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Jan 29 2023

Working on Our Whiteness

Robin DiAngelo’s brand of antiwhite race hate has paid off so opulently, blond-haired blue-eyed Willamette University sociology and ethnic studies professor Emily Drew wants in on the action. She will promote herself by presenting “Conversation Project: Working on Our Whiteness,” an orgy of racial self-flagellation scheduled to take place at the Salem Public Library on February 15.

Oregon Humanities provides a description:

How can white people engage in efforts to dismantle racism in ways that do not reproduce or place unfair burdens upon people of color to be our teachers? This conversation is for white people to reflect together on what it means to “do our work” as white people, which includes taking responsibility for one another, educating ourselves, and coming to view other white people as our partners—not competition—in developing antiracist identity.

Educate yourselves, white people! Do the work by begging forgiveness for belonging to the race that gave the world limited government, flight, modern agriculture, modern medicine, electricity, computers, the Internet, et cetera.

Drew’s work is driven by a long-term commitment to social justice struggles. She has been actively engaged in anti-racism organizing and activism for more than twenty years, and serves as a co-trainer of “Understanding Institutional Racism” workshops for Crossroads Anti-Racism Organizing and Training. She works as a strategic planner with public school districts, universities, and community-based organizations across the country to develop and implement long-term commitments to multicultural diversity.

People actually make money hectoring Caucasians to repent of their race. The degrees in victim studies that we all help pay for are not completely useless after all.

Via College Fix:

Drew is a regular speaker on how white people need to become better people. For example, she gave a talk at another Oregon library in 2018 titled “Challenging Our Inner Becky: Interventions of White Women-ness in Our Community.” “Becky,” like the name “Karen,” is used as a stereotype against an overbearing or annoying white woman.

Haters of obnoxious white women should consider discarding Becky and Karen in favor of Emily.

Telling whites how to be better people is too easy. Why not try something challenging? Emily Drew ought to do a presentation explaining how moonbats could be worse people.

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