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Dec 08 2020

Why Leftists Hate Israel and America

Radical left Senate candidate Raphael Warnock sure has it in for Israel. He likens Palestinian terrorists who target Israeli civilians to the Black Lives Matter rioters who inspire liberal admiration by heroically looting stores and tearing down statues of George Washington. What makes Warnock and the sort of people likely to vote for him hate Israel so much?

They hate Israel for the same reasons they hate America and Western Civilization in general.

In the video below, Dennis Prager puts it in terms of compasses. Having no moral compass, progressives instead rely on power, race, and class compasses. If a country is strong, mainly populated by people regarded as white, and wealthy, it is inherently bad according to the ideology inculcated on college campuses and promulgated through the liberal establishment media.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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