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May 06 2021

China’s Greenhouse Emissions Exceed Entire West’s

If global warming ideology were on the level, those who believe in it would not be focused on defacing the landscape and killing birds with unreliable wind turbines. They would be too busy promoting carbon-free nuclear energy and denouncing the communist Chinese:

China now accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the world’s developed nations combined, according to new research from Rhodium Group.

China’s emissions of six heat-trapping gases, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, rose to 14.09 billion tons of CO2 equivalent in 2019, edging out the total of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development members by about 30 million tons, according to the New York-based climate research group.

The OECD comprises 37 countries, including the USA, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Mexico.

China emits twice as much as the USA, despite having a smaller economy. India emits more than the entire European Union.

Yet the climate deals that reflexively treasonous liberals endorse tighten a garrote on the economies of the USA and Europe while mostly allowing China and India to do as they please. It’s almost as if Biden, Kerry, et al. know they cannot control the weather anyway, but just want to cripple the economy, for reasons they are unlikely to share with us but that probably have to do with the Great Reset.

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May 06 2021

DeSantis Gives Police Bonuses

Backlash against Trump was largely responsible for putting Biden’s handlers in power. This backlash was predictable, considering the 4 years of total war waged against him by the media and Trump’s knack for rubbing people the wrong way. However, personality and excessive spending aside, he was not a bad president. Things were going great before Covid. In contrast, Biden has been a cataclysmically awful president, ham-fistedly forcing through unprecedented wasteful spending and policies that only a kook could fail to be appalled by. After what he is doing to the country sinks in, backlash against the backlash ought to be massive.

The adorant media can prop up Biden’s approval numbers to just over 50%, but not indefinitely. The response to his maliciously anti-American rule will be a tsunami of patriotism. Surfing high atop this wave will be Ron DeSantis.

While the Democrats stampede each other in their hurry to plunge off a cliff into sheer moonbattery, DeSantis moves resolutely in the opposite direction:

DeSantis announced on Wednesday that his administration is giving $1,000 bonuses to all of Florida’s 174,000 first responders, including law enforcement officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and firefighters.

The move by DeSantis, a rising star in the Republican Party, comes after far-left Democrats across the U.S. repeatedly called for defunding the police last year, and have this year gone as far as to call for abolishing policing and ending the incarceration system in the United States.

If anyone deserves a bonus, it is police. Due to the propaganda war the mainstream media/Democratic Party axis of evil has been waging against them, they have been forced to deal with no end of crap, not to mention increased threat of death. No wonder there is already a shortage of police.

People will get sick of cities degenerating into jungles because the liberal ruling class sides with criminals against the police. They will get sick of repressive Covid restrictions that serve no sane purpose. They will get sick of taxes shooting through the stratosphere and their savings depleted by inflation so that vast fortunes can be shamelessly wasted. They will get sick of their children being indoctrinated to hate themselves for their race and to hate their country. They will get sick of Democrats and be ready for DeSantis.

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May 06 2021

Vaccine Waiver Brings Atlas Shrugged to Life

In Atlas Shrugged, Hank Rearden goes to tremendous effort to create a revolutionary metal alloy. Rather than respect his property rights, Big Government employs extortion to acquire the formula. Ayn Rand’s epic novel is coming true:

The [Biden Regime] said Wednesday it would support the temporary waiver of intellectual property provisions to allow developing nations to produce Covid-19 vaccines created by pharmaceutical companies, citing an urgent need to stem the pandemic.

Pharmaceutical companies performed a miracle by creating the vaccines so quickly. They were able to thanks in part to Trump getting Big Government out of their way, reducing red tape through Operation Warp Speed. Personified by the unscrupulous and ham-fisted Joe Biden, Big Government is back.

The ChiCom virus has been running amok in India, to the delight of Chinese officials. Stealing the vaccine is no instant fix, if only because setting up complex production facilities in India and elsewhere will take time. It will also weaken supply chains and may result in counterfeit vaccines. It will prevent future pharmaceutical breakthroughs, as the expense and risk of developing new drugs will not be worthwhile if bureaucrats will merely seize the drug once it has been created.

This won’t come as a surprise:

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization, hailed the U.S. action as a “monumental moment” in the fight against Covid-19.

Tedros is a literal communist who has been accused of genocide. The WHO is essentially a tool of the Chinese Communist Party, which is why Trump cut its US funding and Biden immediately restored it.

Communist countries don’t develop new drugs the way the USA and other free countries do, because they do not have property rights.

Even Bill Gates, normally a globalist moonbat, knows this thuggery is not going to fix the problem:

“The thing that has holding things back in this case is not intellectual property. It’s not like there’s some idle vaccine factory, with regulatory approval, that makes magically safe vaccines,” Bill Gates, whose charitable foundation has made significant contributions to global vaccine efforts, said on Sky News last month.

This was predictable:

Shares of Pfizer, Moderna and several other vaccine developers fell sharply in response. The selloff continued Thursday morning. …

[I]ntellectual property is the backbone of the drug industry. Investors should take any challenge to it seriously.

The price of letting Biden’s handlers take power will go beyond skyrocketing taxes, debt, and inflation. This catastrophic mistake will cost us our future health, as pharmaceutical companies are reduced to aspirin mills that cannot make a profit on new drugs.

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May 06 2021

Applied Critical Race Theory in South Africa

As Americans know from watching critical race theory, Black Lives Matter, and the Democratic Party achieve ever more dominance, hatred of whites is a powerful political tool in the hands of leftists. It is also an exceeding dangerous one, having created the situation that continues to prevail in the Rainbow Utopia:

A helpless farmer shot through the spine by robbers and left paralysed 20 years ago in South Africa was tied up in his wheelchair and cruelly strangled to death in a second attack.

Neil McKay, 46, was found by his distraught mother when she visited the farm in Winterton to check on him.

Widow Bev went upstairs and found her disabled son tied up in his wheelchair in his bedroom.

The original attackers were never brought to justice. As for this time around, no arrests have been made.

Killing white farmers is technically illegal in South Africa. Similarly, it is technically illegal in the USA for Black Lives Matter mobs to loot Target every time a Criminal of Color loses a physical confrontation with police.

North America may increasingly resemble South Africa after Democrat welfare and immigration policy allow Biden et al. to achieve their white minority holy grail. The level of race hate they have used their control of the schools and the media to generate is already intense.

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May 06 2021

Open Thread

If we learn anything from the history of economic development, it is that culture makes all the difference. - David Landes
May 05 2021

Gavin Newsom’s Job Placement Specialist

Looks like the California recall election has Gavin Newsom running scared. He has already hired JP Sears to find him a new job:

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May 05 2021

Leftists Also Want to Pack House of Representatives

Currently, a favored leftist technique for subverting the institutions that have protected the USA from tyranny for centuries is to pack them.

As Biden made clear even before the election, and Pelosi recently confirmed, the threat of packing hangs over the Supreme Court. If it does not let Democrats run roughshod over the Constitution, it will be packed with rubber stamp apparatchiks. Legislation has already been proposed.

Biden also supports packing the Senate by adding Washington, DC as a state — Constitution be damned — because any population that would elect Marion Barry and Muriel Bowser as mayors would always elect two Democrats. Needy Puerto Rico will not be far behind.

Why stop there? The Nation wants to pack the House of Representatives:

Rigidly sticking with a membership of 435 diminishes representation, decreases diversity, and undermines democracy. …

A simple act of Congress could address the crude calculus that, with each new census, makes the House a less representative chamber. …

Along with advocacy for voting rights, elimination of the Electoral College, an end to gerrymandering, and D.C. statehood and full representation rights for US territories that are not states, democracy advocates should seek an expansion of the House that reflects this country’s continual growth and increasing diversity.

House-packers might apply the Wyoming Rule. That would take the total population, divide it by the population of the least populated state, and then apportion seats to states based on the resulting number.

Under the Wyoming Rule, the size of the House would grow by an estimated 138 seats as a result of the 2020 Census. Instead of losing a seat, New York would gain as many as nine seats. California, where the population grew by 6.1 percent over the past decade (a 2 million-person spike) but which is currently slated to lose a seat, would instead add as many as 17 seats.

The Biden Administration has revised the 2020 Census estimates to give more representation to Democrat-dominated states.

A time when Americans have been at each other’s throats, with unscrupulous radicals controlling the government by a thin majority, is not a time to tamper with a system that has worked better than any other since the 18th century.

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May 05 2021

Artists Confront Covid Restrictions

One of the key institutions that leftists had to co-opt to achieve dominance is the arts — not just the pretentious art establishment, but actual artists. Like youth, artists are natural rebels, but they have been duped for decades into believing that statist left-wing ideology is somehow rebellious.

As leftists consolidate power, artists will realize that rebellious and revolutionary don’t mean the same thing — especially when the revolution is engineered from above. With luck, they will figure this out while it is still possible for them to do some good. Soon art that does not support the liberal narrative will get stamped out faster than YouTube videos accused of contradicting the World Health Organization.

This production by Ooana Trien is encouraging:

Ooana Trien says she was inspired by theatrical director and producer Vsevolod Meyerhold, and notes that he “was tortured and murdered at the hands of Stalin.”

Regarding the Ionesco quote at the end,

“He was an absurdist artist, intellectual and essayist who was born in Romania and lived in France during the rise and tragedies of Stalin, Hitler and Mao. He also wrote, ‘I’ve always been suspicious of collective truths.’ I share that in common with him.”

Art is not just for moonbats.

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May 05 2021

Chauvin Juror Revealed as Black Lives Matter Enthusiast

It was clear all along that the Derek Chauvin trial was not a legal proceeding but a political spectacle. Two of the charges were preposterous, and there was never any chance that he would receive a fair trial in a venue where everyone knew that the city would be burned down by leftist thugs if they did not reach the desired verdict. Powerful Democrat Maxine Waters actually traveled to Minneapolis to inflame the mob and to clarify its demands. The President of the United States was irresponsible enough to weigh in. We already knew it was a travesty of justice. Now we learn that one of the jurors, Brandon Mitchell, was a Black Lives Matter activist before the trial began — that is, he was essentially part of the same lynch mob that terrorized the other jurors into reaching their quick decision:

During jury selection, Brandon Mitchell — a 31-year-old high school basketball coach who was known as Juror #52 before speaking publicly last week — told Judge Peter Cahill that he only heard “basic info” about the high-profile case, and was certainly not aware of any information that would hinder his ability to serve as an impartial juror.

However, Mitchell was pictured last August wearing a T-shirt that included references to George Floyd’s death and Black Lives Matter.

The picture shows Mitchell wearing a shirt with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s picture surrounded by the words “GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS” and “BLM.” He is also seen wearing a Black Lives Matter baseball cap.

An equivalent would be if an O.J. Simpson juror had been photographed wearing KKK robes and burning a cross on someone’s yard — the main difference being that O.J. was guilty.

Chauvin has filed a motion for a new trial which does not explicitly mention Mitchell evidently lying on the jury questionnaire.

It is doubtful that Chauvin directly caused Floyd’s death. The manslaughter charge may have had merit. The second- and third-degree murder charges did not. No matter; Chauvin would have been found guilty no matter what the charge. He was not being tried as an individual who committed an individual act, but as a symbol of what people like Mitchell fanatically hate.

What is on trial now is our system of justice. Can it withstand the onslaught of Black Lives Matter moonbattery? Does it still matter whether defendants are innocent or guilty, or only whether they are politically favored or disfavored? Until Chauvin gets the fair trial that all Americans deserve, we will have to assume the latter.

Behold the impartial juror on the right:

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May 05 2021

Leftists Set Sights on Ammo

Ammo has been scarce and expensive since leftists took the White House and Senate. If liberals have their way, the situation will get worse.

The Gainesville Sun enthuses:

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Sunrise, first proposed requiring background checks for ammunition sales in 2018, after 17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. Background checks are required to prevent people convicted of felonies and domestic abuse from making most gun purchases, but there are no checks on buying bullets.

The legislation is known as “Jaime’s law” in honor of Jaime Guttenberg, who was 14 years old when she was killed in Parkland. Wasserman Schultz announced last month that the bill was being reintroduced during a virtual press conference where she was joined by Jaime’s father, Fred Guttenberg.

Mass shootings are so monotonously exploited by gun-grabbing authoritarians that it hardly triggers the gag reflex anymore. It doesn’t seem worth the words to remark once again that this is a mental health issue, not a need to repeal constitutional rights issue. However, Bearing Arms does point out this:

What’s not mentioned is how Guttenberg’s daughter was killed by a guy who passed his background check because the sheriff’s office didn’t bother to arrest him on the plethora of domestic violence calls they responded to. He would have passed a background check for ammo as well.

Nor is there any acknowledgement that if you try to regulate ammo, criminals will just find a different source for it. Either they’ll get straw buyers–which will be even easier to pull off since ammo isn’t serialized and it’s consumable anyway–to obtain it for them.

Some are thinking this is a route around the Second Amendment, I’m sure. If so, they need to disabuse themselves of that notion. The right to keep and bear arms implies that you also have the means to use those arms effectively. That includes things like ammunition.

Another liberal objective is to place prohibitive taxes on bullets. This would have no effect whatsoever on crime. If you are willing to pay 30¢ per round to kill someone, you will be willing to pay $3 or $30 — not that that anyone will ever have to. Like guns, ammo will always be available on the black market. In 2017 alone, 8.1 billion rounds were produced for the US market. Much of it is hoarded out of fear of the government. There are trillions of rounds in private hands.

The sole point of taxing ammo is to punish harmless, law-abiding target shooters. America’s gun culture is a speed bump on the road to their totalitarian utopia; they mean to eradicate it.

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May 05 2021

Fauci Doll

If you thought nothing could be more appalling than Fauci pillows of the type seen prominently displayed behind Gretchen Whitmer, you were right. But this comes close:

Then again, it might be a valuable product. If it works like a voodoo doll, it will allow Americans to pay back liberals’ favorite technocrat for all the havoc he has caused with his admitted lies and random tyranny.

If they do work like voodoo dolls, you’ll want to collect the whole set:

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May 05 2021

Experts Start Softening Us Up for Incest

Using a blitzkrieg campaign of bullying and wall-to-wall propaganda, leftist social engineers managed to normalize homosexuality in only a few years after millennia of proscription. What’s next on the road to fundamental transformation? Maybe incest should be destigmatized. Cherry-picked Experts are already weighing in:

We usually assume that inbreeding is bad and should be avoided under all circumstances. But new research performed by researchers at Stockholm University, published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, shows that there is little support for this assumption. …

“People assume that animals should avoid mating with a relative when given the chance,” says Raïssa de Boer, researcher in zoology at Stockholm University. “But evolutionary theory has been telling us that animals should tolerate, or even prefer, mating with relatives under a broad range of conditions for more than four decades.”

Liberals used to present gay penguins as evidence that homosexuality is normal. If it’s good enough for animals, it would be speciesist to think it isn’t good enough for you and me.

“We compared studies that asked if humans avoid inbreeding when presented with pictures of faces that were digitally manipulated to make the faces look either more or less related to studies that used similar approaches in other animals. Just like other animals, it turns out that there is no evidence that humans prefer to avoid inbreeding,” says Raïssa de Boer.

How long before people start losing their jobs for being incestophobes?

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May 05 2021

Open Thread

Also, when you escape a Communist regime, you treasure liberty and you understand that as government and state expand, liberty must contract. - Dennis Prager
May 04 2021

Pure Hypocrisy, Pure Whitmer

Under Gauleiter Gretchen, Covid tyrant extraordinaire, Pure Michigan is Pure Hypocrisy:

Via Not the Bee.

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