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Aug 21 2022

Yale Professor Transsexualizes 3-Year-Olds

To get an idea of how sick our degenerate rulers are, look to pillars of the liberal establishment, like Yale University:

A Yale professor has come under fire over a video in which she describes helping children as young as 3 years old with their “gender journey.”

Dr. Christy Olezeski, who co-founded the Yale Pediatric Gender Program, was filmed saying she helps treat those questioning their gender and also provides guidance on “medical intervention.”

“Medical intervention” for moonbattery-induced gender dysphoria ranges from chemical castration to horrific sexual mutilation that would qualify those who commit it for capital punishment in a sane civilization.

At least Josef Mengele didn’t quack nauseating duckspeak about gender journeys as he mutilated his victims.

When the wider public got wind of the video and cried out in horror, Yale pulled it from its YouTube page, almost as if they know what they are doing is evil and cannot be defended. However, the Internet is forever. Watch Olezeski squeak that she is involved in “starting medical intervention”:

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