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Jun 30 2022

Blasphemy: Pelosi Given Communion in Vatican

The first pope was aptly named, because Peter means rock, and the Catholic Church has stood as solid as a rock for 2 millennia, withstanding all manner of storms. But can it endure the insidious corrosion from within that leftists have used to subvert virtually every other institution? Or will it be subordinated to a depraved, anti-Christian ideology? Let’s hope this is not up to Pope Francis.

Because she is an extreme advocate of abortion who has soaked herself in innocent blood, Nancy Pelosi was denied communion by her archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone. But not by Francis:

Pelosi met with Pope Francis and received Communion on Wednesday while attending a Mass presided over by the pope.

This happened in St Peter’s Basilica. Thankfully, she did not receive communion from Francis himself, which would have been the ultimate blasphemy short of Satan taking communion.

Pelosi and her husband Paul also received a blessing from Francis during her visit, according to one of the Mass attendees.

She made a further mockery of the spectacle:

Pelosi spoke about the necessity of preaching the gospel with actions, not just words.

According to her words, Pelosi is a Catholic. According to her actions, she is a radical proponent of both abortion and the belligerently anti-Christian LGBT agenda.

Pelosi responded to being barred from communion by her own archbishop by implying that the Church is hypocritical and denouncing Cordileone as a homophobe — possibly the worst insult imaginable from her liberal point of view. Francis has effectively sided with her.

Meanwhile, the government represented by Pelosi taunts the Vatican with open disrespect by displaying the LGBT flag at the US embassy there:

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