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Mar 19 2021

Wokeness Will Reduce US Military to Laughing Stock

The corrosion of wokeness can reduce anything to a laughing stock — even the world’s greatest military:

Schlichter notes that we haven’t conclusively won a war (despite fighting in far too many) since Desert Storm in 1990.

He further notes that the mighty US military, which under Biden’s handlers now fights on behalf of leftist politics rather than America’s interests, has been defeated in the war it launched against Tucker Carlson.

The communist Chinese aren’t focused on diversity, inclusion, critical race theory, or any other toxic nonsense excreted by the cultural Marxists infesting American universities. They are focused on building an efficient fighting force that will allow them to replace the USA as the global hegemon.

The ChiComs already have the largest navy. The lame joke we are asked to regard as “Commander in Chief” is not helping matters by alienating Russia, which like India will be critical in keeping China contained.

The alternative to containing China is fighting it with a military that has abandoned fitness standards in the name of inclusion and that has been reduced by moonbattery to a focus on catering to transsexuals.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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