get some straight talk out of White House spokesmoonbat Jen Psaki. She was characteristically vague regarding official endorsement of the mobs of leftist thugs terrorizing Supreme Court justices in their homes for the explicit purpose of forcing them to change their vote on an opinion. But now she confirms that the Biden Regime encourages it:

The behavior Psaki explicitly advocates in Biden’s name is a violation of federal law.

Urging people to break the law might also be against the law. Someone should ask the Attorney General about it. But unfortunately, that position is now held by a damp little rodent who himself used the FBI to intimidate parents for speaking out at schoolboard meetings against leftism imposed in the classroom.

Merrick Garland is not there to enforce the law, but to advance Democrat objectives. His failure to do anything about the illegal intimidation campaign being waged against conservative justices proves it. If Democrats had succeeded in placing Garland on the Supreme Court, there would have been no need to lay siege to the home of this rubber-stamp leftist.

At no point in American history would rule by the third-rate tyrants currently infesting the White House have been deemed acceptable. No wonder Democrats want to erase American history.

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