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May 27 2022

Word “Chief” Stricken From Newspeak Dictionary

Someone needs to get word to the servile liberals running the NFL. Like the Washington Redskins, the Kansas City Chiefs require a name change, as the word “chief” has been stricken from the English language by wokescolds:

The San Francisco Unified School District announced it will remove the word from its jobs titles. …

The school district said the decision was prompted after concerns were raised by Native American community members, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Indians must get a kick out of crybullying palefaces by pretending that anodyne words offend them. By agreeing to delete words from our own language on an arbitrary basis, we kneel in obeisance before them. Dominance and submission are the point of designating language as “offensive.”

Although libs apparently think otherwise, “chief” is not from any Indian language. It has been an English word meaning “head of a group” dating back to before the discovery of the New World. Like a lot of English vocabulary, it comes from a French word that in turn comes from a Latin word.

Sniggers the Wall Street Journal,

“Farewell great Chiefe,” says a character in Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra.” That’s dated to the early 1600s. Somehow we doubt he was thinking about the Sioux. A biblical translation from William Tyndale in 1526 speaks of “the power of Belzebub, the chefe of the devyls.” The earliest examples are hard to parse unless you’re fluent in Beowulfese, but here’s one we grasp from 1483, a decade before Columbus sailed to the west: “She was made abbesse and chyef of al the monasterye.”

Don’t San Francisco schools have English teachers who can explain this?

Probably not. English teachers specialize in moonbattery now, and have little time for anything else.

Stand by for more petty tyranny directed at the English language. The US Department of the Interior, which is run by a radical leftist you had better not call a squaw, spends some of the money confiscated from us through taxation and inflation on a Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force.

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