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Feb 21 2021

Why Blacks Should Not Have to Pay Their Debts

The transactional basis of leftist identity politics has never been more honestly expressed than in a piece in The Guardian by self-described Nigerian-American Akin Olla:

Biden has recently committed to both closing the wealth gap between Black and white Americans, and addressing the student debt crisis. While some have applauded him for these steps – in particular his plan to forgive $10,000 in student loans – there are many reasons why his actions are woefully inadequate. Biden owes us a lot more than the piecemeal proposals he has put forth.

The capitalization of “Black” versus “white” tells you where The Guardian is coming from as a publication. Blacks good, whites bad, same as in the Democrat platform.

Biden owes them more than $10,000 of other people’s money because an overwhelming majority of blacks voted for him, expecting favoritism. Otherwise, he never would have come close to getting elected.

Olla asserts that black students have managed to run up more debt on average. Therefore, forcing the public at large to finance people wasting their youth on often useless degrees that they cannot afford is a racial issue.

When it comes to racial issues, there is only one side. Imagine an Irish-American proclaiming that an American politician owes it to whites to make others pick up their tab.

The Guardian is unlikely to publish the observation that blacks are more likely than whites to be in college despite not belonging there, thanks to Affirmative Action.

Anything short of full forgiveness will only widen already existing disparities.

But there might still be disparities regarding mortgages and car loans. To achieve equity, Biden must declare all debts forgiven forevermore.

Hold on; looks like it is only blacks who shouldn’t have to pay their debts:

Offering student debt abolition for Black students is the right thing to do, both morally and politically. Politically, because Biden owes his victory to Black voters, and should offer them something concrete in return for their loyalty. And morally, because he has personally contributed to many of the inequities that plague Black Americans today [by opposing busing and bankruptcy protections and supporting law & order in the distant past].

Entering the funhouse world where it is “moral” for an autocrat to force others to pay your debt on the grounds of your skin color is liable to result in permanent psychiatric impairment.

If blacks don’t have to pay their debts, why would anyone offer them loans? Because Big Government will force them to, of course. Banks will be clubbed with the term “red-lining,” which helped create the 2008 financial crisis. Student loans have already been nationalized by the federal government, so providing them on a racial basis will be a matter of course.

If leftists want to advance racial harmony, they are doing it as wrongly as possible. But of course, racial harmony is the last thing they want.

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