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Jan 30 2015

Open Thread


Via All the Right Snark, on a tip from TED.

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Jan 30 2015

Lefty Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Steam Cleans Her Privates

Low-wattage actress Gwyneth Paltrow detests America and is a big fan of Obama. But then, she is also a big fan of energizing herself by steam-cleaning her privates:

Paltrow has revealed that she steam cleans her vagina and thinks you should too, ladies. …

Apparently, steaming the vagina can provide an “energetic release.” This is why Gwyneth gets regular Mugworth V-Steam treatments at the Tikkun Spa in Santa Monica.

“It is an energetic release – not just a steam douche – that balances female hormone levels. If you’re in L.A., you have to do it,” she wrote on her lifestyle website, Goop.

Goop. She must have named the site after the stuff between her ears.

The main reason America is circling the drain may be that we let these Hollyweird kooks influence our opinions.

More makeup please.

On a tip from Rob E.

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Jan 30 2015

In Wake of Illegal Alien Invasion, Measles Spreads

Earlier in the week, we read about a measles outbreak in California that most likely was imported by the hordes of illegal aliens Obama has been urging to invade the country:

With the Disneyland measles outbreak expected to grow, California hospitals and doctors’ offices are preparing for new cases and a flood of questions from patients worried about getting the disease. So far 68 cases of measles have been reported in California this year, the bulk of them in people who visited — or had contact with someone who visited — two Disney theme parks in Anaheim. The outbreak could get much worse.

In 2011, there were 222 confirmed Measles cases in the United States, 200 were linked with importations, including 72 that were linked with importations from other countries.

So is this latest outbreak linked to the influx of illegal immigrant children welcomed to America by the Obama administration?

It appears the outbreak has spread to Washington, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona:

With as many as 1,000 people across three Arizona counties potentially exposed to the measles, state public-health officials are asking people who think they may have come in contact with the virus to isolate themselves.

In addition, they are asking those who may have been exposed not to show up at doctors’ offices, emergency rooms or urgent-care centers, where others could be exposed to the highly contagious virus, which can linger in the air for two hours.

It would be nice to think they are advising the primary vectors to forsake their ride on the welfare state gravy train and go back to Mexico. But I doubt it. Our ruling class has future generations of left-wing voters to breed.

baby with measles
Hopey Changey measles.

On tips from JusttheTipHQ, Rob E, and Lyle.

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Jan 30 2015

Democrat Party and Communist Party USA Continue to Merge

Under the leadership of McConnell and Boehner, you could get the impression that the Republican Party is merging with the Democrat Party. If so, the GOP is following close on the heels of the Communist Party USA:

The chairman of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA has penned a 2,023-word manifesto making the critical point that American Communists are eager to work with the Democratic Party to advance the modern communist agenda and achieve communist goals.

Communist Party chairman John Bachtell published his essay last week at People’s World, a “daily news website of, for and by the 99% and the direct descendant of the Daily Worker.”

“[L]abor and other key social forces are not about to leave the Democratic Party anytime soon,” Bachtell promised. “They still see Democrats as the most realistic electoral vehicle” to fight against perceived class enemies.

The days of anticommunist Democrats like JFK and Scoop Jackson are a fading memory now. Communists have infiltrated and now totally dominate the Democrat Party. If only patriots would do the same to the GOP, before commies beat them to it and take over that party too.


On tips from Artfldgr, Rob E, and Ben S. Hat tip: Before It’s News.

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Jan 30 2015

Racism Renders Will Null and Void

Among the many tragic casualties of political correctness is the fundamental pillar of civilization known as rule of law. First we hear of the US Government unlawfully pulling copyright protection from the trademarked name “Washington Redskins” on the grounds that liberals have been pretending the name is “racist.” Now in Canada, somebody’s will has been deemed racist and therefore void:

When Eric Spence died two years ago, with no family by the curmudgeon’s bedside, the Jamaican-born man left a last will and testament that disinherited the daughter he raised and left all his worldly belongings to the daughter he hadn’t seen in more than 30 years.

“I specifically bequeath nothing to my daughter, Verolin Spence, as she has had no communication with me for several years and has shown no interest in me as her father,” the spiteful 71-year-old Maple widower wrote in his will.

But in reality, that wasn’t the real reason he cut Verolin out of his will: He was angry that she had given birth to a white man’s child.

“In about September 2002, my relationship with my father came crashing down,” recalled Verolin Spence, 51, in a court affidavit. “That is the time when I told my father that I was pregnant. When he found out that the father of my child-to-be was white, my father told me that he was ashamed of me.”

From that moment on, she said he refused to return her phone calls and wanted nothing to do with her or her son.

In a rare judgment released Tuesday, a Superior Court judge in Newmarket [Ontario] set aside Spence’s will and divided his $400,000 estate equally between his two daughters. “It is clear and uncontradicted, in my view, that the reason for disinheriting Verolin, as articulated by the deceased, was one based on a clearly stated racist principle,” ruled Justice C.A. Gilmore.

What Justice Gilmore is forgetting is that the property belonged to Eric Spence, not him.

Political correctness now supersedes law, enabling the oligarchs who rule us to impose any whimsical tyranny they please so long as they speak the magic word “racist.”

On a tip from Steve C.

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Jan 30 2015

Goon Paid $5,000 by Taxpayers for Menacing Cops With Machete

If you find yourself a little short on funds, not to worry. There are plenty of ways to pick up a little extra cash, even as the country succumbs to moonbattery. For example, Ruhim Ullay made a quick $5,000 by menacing police with a machete:

A Brooklyn thug who was shot by officers while waving an 18-inch blade at them and later sued the department for $3 million got a $5,000 settlement from the city — even though his own attorney said the shooting was probably justified.

Ruhim Ullah, 24, had pleaded guilty to menacing a police officer after the 2010 confrontation, in which he was shot once in the leg by a cop trying to stop him from attacking ­officers with the machete, according to his lawyer. …

But despite witnesses who described him as armed, the city offered a $5,000 settlement to get rid of the flimsy suit, despite the message their action sends — that crime, and potentially deadly force against cops, can pay.

Anyone shameless enough to climb aboard can have a seat on the gravy train — and shame is ever harder to find in a country run by leftists.

The settlement was one in a series of payouts the city Law ­Department has quickly made under Mayor Bill de Blasio.

City lawyers signed off on a $98 million settlement last March over a longstanding class-action discrimination case brought by minority FDNY applicants over unfair hiring practices.

The de Blasio administration also settled the notorious Central Park Five case for $41 million last September.

De Blasio also ponied up $18 million in taxpayer cash to protesters who sued the city after being arrested at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Keep your noses to the grindstone, taxpayers; someone has to pick up the tab.

Ruhim is assimilating nicely into Hopey Changey America.

On tips from Wiggins, Rob E, and Petterssonp.

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Jan 30 2015

Nanny Nazis Link Soda to Cancer Through Premature Puberty

First they came after tobacco, but I said nothing, because after all, smoking too much can give you cancer. Now they are coming after “sugary drinks.” To get an idea of how hysterically over the top the anti-soda jihad is getting, refer to the New York Times:

Here is another mark against sugary drinks: A new study has found that drinking them is associated with lowered age of menarche.

Age of first menses has decreased substantially since the early 20th century, and studies have shown that younger age of menarche is associated with increased risk of breast and endometrial cancer in later life.

Lest anyone take these largely politically driven studies too seriously, medical researcher Mark Shrime submitted a joke article entitled “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

The subtitle reads: “The surgical and neoplastic role of cacao extract in breakfast cereals.” Shrime submitted it to 37 journals over two weeks and so far 17 of them have accepted it. The article consists of gibberish [PDF]. The first paragraph:

In an intention dependent on questions on elsewhere, we betrayed possible jointure in throwing cocoa. Any rapid event rapid shall become green. Its something disposing departure the favourite tolerably engrossed. Truth short folly court why she their balls. Excellence put unaffected reasonable introduced conviction she.

Hopefully Shrime didn’t get an NIH grant for this.

The study cited by the Slimes appeared in Human Reproduction, which is a legitimate publication, unlike the pay-to-publish outfits willing to publish Dr. Shrime’s joke. But the lesson that you can’t believe everything you read or you will go insane still stands.

Supposedly the mechanism of “sugary drinks” causing cancer through early menarche is obesity. That means anything that can cause obesity if consumed excessively can cause cancer — which in turn means that the jihad against what you eat is just getting started.

What will they come for next?

On tips from Lauren.

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Jan 29 2015

Open Thread


Via HopeNChange Cartoons, on a tip from TED.

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Jan 29 2015

Al Sharpton Loses to the Teleprompter Some More

Only in a world gone insane can a cockroach rake in $millions upon $millions even though he is too stupid to read:

See here and here for more examples of Sharpton losing big to his teleprompter. Good thing for Sharpton he has plenty of pull; with that you don’t need talent or intelligence.

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

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Jan 29 2015

Amnesty and Your Right to Bear Arms

Republicans were elected in historic numbers in 2014 largely due to their promise to reverse Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional amnesty decree. Predictably, this promise was broken immediately. The consequences will be catastrophic not only for the Republican Party, which at this point there is little reason to support, but for America in general in all walks of life — including regarding the indispensable right to bear arms:

Mitch McConnell’s surrender on immigration reform last week could have major consequences for Second Amendment rights.

Deportation amnesty is one of the biggest threats to gun rights because it will add millions of anti-gun voters to the electorate in one fell swoop.

The vast majority of illegal aliens are Hispanics, and Hispanics are one of the most anti-gun demographics in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, 62% of Hispanics prefer expanding gun control to percent gun rights, compared to 39% of white voters.

Refer to formerly patriotic, now rabidly anti–gun rights California to see how this will play out nationally.

This is among the many reasons our ruling class is displacing the American population with Third Worlders from across the undefended border. The scope of the treason that we are witnessing makes Vidkun Quisling a patriot by comparison.

The Japanese should have tried illegal immigration.

Hat tip: Bluegrass Bruce.

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Jan 29 2015

Obama Regime Conspires With Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Against Anti-Terror Allies in Egypt

Obamunists conspiring to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu, a crucial US ally with whom Obama has been refusing to meet, is certainly alarming, but it doesn’t rise to the level of treason. This comes closer:

The State Department hosted a delegation of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned leaders this week for a meeting about their ongoing efforts to oppose the current government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, who rose to power following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, an ally of the Brotherhood, in 2013.

Analysts attempt to make sense of this:

Samuel Tadros, an Egypt expert and research fellow at the Hudson Institute who is familiar with the delegation, said that the visit is meant to rally support for the Muslim Brotherhood’s ongoing efforts against to oppose Sisi. …

Patrick Poole, a terrorism expert and national security reporter, said the powwow at the State Department could be a sign that the Obama administration still considers the Brotherhood politically viable, despite its ouster from power and a subsequent crackdown on its members by Egyptian authorities.

“What this shows is that the widespread rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East, particularly the largest protests in recorded human history in Egypt on June 30, 2013, that led to Morsi’s ouster, is not recognized by the State Department and the Obama administration,” Poole said.

Sisi is a courageous ally who has stuck his neck out in an attempt to quell the epidemic of Islamic violence. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist network that spawned Hamas and has been linked to al Qaeda. From the beginning, the Obama Regime has aggressively sided with the Muslim Brotherhood against Sisi. This represents a betrayal not only of the USA and Egypt, but of the entire civilized world on behalf of terrorist Islam.


On a tip from Rob E.

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Jan 29 2015

Seattle to Levy Fines for Throwing Food Waste in Garbage

Modern liberalism is unlike earlier forms of oligarchical collectivist totalitarianism (Nazism, communism, etc.) not only because of its trademark nauseating sanctimony, but because it is more complete. There is no aspect of your life too mundane not to afford liberals an opportunity to lord it over you — not even your garbage:

In an attempt to shame residents of their city, a new Seattle law will levy a fine on homes that do not properly sort food out of their garbage.

Emblazoned with a red citation tag, violators will start to be fined anywhere from $1-$50 in July. For now, Seattle residents will be publicly shamed by the ‘Scarlet Letter’-like tags.

Food waste is supposed to be composted so you can put it on your garden. If you don’t have a garden or any place to compost rotting food because you live in a city (namely Seattle), get used to hiding your garbage from inspectors.

The justification is the infinitesimal reduction in harmless but politically incorrect greenhouse gases that could theoretically result from the fines.

Think you are safe because you are fortunate enough not to live in a city run by authoritarian lunatics? Wrong. You still live in a country run by authoritarian lunatics:

The EPA has already begun a campaign to achieve laws similar to Seattle’s.

That virtually no one will be able to avoid violating a law against throwing food waste in the garbage is not a bug; it’s a feature. Only when all citizens are criminals does a government have total power.

On tips from Henry and Stormfax.

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Jan 29 2015

Owner of Muslim-Free Gun Range Jan Morgan Holds Firm Against CAIR, ACLU

A little follow-up on Jan Morgan, the heroic countermoonbat who for exceedingly sensible reasons (see here and here) has banned Muslims from her business The Gun Cave:

In the five months since Hot Springs, Arkansas, gun range owner Jan Morgan banned Muslims from her facilities, she has seen business quadruple. She has also faced threats and the prospect of lawsuits, which so far, have not materialized.

Both the ACLU and the Hamas front group that serves as its Islamic equivalent, CAIR, have attempted to sic Eric Holder’s Injustice Department on Jan Morgan, but she is standing firm.

There is no doubt which side the federal government will take. But there is also no doubt that in anything even vaguely resembling a free country, you cannot be compelled on your own property to put guns into the hands of people you don’t trust.

It’s surprising the Feds haven’t come down on her yet. Maybe they know they will be picking up a live wire.

Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime, if you live anywhere near Hot Springs, give Jan your business.


On tips from Varla, Val, and Rob E.

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Jan 29 2015

Charles Blow, Hate Hoaxer

As we learned during the Jayson Blair farce, the Affirmative Action attitudes that allow some to rise far above the level of their competence due to their race has had the same effect on the New York Times as it has on the executive branch of the federal government. Another case in point is the insufferably smug-looking moonbat Charles Blow:

Blow, a black, left-wing New York Times columnist, took to Twitter and the pages of the Times to excoriate Yale and a campus police officer over his son being detained at gunpoint. Apparently, Blow’s son met the description of a campus burglar. After learning of the incident, an incensed Blow published a series of racially-charged Tweets followed by a racially-charged Times column.

According to the Washington Examiner, Blow tweeted, “This is exactly why I have no patience for people trying to convince me that the fear these young black men feel isn’t real.” Blow also tweeted out slogans associated with protests involving race and the police: “I can’t breathe” and “Black lives matter.”

These slogans are closely linked to the similar slogans “Hands up don’t shoot” and “What do we want? Dead Cops!” All are used only by leftists at their most juvenile, irresponsible, and pernicious.

Blow’s typically counterproductive column adamantly rejected the notion that blacks should take responsibility for their behavior by screaming that the supposedly racist police will oppress them no matter what they do:

I am reminded of what I have always known, but what some would choose to deny: that there is no way to work your way out — earn your way out — of this sort of crisis. In these moments, what you’ve done matters less than how you look.

There is no amount of respectability that can bend a gun’s barrel. All of our boys are bound together.

The dean of Yale College and the campus police chief have apologized and promised an internal investigation, and I appreciate that. But the scars cannot be unmade. My son will always carry the memory of the day he left his college library and an officer trained a gun on him.

Please. I’ve had guns pointed at me too. So have a lot of people. Only those who have learned to get ahead in life by making a pageant of their own piteousness would think to be permanently scarred over it.

But any trauma is earthshaking when racism against sacred blacks is involved — as Blowhard strongly implies was the case. Then we learn this about the officer in question:

As it turns out, the officer is black. Yale’s police chief is also black.

After firing off this series of racially-charged tweets and a racially-charged column in no less than The New York Times, Blow now claims his outrage had nothing to do with race.

Current credibility level for Charles Blow: absolute zero. But no doubt his cushy position at the NY Slimes is still secure, him being oppressed and all.

Here’s an honor Baloney has actually earned: a spot on the partial but ever-growing Hate Hoax List:

Charles Blow
Morgan Triplett
Desiree Nall
Mindy Brickman
Oberlin College
Lena Dunham
Rolling Stone/Jackie
University of Chicago Facebook hoax
Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar
Daniele Watts
Keith Jones
Sweet Briar College hoaxer
Grand Valley State University student
Richard Kennedy
Anonymous Hercules Middle-High School student
Joe Williams
Andrea Brazier
Genesis Hernandez
Danya Morales
Toni Christina Jenkins
Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden
Meg Lanker-Simons
Olander Cuthrell
Charlie Rogers
Sharmeka Moffitt
Joseph Baken
Alexandra Pennell
Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin
Quinn Matney
Aubriana Banks
Sarah Marshak
Floyd Elliot
Tawana Brawley
Crystal Gail Mangum
Kerri Dunn
Leah Miller
Ahmad Saad Nasim

Charles Baloney, Sultan of Smugness.

On tips from rpp and Wingmann.

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Jan 28 2015

Open Thread


Via Grouchy Old Cripple, on a tip from TED.

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Jan 28 2015

Miss USA Channels Shrillary, Loses

Despite her trendy non-Anglo ethnicity, Miss USA Nia Sanchez was beat out for Miss Universe by Paulina Vega of Colombia. But Sanchez is still in the running to be Obama’s next Secretary of Defense:

Life is no fair. A beauty queen blathers like this and people laugh at her for being such a bimbo. Former Secretary of State Shrillary Rotten Clinton says essentially the same thing, and she is still in the running for POTUS.

On tips from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle and Wiggins.

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Jan 28 2015

TV Ads Are Laced With Toxic Moonbattery

Due to the mentality that prevails in the advertising industry, virtually every time we watch a television commercial, moonbattery is mainlined straight into our brains at the most dangerous time, when we are only half paying attention and therefore relax our intellectual defenses. One of countless examples is this iPad Air 2 campaign:

The bouncy pop music is by a band from an affluent suburb of Chicago called The Orwells. Here are the lyrics to the song Apple uses:

You better toss your bullets
You better hide your guns
You better help the children
Let ‘em have some fun
You better count your blessings
Kiss mom and pa
You better burn that flag
Cause it ain’t against the law

You better pledge your allegiance
You’re not the only one

Listen up forefathers
I’m not your son
You better save the country
You better pass the flask
You better join the army
I said: no thank you dear old uncle sam

Apple is one of the most successful corporations ever. From today’s Wall Street Journal:

Apple Inc. surpassed even the most bullish Wall Street expectations for its holiday quarter with an improbable trifecta: selling more iPhones at higher prices—and earning more on each sale.

The Cupertino, Calif., company said it sold 74.5 million iPhones in the quarter, 46% above a year earlier, while lifting the average selling price of the devices by $50 from the prior year. The total equates to more than 34,000 phones an hour, around the clock.

“Demand for iPhone was staggering,” Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook told analysts. “This volume is hard to comprehend.”

Results were remarkable, even for a company that has increased revenue more than tenfold in the past decade.

Capitalism has been very good to Apple. Yet this corporation convinces the young and foolish that they are trendily anti-corporate by associating their product with juvenile moonbattery of the sort incoherently barfed up by The Orwells.

If this sells the product, it makes sense. But others are left with the Herculean task of scrubbing all the moonbattery out of people’s minds.

On tips from GaryA, Varla, and Henry.

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Jan 28 2015

Man Sues for Getting Arrested After Playing Violin Naked in Front of Courthouse

Tired of working for a living? Here’s a scheme to get rich quick I’ll bet you never thought of. It takes money to make money, so first invest in a violin. Then take off your clothes, and play naked outside a federal courthouse. From there all you need is a lawyer, and there is no shortage of those.

A Hillsboro, Oregon, man arrested after playing a violin while naked outside the federal courthouse in Portland last year is suing police.

The Oregonian reports that 25-year-old Matthew T. Mglej claims authorities used excessive force and violated his First Amendment rights. He named the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and Portland Police Bureau as defendants in a lawsuit filed last week, and he’s seeking $1.1 million in damages.

Police showed up after receiving complaints about the demonstration, during which the man played violin, meditated and quoted former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. …

Mglej claims jail deputies cut his wrists by jerking on his handcuffs and called him names when he cried from the pain and for his service dog.

If Ahmadinejad is provided with a soapbox at Columbia University, why can’t Mr. Mglej play his violin naked? This obvious victim of oppression was kind to taxpayers in only demanding $1.1 million.

Officers question Mglej’s service dog.

On a tip from Wiggins.

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Jan 28 2015

Cubitat: 10-by-10-Foot Home

Rubbing elbows with other members of the global moonbat ruling class, Al Gore and Felipe Calderon recently hatched a plan to spend $90 trillion of other people’s money to force us to live more densely packed together so that we won’t need to offend the polar bears by driving cars. The Cubitat should fit their schemes nicely:

Those on a quest to rethink small-space living build tiny houses, install pop-up rentals on vacant lots, and design portable 10-square-foot microkitchens tucked inside armoires. Presented over the weekend at Toronto’s Interior Design Show, Cubitat is a 10-by-10-by-10-foot cube that houses a kitchen, bathroom, bed, laundry, and storage.

Presenting the Cubitat:


Here’s a design project that might be even more suitable in the planned utopian world populated only by liberals:


Or better still, this home comes complete with free government-provided healthcare:

prison cell

However, repeated experience during the 20th century indicates that utopian schemes are more likely to lead to even more space-efficient housing — in mass graves.

On a tip from Cargo Pilot.

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Jan 28 2015

Obamunists Try to Take Out Netanyahu

There are a lot of bad guys in the Middle East. They mean us harm. There is only one good guy who serves as head of state: Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been doing everything in his power to defend civilization from savagery against terrifying odds. Naturally Obamunists are attempting to remove him from office:

A U.S. State Department-funded group is financing an Israeli campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and has hired former Obama aides to help with its grassroots organizing efforts.

U.S.-based activist group OneVoice International has partnered with V15, an “independent grassroots movement” in Israel that is actively opposing Netanyahu’s party in the upcoming elections, Ha’aretz reported on Monday. Former national field director for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign Jeremy Bird is also reportedly involved in the effort. …

OneVoice said in a press release on Tuesday that it is teaming up with V15 because Israel “need[s] a prime minister and a government who will be responsive to the people.”

By “the people,” they must mean the hordes of Muslim people surrounding Israel and eager to snuff out this ember of Western Civilization before moving on to Europe, no doubt with Mullah Obama’s continued blessings.

Meanwhile, Obama won’t even deign to meet with Netanyahu when he comes to Washington in March.

One blessed day Obama will be gone. But how will we ever be able to count on our allies not to knife us in the back, after Obama has proven that they cannot count on us?

Netanyahu and Obama are obviously not cut of the same cloth.

On tips from | and Troy.

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