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Dec 14 2017

L.A. Shelters May Impose Vegan Diet on Dogs

As the state plunges over the precipice into an abyss of sheer moonbattery, even stray dogs are advised to escape California:

Those dogs’ dinners could be swapped out for a plant-based food under a proposal before the Los Angeles City Board of Animal Services Commissioners. The change, which commissioners could decide Tuesday, would make the city’s shelter system the first in the nation to feed its canine residents a vegan diet, according to its chief veterinarian.

Ever seen a dog’s teeth? They aren’t herbivore teeth, like horses have. They aren’t the teeth of omnivores like humans, for whom a normal diet consists of both plants and animals. Dogs are carnivores. They were designed to eat primarily meat.

The purpose of imposing this unnatural and unhealthy diet on the 33,000 dogs that go through L.A.’s shelters each year is the usual — left-wing posturing:

Supporters, who include musician and animal rights activist Moby and the feminist lawyer Lisa Bloom, say that is one of the selling points: to make L.A. shelter dogs the vanguard of a meat-free movement.

If these militant kooks would take meat away from dogs, you can be sure they will also take it away from you, just as soon as they have the political leverage.

“If we adopt this, it’s one more thing that proves to the world that Los Angeles really is the progressive capital,” Moby, whose real name is Richard Hall, testified at the board’s meeting last month.

I was going to suggest that Moby go back to playing his music. But then I remembered what Moby’s music sounds like.

The idea was proposed by Commissioner Roger Wolfson, a Hollywood screenwriter who … said rethinking the dogs’ meals is about far more sweeping matters — the environmental effect of a meat industry that produces the main ingredients in lots of dog food and the ethics of feeding animals to animals.

Some liberal elitists actually believe their screwball ideology applies outside of their little bubble of moonbat idiocy. Next, they will require their sacred polar bears to eat tofu seals.

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Dec 14 2017

California Moonbattery Is Inflicted on Poultry Farms Nationwide

Being such a large market allows California to impose its moonbattery on the rest of the country. Public school textbooks are one example. Another example is eggs:

Legislation agreed in California 9 years ago, designed to promote bird welfare, is being challenged by 13 US states.

The states have filed a motion to ask the Supreme Court to block a law requiring any eggs sold in the state to come from hens that have space to stretch in their cages.

The lawsuit alleges that California’s requirements violate the US Constitution’s interstate commercial clause and are pre-empted by federal law.

The law is the result of a 2008 ballot proposal. Consumers all over the country have been picking up the tab for it.

California’s egg law has cost consumers nationwide up to US$350m annually as a result of higher egg prices since it came into force in 2015.

Maybe hens stretching in their cages sounds like a good idea. But this is only the thin edge of the wedge. Progressivism works by increments. Here’s what California may impose on egg-eaters next if the challenge fails:

The legal action comes at a time when animal rights activists are pushing the state’s egg farmers to require the birds to be kept cage-free. They have launched a petition drive to try to get 365,880 signatures needed to have the measure placed on the statewide ballot in November 2018.

Eventually California will dictate that eggs come only from hens who have their feathers stroked by avian therapists for 90 minutes per day, and who have been provided with color televisions and the complete collection of Foghorn Leghorn cartoons on DVD so they don’t get bored.

As any vegan can tell you, eating eggs is oppressive. It is best for the animals if the requirements placed on poultry farms are as onerous as possible, and we must always do whatever is best for the animals.

The first comment on the source article may or may not shed some light on the mentality driving this agenda. Margaret Kaminska remarks,

US is a scary, barbaric corpocratic lizard-governed hellhole third world country.

I can’t exactly make sense of the comment, but I’m guessing Ms. Kaminska is on the side of the chickens.

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Dec 14 2017

Muslims at Catholic School Grouse About Christmas Decorations

It turns out Muslims in the USA really are oppressed after all. How would you like to come over from the Middle East and attend an explicitly Catholic school like Loyola University Chicago, only to discover that Christmas is treated as if it were somehow a bigger deal than Islamic holidays, despite 5% of the students being Muslim?

Sajedah Al-khzaleh grouses in the student paper that “there is a lack of public festivity compared to Christmas.” Sajid Ahmed, prayer coordinator for the terrorism-associated Muslim Students Association, says he “wishes Muslim holidays were just as prominent.”

No worries; P.C. educrats are sure to put it right:

Loyola’s associate director of the student complex, Bryan Goodwin, said that the school already tries to be more inclusive of other religions by decorating with secular icons like Santa Claus and ice rinks and by avoiding the phrase “Merry Christmas.” Goodwin said if any religious group requests a celebration, they could be accommodated.

God forbid anyone would be so offensively Christocentric as to say “Merry Christmas” on the campus of a Catholic university. Forgive me; I mean, Allah forbid. Didn’t mean to be offensive!

As the educrats sanctimoniously cower and cringe, students can expect to see Christmas progressively toned down and phased out. In contrast, during Muslim holidays that no infidel ever heard of, the school will explode with decorations — which at least is better than exploding with terrorists’ bombs. We mustn’t forget that if we don’t obsequiously accede to every ludicrously arrogant demand made by Muslims, it will be our fault when they continue to indiscriminately murder the innocent.

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Dec 13 2017

Open Thread

We live now in an era where normal values have been displaced. The good is called bad, the bad - good. - Anna Politkovskaya

Dec 13 2017

Spanish Moonbats Leave Man Brain Dead Over Patriotic Suspenders

The USA is not the only place where patriotism is not tolerated by the militantly tolerant left:

A Spanish man was declared brain dead after he was attacked by left-wing extremists in Zaragoza, Spain for wearing Spanish flag suspenders, Heraldo de Aragón reports.

Victor L., 55, was leaving a bar after getting into a verbal altercation with two young men. He was then attacked from behind by the two men with an iron bar.

The argument started over the victim’s patriotic suspenders. The attackers have been linked to a “radical leftist” group.

When attacking an older man from behind, Spanish Antifa types can be much bolder than they are when the cops get fed up with their crap:

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Dec 13 2017

Colin Kaepernick Show Invited to Riker’s Island

A few people may be unaware that when Black Lives Matter types snarl that blacks are oppressed by racism, what they generally mean is that Criminals of Color are oppressed by the consequences of not following the law. Colin Kaepernick — the washed-up football player instrumental in wedding the NFL to this ideology — provided helpful enlightenment by actually taking his act to Rikers Island, a prison in New York City:

The former San Francisco 49ers star spoke to groups of inmates during two sessions Tuesday morning at the jail’s George Motchan Detention Center, where he pontificated on social justice issues and talked about his decision to kneel during the national anthem, which sparked nationwide outrage.

“That’s crazy to me to have a person like Colin Kaepernick in prison talking about police brutality,” said an officer who attended the event. “It was insulting for me to be there.”

Kaepernick used to wear socks that featured cartoon pigs in police hats on the field. He is as opposed to law & order as he is to America. Only in a city run by moonbats like Bill de Blasio would a rabble-rouser of this variety be invited into a prison to incite the inmates. According to their juvenile mentality, the police are the bad guys who make you eat meat and vegetables instead of ice cream for dinner.

The move drew the ire of corrections union officials, who said the cop-hating athlete’s visit will only serve to endanger their members by emboldening criminals who see themselves as victims of a corrupt criminal justice system.

A likely result is more violence against corrections officers, and more violence against the police when the vast majority of these criminals end up back out on the street.

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Dec 13 2017

D.C. Buses Ban Religious Christmas Ads

The progressive campaign to eradicate Christmas continues. In the capital city of the Land of the Free, religious Christmas ads are banned from public buses:

A federal court has ruled against the Archdiocese of Washington, DC (ADW) in its quest to display Christmas ads on the city’s Transit Authority buses.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) refused to sell advertising space to the ADW for its Advent awareness campaign, which invites people to find Christ through the Catholic Church during the Advent and Christmas seasons.

The ad was banned on the grounds that it “depicts a religious scene.”

The “religious scene” at the heart of the controversy depicts three wise men and two sheep standing on a sand dune, shown in silhouette.

However, ads promoting yoga to “take you on an inner journey of self-discovery” are allowed. Yoga journeys of self-discovery do not threaten the liberal agenda the way finding Christ might do.

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Dec 13 2017

Kim Jong-Un and Liberals Both Claim They Can Control the Weather

Kim Jong-Un really is a nutcase; he thinks he can control the weather:

North Korean state media’s latest claim says that its leader, Kim Jong Un, can control the weather. …

Standing atop an Mount Paektu — an active volcano on the North Korea/China border — the KCNA referred to Kim Jong Un, their “peerlessly illustrious commander,” who “controls the nature.”

According to USA Today, North Korea’s official state newspaper Rodong Sinmun reported that when the North Korean leader “ascended” to the top of the mountain, a blizzard stopped and “fine weather unprecedented” commenced.

Controlling the weather fits with other supposed accomplishments of North Korea’s communist rulers, including causing double rainbows to appear, inventing the hamburger, hitting 11 holes in one, and not needing to use the restroom.

Meanwhile, in the West,

“Sin taxes” on meat to reduce its huge impact on climate change and human health look inevitable, according to analysts for investors managing more than $4tn of assets.

The global livestock industry causes 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and meat consumption is rising around the world, but dangerous climate change cannot be avoided unless this is radically curbed.

Maybe if we let liberals set the meat tax at 20%, they will make a double rainbow appear.

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Dec 13 2017

Destructive Skirball Fire Spread From Homeless Encampment

Turns out the Skirball fire that destroyed over 400 acres and damaged dozens of homes in Bel-Air last week was not caused by whiteness as we were told. Quite the reverse: it was caused by people living like Third Worlders in a homeless camp.

The encampment was nestled in a canyon several hundred feet from Sepulveda Boulevard and the 405 Freeway, hidden from passing cars. For several years, it had been home to an unknown number of people, officials said.

Apparently, a cooking fire got out of control.

The camp — one of scores of makeshift communities that have grown along freeways, rivers and open space across Los Angeles — was largely destroyed in the fire, leaving authorities with little evidence.

Proclaims Maryam Zar of the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness,

“The city as a rule does not sign on to the idea that homelessness is a criminal problem. Our whole strategy is a bundle of different solutions, and for us, it’s working.”

But it is not working for people who prefer not to be burned out of their pricey homes — or for people trying to avoid diseases like hepatitis A that are spread by the homeless defecating all over the place. The homeless population in L.A. has been exploding for years now.

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Dec 13 2017

Instead of Condolences, Relatives of Christmas Market Terror Victims Get Invoices From Merkel Administration

The government imports vast numbers of Islamists. The welfare state allows them to devote themselves full time to Islam while the taxpayer handles their living expenses. After the inevitable innocent blood is shed, we get this:

Those whose sons, daughters and loved ones were killed by a terrorist plunging a hijacked truck through a Christmas market in 2016 thought at the very least they’d get a letter of condolence from their leader.

Instead, almost a year after the Berlin Christmas market terror attack, relatives of the 12 Germans killed in the attack have received bills for identifying the dead bodies and threats to call the debt collectors in.

Due to her policy of encouraging Muslims to inundate the country, Chancellor Angela Merkel is arguably the person most responsible for the massacre after asylum-seeking terrorist maniac Anis Amri himself, yet she offered no letter of condolence, much less a personal meeting. The government’s attention seems to be focused on wringing a few pfennigs out of the relatives to help pay for all the refugees.

Hans-Georg and Sigrid Rheinsberg are among the enraged:

The only official communication they’ve had is an invoice from the forensic medicine department demanding €51 ($80) for identifying the body of their daughter.

It’s almost as if Merkel et al. are testing to see how much Germans will take before they push back — which they had better do soon, while they still have a nation to push back from.

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Dec 13 2017

NFL Goes All In as Platform for Leftism With Social Justice Warrior Workshop

The NFL is no longer primarily about football. It is committed to advancing cultural Marxism first and foremost. The league has agreed to dump $89 million into leftist advocacy. It just extended the contract of Roger Goodell for up to $40 million per year, even though he has crippled the fan base with his support for Black Lives Matter protests during the national anthem. Then there is this:

As its players continue to protest the National Anthem, the National Football League (NFL) announced it will host an “Advocacy in Sport Workshop” at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, to educate athletes on how to “develop and implement effective advocacy platforms that positively impact society.”

In conjunction with the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE) and Morehouse, the February 21-23, 2018 workshop will teach student athletes how to turn sports into “a powerful platform for advocacy,” NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent said…

In case it wasn’t already obvious that the main emphasis will be on blackness as a political cause, Vincent barks:

“Sport has been an international venue for social change since before Jesse Owens swept the 1936 Olympics and opened the world’s eyes to the image of justice and equality.”

These days when leftists say “justice and equality,” they mean moonbattery: Affirmative Action, welfare, anti-Caucasian and anti-American rhetoric, funneling money into ultra-left activism, selectively refraining from enforcing the law, letting black felons out of prison, et cetera.

RISE wants to subvert sports to “improve race relations and drive social progress.” This means exactly the same thing.

As for Morehouse College, it is what they call a “historically African American” institution, meaning the pale of complexion are not advised to let the sun set on them on campus. Morehouse professor David Dennis Jr. has shouted that Tom Brady supporting the President is more of a threat to the country than theatrical displays of disrespect during the Star-Spangled Banner. Marc Lamont Hill, another Morehouse professor, denounced blacks who met with Trump as “mediocre negroes.” Sure, these militants will improve race relations.

Would you support MSNBC, Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party, or the ACLU? Then don’t support the NFL; is serves the same purpose.

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Dec 12 2017

Open Thread

We mute the realization of malevolence- which is too threatening to bear - by turning offenders into victims themselves and by describing their behavior as the result of forces beyond their control. - Anna C Salter

Dec 12 2017

The Lunatics of MSNBC

Republicans in general should be incarcerated; tax cuts are “akin to rape”; arson and looting are “not necessarily violent.” These are among the amazing things you can learn by watching MSNBC:

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Dec 12 2017

Black Person Denounces Whites Over Rescuing of Rabbit

If you are “woke,” anything can serve as an excuse to rant about how much you hate white people — even this video of a guy rescuing a rabbit from the Southern California wildfires:

Damon Young, Editor-in-Chief of VSB, snarls that this is “maybe the whitest thing I’ve ever seen”:

And these eyes have seen the pinnacles of whiteness, including a pretzel-and-pepperoni casserole at a holiday potluck when I was a teacher and the peak Appalachian tailgates outside of Heinz Field whenever Kenny Chesney is in town. But not only is it the whitest thing I’ve ever seen this week—it manages to synopsize everything problematic about white people on both a macro and micro level in 30 seconds.

First of all, the California wildfires were caused by whiteness, which he knows because “colonialism and aggressive industrialism have had an adverse effect on our environment.”

But the real reason whites are so awful is that we don’t love blacks as much as we love bunny rabbits.

I can’t help juxtaposing the feelings expressed about this bunny with the feelings generally expressed when black people are in grave danger. …

I do know that whether it’s rabbits, cats, dogs, horses, cows, sloths, chickens, spiders, birds, elephants, penguins, polar bears, monkeys, whales, eels, elephants or velociraptors, the lives and well-being of animals seem to be considered—by many white Americans—much more precious and much more deserving of protection and care than the lives of black people.

His only evidence in support of this assertion is his own obnoxiousness. How could white people possibly like cretins who aggressively despise us as much as cuddly bunny rabbits?

Notice that he implicitly assumes that blacks require the “protection and care” of whites. Like most people who embrace blackness as a political cause, he seems to regard blacks as hapless and inferior — a race of idiot children who cannot be expected to take responsibility for their own welfare.

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Dec 12 2017

Terrorist Akayed Ullah: Another Diversity Visa Lottery Winner

Congratulations to Akayed Ullah of Bangladesh for winning Chuck Schumer’s diversity visa lottery:

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed that the 27-year-old Akayed Ullah entered the U.S. in 2011 on an F43 “fourth preference” family immigration visa.

That means Ullah was in the fourth (and most distant) family-relationship eligibility category – the minor child of a sibling of a U.S. citizen over 21 years of age.

DHS spokesman Tyler Houlton confirmed further that the person whose family tie had enabled Ullah to settle in the country had become a U.S. citizen after entering the U.S. through the visa lottery program.

Ullah only managed to injure a few people with his rush hour terror attack on NYC transit yesterday, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Not all diversity visa lottery winners can serve Allah as effectively as Sayfullo Saipov of Uzbekistan, who managed to murder eight people in New York on Halloween.

New Yorkers keep voting for liberals, who are responsible for the suicidal lunacy of our immigration policy, so I guess they don’t mind.

Some want to go back to a merit-based immigration system. They don’t seem to understand that merit is racist. Immigrants more likely to contribute to society are more likely to be white, which defeats the purpose when it comes to displacing the American population with needier and less assimilable foreigners who can be exploited for cultural Marxist purposes and to grow the welfare state.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Dec 12 2017

Possible 100%+ Marginal Tax Rate Under Senate Bill

At some point, taxation becomes slavery. We may disagree about where that point is, but everyone should at least be able to agree that when 100% of the wealth you generate is confiscated by the government, you are a slave:

Some high-income business owners could face marginal tax rates exceeding 100% under the Senate’s tax bill

The possible marginal tax rate of more than 100% results from the combination of tax policies designed to provide benefits to businesses and families but then deny them to the richest people. As income climbs and those breaks phase out, each dollar of income faces regular tax rates and a hidden marginal rate on top of that, in the form of vanishing tax breaks. That structure, if maintained in a final law, would create some of the disincentives to working and to earning business profit that Republicans have long complained about, while opening lucrative avenues for tax avoidance.

A simple flat tax sounds better all the time. But that would reduce the government’s power. It might even be the end of leftism.

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Dec 12 2017

African Refugee Convicted of Sex Attacks Is Awarded £110,000

At what point will British subjects reach the conclusion that enough is enough?

An African refugee jailed twice for sex attacks has won a £110,000 payout for being caged too long after his own country refused to take him back.

Aliou Bah, 28, was imprisoned twice for serious assaults – including one on a 16-year-old girl – and put on the sex offenders’ register.

But he spent an extra 21 months in prison because immigration officials in Guinea in West Africa refused to process his travel papers.

Britain has not successfully deported anyone to Guinea for over a decade. For some reason Africa does not want its welfare colonists back.

Now Aliou Bah can go on a wild spending spree, due to compensation for the extra time he spent in jail. I hope he remembers to thank British taxpayers.

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Dec 12 2017

Infantilization of College Students Reaches Care Bears Level

College used to be an unnatural extension of adolescence. It has become an extension of nursery school. A dorm for honors students at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst actually features Care Bears:

“Feeling grumpy or stressed? Let the Care Bears help!” the display states above a large, hand-drawn rainbow adorned with bit[s] of advice for students.

“It’s important to take care of ourselves! Self-care is an active choice and you should treat it as such,” one section proclaims, while other[s] suggest that students “surround yourselves with supportive people” and “reminders of what you love.”

Students are also encouraged to eat healthily and sleep at night.

Next the front desk at the dorm will pass out pacifiers.

Children tend to be gullible, trusting, and easy to indoctrinate. Maybe that’s why colleges encourage students to revert back into early childhood.

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