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Sep 17 2020

Minneapolis City Council: Where Are the Police?

After the leftists comprising the Minneapolis City Council exploited the George Floyd spectacle to declare war on the police, even unanimously pledging to abolish the police department, crime predictably shot into the stratosphere. Now the city’s rulers wonder, where are the police?

Minnesota Public Radio reports on a Tuesday meeting of the Minneapolis City Council:

[F]or much of the two-hour meeting, council members told police Chief Medaria Arradondo that their constituents are seeing and hearing street racing which sometimes results in crashes, brazen daylight carjackings, robberies, assaults and shootings. And they asked Arradondo what the department is doing about it.

What police officers are doing is laying low so that they do not get thrown in jail to await kangaroo court trials, like the cops involved in the arrest of George Floyd, who apparently died of a massive fentanyl overdose while in police custody.

To quote councilmember Jamal Osman,

“Residents are asking, ‘Where are the police’?”

About 100 officers have left the department so far this year. The rest are probably in hiding from the local government, which has ostentatiously sided with criminals against them.

The number of reported violent crimes, like assaults, robberies and homicides are up compared to 2019, according to MPD crime data. More people have been killed in the city in the first nine months of 2020 than were slain in all of last year. Property crimes, like burglaries and auto thefts, are also up. Incidents of arson have increased 55 percent over the total at this point in 2019.

No one could be surprised by any of this, considering the aggressive emphasis on glorifying criminals and hobbling the police for being “systemically racist.”

Council members in wards which usually don’t see high levels of violence say their constituents are feeling “terrorized.”

Terrorizing is what terrorists do. The council enthusiastically backed Black Lives Matter in the terror campaign that resulted in the destruction of hundreds of local businesses.

You can’t expect anything other than an explosion of criminal violence after moonbattery like this:

Recently, the council took more than $1 million from the police budget to hire “violence interrupters” to intervene and defuse potentially violent confrontations.

Council member Phillipe Cunningham continues to believe that we don’t need police if we have violence interrupters:

“If we have these systems in place we are getting ahead of the violence,” said Cunningham. “That’s why I have advocated so strongly for the violence interrupters, because if they are interrupting the violence before the guns are being fired, then the MPD doesn’t have to respond to that violence.”

If only we had moonbattery interrupters, liberal cities like Minneapolis might yet be saved from ruin.

“What I am sort of flabbergasted by right now is colleagues, who a very short time ago were calling for abolition, are now suggesting we should be putting more resources and funding into MPD,” Cunningham said.

Better late than never.

It is likely that Phillipe Cunningham, who apparently took hormones to grow a beard and identifies as a man, has spent much of her life in a state of flabbergastation.

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