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Sep 17 2020

Why Ben Shapiro Is Leaving California

Ben Shapiro has one of the sharpest minds on the right, which may have had some wondering why he stays on the sinking ship of leftist-ruled California. Here’s why: he grew up there, and if not for the moonbattery, it would be a great place. But enough is enough — he is moving to Nashville, and taking the Daily Wire with him:

As Venezuelans learned the hard way, you cannot do business indefinitely under leftist rule. This is why today’s radicalized Democrats taking control of the federal government could be catastrophic. Where will Shapiro move operations if leftists secure permanent national control by killing the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, institutionalizing voter fraud, making DC, Puerto Rico, and who knows where else into states, importing tens of millions of needy foreigners, et cetera?

On a tip from Lyle.


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