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Aug 01 2021

Y.G.S.L.R.H. S.T.F.U.T.: Trans BLM Band

The Wi Spa in Los Angeles, where a woman showed the rare courage to object to a guy exposing himself in a private women’s area, became a theater after Christians protested its depraved LGBT-compliant policies and Antifa types assaulted them. The show goes on, demonstrating what the last sane and decent people are up against, as Andy Ngo reported yesterday:

The band name Y.G.S.L.R.H. S.T.F.U.T. stands for “You Guys Suck Like Real Hard. Shut the F*** Up. Thanks.” Watch them perform:

With leftists consolidating control over every major institution, these freaks are essentially in charge. They are emerging as the victors of the Culture War.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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