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Sep 22 2017

So Much for Safety: ACLU, Planned Parenthood Demand Non-Doctors Be Allowed to Perform Abortions

“Safe, Legal, and Rare,” recite the liberal drones. They don’t want it to be rare, or they wouldn’t glamorize it and demand the government subsidize it. Turns out they don’t care much about it being safe either:

Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union sued the state of Maine Wednesday over a law requiring that only doctors perform abortion procedures, the two organizations said.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the law, which was enacted in 1979, says that only medical doctors may perform abortions, prohibiting other medical staff such as nurse practitioners and nurse-midwives from performing the procedure. The report noted that 41 other states have similar laws.

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit challenging the law as “unconstitutional.”

Funny, my copy of the Constitution doesn’t say anything about the fundamental right to kill babies without having sufficient medical qualifications.

Stand by for any number of Kermit Gosnell types, who won’t even need to get through medical school to turn a gruesome profit.

Next time a moonbat barks that abortion must be promoted or women will hurt themselves with coat hangers, remember this story. This isn’t about health, or someone would care about the aborted babies’ health. It is about moral degeneracy as a political creed.

Abortion isn’t safe for babies, either.

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Sep 21 2017

Open Thread


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Sep 21 2017

Moonbat Advertising Reaches a New Milestone

It has been obvious for some time that advertising is often more focused on promoting the liberal point of view than selling products. But now we have reached a new milestone in moonbattery that it may take television a year or more to catch up with. Below is an advertisement for the “No Justice” clothing line being sold by University of Wisconsin student Eneale Pickett. PARENTAL ADVISORY:

Pickett says his clothing line is meant to start conversations about social justice. At least the moonbattery actually helps sell the product for sale, which is the vile shirts worn in the ad.

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Sep 21 2017

Behind the Scenes at MSNBC

Keith Olbermann is so crazy, cartoonishly extreme, and personally unpleasant that he managed to get canned even from MSNBC. Considering that he embodies the same qualities, Lawrence O’Donnell might want to polish up his résumé — especially after losing it completely:

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell launched into profanity-laced tirades at his staff during a taping of his show last month, complaining about “insanity in my earpiece” and begging someone to “stop the hammering!”

O’Donnell’s tirades were first reported by Mediaite, which posted a stitched-together video of the outbursts that lasted more than eight minutes Wednesday. The site reported that the video was recorded during the taping of the Aug. 29 edition of “The Last Word.”

It’s okay; now that the video has been made public, Larry apologizes.

Maybe there is room for him at GQ, where Olbermann finally washed up like a decomposing fish.

Clear any children out of the room before watching the video; it contains OBJECTIONABLE LANGUAGE:

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Sep 21 2017

A Severely F-ed-Up Mind

Looks like CNN isn’t alone in running short on sense of humor:


The book with the kiddie sewer sex is It.

Moonbats naturally rely on projection to defend themselves from any awareness of just how unsavory they are.

In case I’m not the only one who falls short of Stephen King’s wholesome rectitude and finds this hilarious, let’s watch it some more:

Hat tip: Elaine Kinsey.

Sep 21 2017

Sorority Sisters Face Probe for Singing Kanye West Song Containing Word Forbidden to Whites

Remember, white people — just because something is permitted to privileged persons of politically preferred pigmentation does not mean it is permitted to you:

Some sorority sisters at the University of New Hampshire are being investigated after a video showing them singing along to a Kanye West song containing the N-word was posted on social media.

The Snapchat video shows the members of Alpha Phi Sorority dancing at a party and singing the N-word as part of the lyrics to the song [“Gold Digger”]. It prompted other students to condemn the sorority’s “ignorant and insensitive” behavior.

There is never a shortage of dutiful citizens eager to denounce thought criminals, especially on college campuses, where moonbattery has largely extinguished the concept of free speech.

Hold on for a blast of the astonishing hypocrisy that characterizes P.C. crybullies:

Social media users rushed to criticize the sorority, claiming it perpetuates racism. …

“Hey white people, literally just don’t broadcast you and your clan of Beckys saying the N-word and you’ll be fine,” [barked] Maggie Lowe.

“Beckys” in this context is a racial slur against white women.

The sorority might also be brought up on charges of cultural appropriation. Of course, if they didn’t sing any songs by foul-mouthed rap performers, they would be accused of exclusion.

Kanye West
Just because he can say it doesn’t mean you can.

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Sep 21 2017

As Zimbabwe Starves, Social Dictator’s Relatives Import Rolls Royce Limousines

Socialism has been getting a bad rap lately. True, it entails poverty and tyranny, and often genocide. Yes, it recently reduced the wealthiest nation in Latin America to economic ruin. But it has its positive side. For example, even as their countrymen starve and hyperinflation has reduced the local currency to worthlessness, socialism allows dictator Robert Mugabe’s relatives to live high on the hog:

Grace Mugabe’s oldest son, Russell Goreraza, 33, from her first marriage, imported two Rolls Royce limousines into bankrupt Harare on Sunday.

Grace Mugabe is the wife of Robert Mugabe, who liberated Zimbabwe by driving most of the white people out after confiscating their farms. She is affectionately known as “Gucci Grace” for her ostentatious enthusiasm for the opulent lifestyle socialism permits, if only for the ruling few.

The two vehicles – valued at more then R70 million – were offloaded at Harare International Airport. Their arrival sparked a huge celebration on Sunday night with French Champagne flowing among Goreraza and his Harare friends, all close to the first family.

Goreraza has told pals in Harare his next vehicle, due to arrive in the Zimbabwe capital shortly, is an Aston Martin.

Run for cover if you see a fancy limo coming with Goreraza behind the wheel.

Goreraza … was previously found guilty of culpable homicide after he ran over and killed a pedestrian in central Harare.

No biggie, if you are related to the dictator — another bonus of socialism.

Where does he get the money for new limousines?

[I]nsiders in Harare say he ultimately lives off massive cash donations from his mother who is regularly paid out with public funds from the treasury and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as well as her bank account at the Central Bank of Zimbabwe.

Where do public funds come from, with the former Breadbasket of Africa in long-term economic collapse? Any wealth generated will of course be confiscated by the government in the name of The People, but circumstances do not permit the generation of wealth. Most likely Goreraza’s limos demonstrate where aid money to Africa ends up.

Russell Goreraza behind the wheel.

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Sep 21 2017

California Pet Stores May Only Be Allowed to Sell Strays

C.S. Lewis was on to something here:


The most dangerous characteristic of moonbats is their do-gooder self-righteousness. Once drunk on it, they push authoritarianism beyond the boundaries of absurdity. California provides yet another case in point:

The state could be the first in the country to ban the sale of animals from puppy mills or mass breeding operations. Animal rights groups cheered the bill, which was written by Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach).

Private breeders would still be allowed to sell dogs, cats and rabbits directly to people [for now], but pet stores would be required to work with shelters and rescue operations to sell those same animals.

Would Stalin have thought of that?

The bill would also require the stores to keep public records that show where each dog, cat or rabbit came from. A violation would mean a $500 fine.

As they run out of other things to ban, liberals will inevitably ban all pets, desperate to get a euphoric fix of smug self-righteousness any way they can.

This will be banned for abetting crime.

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Sep 20 2017

Open Thread


Via Elaine Kinsey.

Sep 20 2017

Are Some Cultures Better Than Others?

You can get a lot of grief for saying it, but hell yes some cultures are better than others:

Orwell’s wise words come to mind once again:

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.

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Sep 20 2017

Watch CNN Reporter Nearly Blow Away in Hurricane Maria

Ever hear the phrase, “not enough sense to come in out of the rain”? Reflecting the sensibility of her employer, CNN’s Leyla Santiago barely has enough sense to come in out of a category 4 hurricane:

Earlier Leyla reported that it is too dangerous for authorities to answer rescue calls. Good thing she didn’t blow up into a tree or something; she would have been stuck there for a while.

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Sep 20 2017

Governor of California Calls Trump Supporters “Troglodytes”

Is Jerry Brown the governor of all Californians? Or just the ones who vote Democrat? This offers an indication:


As noted at NOQ Report,

This is a clear insult to mean that Trump supporters are primitive, unevolved and dumb, possibly up there with Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” characterization.

About 4.5 million of Brown’s constituents voted for Trump, thereby qualifying as cavemen according to their governor.

Governor Moonbeam slung this handful of poo at a climate change event in New York.

Imagine a tribe that believes nature will punish them if they don’t offer up sacrifices through a priesthood specializing in mitigating the wrath of unseen forces. For example, they might agree to throw virgins down a volcano, or to turn over a large percentage of their wealth in the form of carbon taxes. Such backward ignoramuses might remind you of troglodytes.

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Sep 20 2017

Democrat Talent Turns Up in Switzerland

They say the Democrat Party has been suffering from a thin bench for officeholders, which explains why it has presented catastrophically awful candidates like Shrillary. Maybe the party should try recruiting from abroad. Impressive talent has emerged in Switzerland:

Swiss prosecutors are trying to figure out why someone apparently attempted to flush tens of thousands of euros down the toilet at a Geneva branch of UBS Group AG.

The first 500-euro ($597) bills were discovered several months ago in a bathroom close to a bank vault containing hundreds of safe deposit boxes, according to a report in Tribune de Geneve confirmed by the city prosecutor’s office. A few days later, more banknotes turned up in toilets at three nearby restaurants, requiring thousands of francs in plumbing repairs to unclog the pipes.

In all, police have extracted tens of thousands of euros in soiled bills, many of which appear to have been cut with scissors.

Whoever is responsible has the natural talent to make a superb Democrat. Foreign birth excludes the presidency, but if Maxine Waters finally finds her way to prison before the Democrats regain control of Congress, the currency-flusher should be next in line to head the Committee on Financial Services.

Democrats could put this talent to use.

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Sep 20 2017

Indoctrinating Pint-Sized Colin Kaepernicks and Worse

To get people to hate the greatest country in history, and to embrace sociopathic Black Lives Matter ideology, it helps to start young. From Belleville, Illinois:

Every player on the Cahokia Quarterback Club football team (8 and under) took a knee during the national anthem ahead of Sunday’s game at Little Devil’s Field in Belleville.

Coach Orlando Gooden has been instructing the tots on Colin Kaepernick’s antics, and on the Jason Stockley decision, whereby after many years a white police officer was absolved of murder charges after shooting a drug dealer of politically preferred pigmentation, providing a pretext for days on end of riots.

Fittingly, Gooden played college football at the University of Missouri. Due to the absence of resistance, a Black Lives Matter uprising that started with the football team has reduced that school to a laughing stock in a financial tailspin.

When the anthem started, the Cahokia third graders immediately took a knee where they were standing. Their backs were away from the flag—but not on purpose—according to Gooden.

“What I teach my kids is love, integrity, honesty, fairness, respect and boundaries,” he said.

Sure, that’s what we all saw in nearby Saint Louis over the weekend.

Within 10 years, Gooden’s disciples will be sacking the public library and laying siege to the Mayor’s residence.

Applying Coach Gooden’s toxic ideology in Saint Louis.

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Sep 20 2017

Global Warming Blamed for Mexican Earthquake

The guilt weighs heavily upon us. If only we had subjected ourselves to stratospheric energy taxes and centralized control of the economy, the earthquake in Mexico could have been avoided — at least to judge by Twitter:

Nature’s wrath? But Mexicans didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Someone should ask Jennifer Lawrence for an explanation.

Incredibly enough, earthquakes were already on the list of bad things caused by global warming. Putting your tax dollar to work, NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey staked that claim over a decade ago.

At this point, it is not possible to tell whether global warming hysteria is on the level or parody.

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Sep 20 2017

Academics Denounce Responsible Lifestyle as White Supremacist

The leftists running the education establishment are not well-meaning fools. They are evil fools, who understand right and wrong, and aggressively side with wrong. Their objective is to destroy everything good, decent, sane, and constructive, and to reduce America to a dysfunctional hellhole. Don’t believe me? Then explain this story:

Last month, two law professors published an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer calling for a revival of the “cultural script” that prevailed in the 1950s and still does among affluent Americans: “Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness. . . . Eschew substance abuse and crime.” The weakening of these traditional norms has contributed to today’s low rates of workforce participation, lagging educational levels and widespread opioid abuse, the professors argued.

Who could argue with that? Liberals could — vehemently. Except that having no sane arguments, they don’t argue so much as crap in their hands and fling it.

The op-ed triggered an immediate uproar at the University of Pennsylvania, where one of its authors, Amy Wax, teaches. The dean of the Penn law school, Ted Ruger, published an op-ed in the student newspaper noting the “contemporaneous occurrence” of the op-ed and a white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., and suggesting that Ms. Wax’s views were “divisive, even noxious.” Half of Ms. Wax’s law-faculty colleagues signed an open letter denouncing her piece and calling on students to report any “bias or stereotype” they encounter “at Penn Law ” (e.g., in Ms. Wax’s classroom). Student and alumni petitions poured forth accusing Ms. Wax of white supremacy, misogyny and homophobia and demanding that she be banned from teaching first-year law classes.

Wax was subjected to the Two Minutes Hate. Her thought crime was to advocate hard work, self-discipline, and responsible behavior, which are now to be regarded as equivalent to the ultimate in wrongthink, white supremacism.

Her coauthor Larry Alexander teaches at University of San Diego…

The dean of USD’s law school, Stephen Ferruolo, issued a schoolwide memo repudiating Mr. Alexander’s article and pledging new measures to compensate “vulnerable, marginalized” students for the “racial discrimination and cultural subordination” they experience.

“Cultural subordination” apparently means being expected to work for a living rather than getting paid by the government to squirt out babies out of wedlock.

This really got the Thought Police gnashing their teeth:

Ms. Wax and Mr. Alexander observed that cultures are not all “equal in preparing people to be productive in an advanced economy.” Their critics pounced on this statement as a bigoted, hate-filled violation of the multicultural ethic. In his response, Penn’s Dean Ruger proclaimed that “as a scholar and educator I reject emphatically any claim that a single cultural tradition is better than all others.” But that wasn’t the claim the authors were making. Rather, they argued that bourgeois culture is better than underclass culture—specifically, “the single-parent, antisocial habits, prevalent among some working-class whites; the anti-‘acting white’ rap culture of inner-city blacks.” The authors’ criticism of white underclass behavior has been universally suppressed in the stampede to accuse them of “white supremacy.”

This is why it is so alarming that the federal government is taking steps to suppress thought associated with white supremacy. The term is applied to anything whatsoever that liberals associate with the white race.

Consider the ramifications of the liberal dogma that no culture can be better than another. That means having cancer detected and removed via advanced medical technology is no better than a witchdoctor muttering and shaking a bone. Supermarkets bursting with affordable food are no better than poking through animal dung for bits of undigested grain. The liberties enshrined in the Constitution are no better than dying in a dungeon because you offended an official. Jet planes are no better than walking in crude sandals. Electric lights and heat are no better than shivering in the dark. I could go on, but anyone other than a liberal intellectual already gets the point.

The op-ed’s other offense was extolling the 1950s for that decade’s embrace of bourgeois virtues. “Nostalgia for the 1950s breezes over the truth of inequality and exclusion,” five Penn faculty assert in yet another op-ed for the student newspaper.

The 1950s were a golden era for America. Consequently, liberal hatred for this period is demonic in its intensity. Everything that made the 50s great they want to denigrate, desecrate, corrupt, and destroy. This has been accomplished through the tactic known as Critical Theory, usually by focusing on the failure to orient all of society around the hallowedness of blacks.

None of the professors’ high-placed critics [has] engaged with any of their arguments.

Of course not. They won’t engage Bruce Gilley's arguments in favor of colonialism either. You can’t expect a pack of rabid dogs to engage your arguments.

Objecting to industriousness and personal responsibility proves that the liberal intelligentsia does not wish society well. It wants poverty, dysfunction, dependency, and ruin. It is a cancer, and it is killing us.

What they want America to look like.

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Sep 19 2017

Open Thread


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Sep 19 2017

Possibly the Awfullest Political Ad Yet

Maybe having seen Top Gun makes this ad is less moronic — but nothing could stop it from breaking the needle on the stupidity gauge. Democrat candidate for Virginia’s 10th congressional district Dan Helmer attempts to convince primary voters that opponent Barbara Comstock is not enough of a moonbat:

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