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Jun 30 2022

Young Mom Executed in New York City

New York City is no longer part of the civilized world:

A manhunt is on for the person who fatally shot a young mother in the back of the head in a chilling point-blank execution while pushing her baby in a stroller on the Upper East Side of New York City, just a few yards away from a playground.

Children at the playground witnessed the murder, which occurred in an upscale neighborhood not far from Gracie Mansion, where the mayor lives.

Here’s who they are looking for:

The shooter was described as a male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black pants. Police offered no further description of the killer.

We also know that the killer is black. Otherwise, they would have mentioned his race.

End stop and frisk, marginalize the police, glorify criminals, egg on violence, let lunatics run loose, and what else would you expect?

The lame joke serving as mayor predictably blames the incident on the existence of guns, confirming that he will do nothing constructive to mitigate the rising tide of violence:

‘More guns in our city means more lives lost,’ Mayor Eric Adams said during a news conference at the site of the shooting.

As if there were no guns in NYC when Rudy Giuliani was mayor and the city was quite safe.

The main reason violence is out of control in New York is that criminals do not fear consequences. If law-abiding citizens were also armed, that might change. One Bernie Goetz does more for public safety than every Eric Adams type who ever lived. The shooter had no reason to fear that witnesses would be anything but helpless.

Adams’ outfit did not fix the problem.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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