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Nov 23 2022

NHL Goes Full Moonbat

During the Black Lives Matter riots, professional sports became unwatchable for many patriots, as players knelt in obeisance to lowlife thugs who were looting businesses, burning down neighborhoods, and destroying statues of the heroes who personify our heritage, all in the name of radical left ideology. Hockey was somewhat spared from the in-your-face race-based moonbattery, due to it being a game played almost exclusively by white men. But in the ongoing climate of belligerently pushy leftism, even a partial reprieve from wokeism couldn’t last forever:

This can’t mean women pretending to be men playing on men’s teams, because they could not compete. Maybe it means men pretending to be women playing on women’s teams — as a fan was piously slapped down for suggesting:

The NHL’s statement is literally insane, and not only because it alienates fans who are not moonbats — most likely, the vast majority of them.

What makes liberals so insufferable is not that they are wrong or even that their agenda is nauseating. It is that they are bullies who allow no safe haven from their totalitarian ideology.

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