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Apr 24 2014

Lupita Nyong’o: Replacing Beauty With Political Correctness

In a totalitarian society, nothing is genuine; everything is a lie calculated to shape our opinions. For example:

Lupita Nyong’o is People magazine’s “Most Beautiful Woman In The World.”

Behold the Most Beautiful Woman in the World:

Lupita Nyong'o

A name and skin of sufficient political correctness can get you into the White House; they are more than enough qualification for the cover of People.

A wig would help. But the liberal concept of equality will never be achieved so long as we can tell the difference between boys and girls.

On a tip from Shawn R. Hat tip: Barstool Sports.

Apr 24 2014

Pot-Dulled Moonbats Leave 5 Tons of Garbage in Golden Gate Park

April 20 is a big day for moonbats with a fondness for marijuana. April 21 is an even bigger day for workers tasked with cleaning up after them.

The mellow, “peace now,” countercultural, environmentally conscious “420” celebration deposited 10,000 pounds of garbage on what is known as Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park, leaving volunteers and park workers to clean up the mess.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s website SF Gate, this year’s celebration drew a massive amount of revelers estimated at between 10,000 and 15,000. The pot smokers’ untidiness will cost the city more than $10,000 in cleanup costs.

That’s okay; The Man can pick up the tab. What do you think socialism is for?

No worries; someone else always takes care of it.

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Apr 24 2014

Tasteless Book Promoting Homosexuality Will Stay on Public School Library Shelf

Time for an update on the valiant attempt by horrified parent Jessica Wilson to get the book Two Boys Kissing, which aggressively promotes teenage homosexual activity, removed from the library at Fauquier High School in Virginia.

The cover of the book is not suitable to show on a family-friendly website. From the Amazon synopsis:

It focuses on Harry and Craig, friends and ex-boyfriends who have set out to beat the Guinness World Record for kissing. Harry’s parents accept that he is gay and are there as witnesses, while Craig’s parents find out that he’s gay after his mother is told about their record-breaking attempt. Other characters include Tariq, the victim of a hate crime; boyfriends Neil and Peter; and female-to-male (FTM) transgender teen Avery and his [sic] love interest, Ryan. Finally, there is isolated, angry, and disaffected Cooper. He spends his nights trolling sex sites online and runs away from home when confronted by his furious parents.

Not exactly a Hardy Boys mystery.

Anyone who has been following the progress of the one-sided Culture War won’t be surprised how things are turning out:

A review committee voted unanimously [yesterday] afternoon to keep the contested book in the school’s library after a meeting with the parent who requested the book’s removal and an emotional public hearing.

A large crowd upwards of fifty people gathered in the Falcon Room at FHS. About 24 people gave their opinions on the matter and about six letters were read from those who couldn’t attend the meeting, including one from the author of the book, David Levithan.

Despite the totalitarian political climate, a few put up resistance:

John Green, a member of the Fauquier County Transportation Committee, said that he doesn’t think that the material in the book is suitable for children under 18.

“Most High School students are under the age of 18,” said Green. “According to the Virginia Code, they are juveniles. The Virginia Code also defines obscene as material that as a whole appeals to an apparent interest in sex and excites lust. This book, I believe, meets that definition and is being made available to juveniles, which I believe to be inappropriate.” …

JoEllen Murphy, a community member and parent, said that if the book were a movie, it wouldn’t be made available to minors.

“The ‘F-word’ is used 10 times,” said Murphy. “If this were a movie, it would be ‘R-rated.’ According to movie guidelines, ‘R-rated’ movies require a parent or guardian to be present during the viewing of the film. So if this were a DVD, and that library were a video store, the children would not be able to check it out.”

Under current conditions, no one would object to the book on the grounds that it promotes perverse and unholy sex acts associated with psychological dysfunction and known to spread lethal diseases. A moonbat teacher at the meeting accused opponents of the book of not approving of evangelizing for homosexuality, knowing that at this point, to question the sanctity of depravity is to lose the argument.

Liberal social engineers will be encouraged by evidence that the public school propaganda campaign encouraging homosexuality is bearing fruit, so to speak:


FHS = Fauquier High School. Watch how you pronounce Fauquier.

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Apr 24 2014

IDs Required to See Test of Voting Machines, Won’t Be to Vote With Them

Good thing for Obama, Holder, et al. that liberal rhetoric is no longer required to pass the laugh test. Reliant on voter fraud to maintain their grip on power, top Democrats keep yelling at us that asking voters to show ID is racist. Meanwhile we read this:

California is one of many states that do not require photo identification for voters at polling places. The state government believes, as do many Democrats and the Obama administration, that requiring photo ID for voting is a subtle form of racist voter suppression, akin to the old Jim Crow laws of the pre-civil-rights-era South.

However, one California county is requiring photo ID from all who wish to see a test of new voting technology on May 2.

Don’t worry, Dems; that’s just for testing the machines. When it comes to actually voting, you will be able to do so as many times as you please under a variety of names. As they say in Obama’s political homeland Chicago, vote early and often!


On a tip from Henry.

Apr 24 2014

Introducing Three-Way Lesbian Marriage

So long as they do not encounter sufficient resistance to stop them, progressives will always push the envelope further. Currently there is virtually no resistance, the Culture War having degenerated into a rout as conservatives shell-shocked by words like “intolerant” and “homophobe” drop their weapons and take to their heels. This means that the blitzkrieg campaign to normalize homosexuality is only the beginning. Among the new grotesqueries already appearing on the horizon — three-way lesbian marriage:

The world’s only ‘married’ lesbian threesome are expecting their first child.

Doll, Kitten and Brynn, from Massachusetts, were joined together in a marriage-style ceremony last August and are expecting a daughter in July.

Expecting a daughter? What about biological reality, which tends not to conform to the latest liberal social engineering fads? No problem; modern science allows an end run around it:

Kitten, 27, is pregnant after undergoing IVF treatment using an anonymous sperm donor, and the trio eventually plan to have three children – one for each of them. …

Brynn, 34, says: ‘The hope is to have three kids altogether. We always joke that the children should never outnumber the parents.’

Not to worry, Brynn. Given current trends, they won’t. The only thing that keeps the population from shrinking to levels that will cause Ponzi schemes like Social Security to collapse in the near future is a massive influx of the Third Worlders our government is importing to replace us.

Doll, Kitten and Brynn Young married in a ceremony in August 2013, when each of their fathers walked them down the aisle. All three women wore white wedding gowns and exchanged rings.

No word on whether the government forced Christians to take part in the blasphemous parody.

Three-way marriage isn’t technically legal yet, so a lawyer pasted everything together into a crude semblance of a marriage until the laws catch up, as they surely will.

The so-called ‘throuple’ worked with a specialist family lawyer who drew up the paperwork and drafted the ceremony so that all three of them were obligated and bound to each other.

The “family” lawyer should make another tidy profit when it comes time for the three-way divorce.

Senior Software Designer and Engineer, Brynn had been married twice before to women and both experiences had made her acknowledge that monogamous relationships weren’t for her.

When this new arrangement fails to fill the gnawing void where a normal life should be, maybe she will get married to an entire NOW chapter.

Doll doesn’t like to be tied down either:

‘I never thought that much about it and I had never really ‘come out’ as poly to my friends and family. To me, it was just how I was.’

Are you one of those old-fashioned types who think a marriage should be between two people? Get ready to be denounced as a polyphobe.

Massachusetts — the state that gave us Barney Frank and the pedophile Gerry Studds — led the way in homosexual marriage as the first state to inflict it with a judicial ruling in 2004. Residents must be very proud that their state continues to stand at the vanguard of our culture’s decline.

Doll, Kitten, and Brynn are just a freak show exhibit. The moonbats whose chests swell with sanctimonious self-satisfaction when they reflect on how “inclusive” they are for approving of the attack on the sanctity of marriage are just cattle. The drovers driving them along are the opinion-imposers on the courts and in the media. These cultural Marxists actually know what they are doing: methodically deconstructing our civilization in order to destroy it.

Once everything has been wiped away right down to the most basic foundations, a new society can be constructed on a coercive basis in accordance with leftist ideology. If you are lucky, you won’t live to see it.

Another roadside freak show along the highway to hell.

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Apr 24 2014

Antiracist Mathematics

Chicago public school teachers unsure how to apply Afrocentrism to mathematics as required by the planned curriculum can always fall back on Wikipedia for more information. From the entry entitled “Anti-racism in mathematics teaching”:

The issue of anti-racism in mathematics teaching has been the topic of some research, and there are supporters of education reform who promote an anti-bias curriculum to counter a perceived bias in mathematical education. These works claim that there is a sociocultural context to mathematical education and suggest that the study of mathematics in Western societies has traditionally exhibited racial or cultural bias.

The problem created by this bias from teachers in education in the western societies affects students of the non dominant race. These students may not be getting the quality education that they deserve when teachers have a preconceived notion about what these students already know or do not know.

While Western mathematicians often claim Western mathematics is universal, anti-racist mathematics and ethnomathematics scholars share the assumption that any given mathematical understanding or practice is a product of a particular culture.

If someone in a dashiki tells you that 2 + 2 = 7, you had better believe it — otherwise you risk being denounced as a racist.

Since the leftwing apparatchiks who run the schools, government, media, et cetera produce nothing of value but merely bark orders at those who do, they can afford to completely unmoor themselves from objective reality and drift off into a Twilight Zone of absolute moonbattery — for now. But imagine someone trying to construct a bridge in a society where math is taught according to the principle of liberal relativism.

In another generation, if Common Core is successful, we may have high school graduates who can’t count their own fingers. But the important thing is that nonwhite students will have lots of self-esteem.

Dunce Hat
Suggested that 2 + 2 = 4 for everybody.

On a tip from Shawn R.

Apr 23 2014

Open Thread


Compliments of Red State.

Apr 23 2014

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Ridicules Obama’s Mom Jeans

Megadeth isn’t just a first-class metal band. It is a first-class metal band fronted by a countermoonbat. Last Saturday Dave Mustaine ridiculed Obama’s mom jeans in front of a cheering crowd in Tucson (language alert):

Metallica should have held onto this guy.

Hat tip: Soopermexican.

Apr 23 2014

Easter Weekend in the Mile-High City

No wonder the same nanny state liberals who have driven the cost of cigarettes into the stratosphere and won’t let people smoke them in public have been pushing with increasing success to legalize marijuana. The more you smoke dope, the less likely you are to develop the mental capacity to stop voting for Democrats. In case you missed the Watters’ World report on Denver 4/20 celebrations:

Too bad the video doesn’t continue. It would be interesting to see how anyone could possibly be too mean to Stephen Colbert.

On a tip from Scott Drummond.

Apr 23 2014

Can METUGRICUNA Save America?

A flash of hope, via


On a tip from TED. Based on a piece at Breitbart.

Apr 23 2014

Please No: Jeb Bush “Thinking About Running for President”

Any surprises here?


Nope, everything is going according to plan.


Jeb Bush is the most unelectable candidate the GOP establishment could produce, given that no conservative could vote for this milquetoast amnesty advocate without risking a prolonged bout of convulsive vomiting. That’s why he stands a good chance of getting the nomination.

Running Jeb could be seen as an “act of love” by the RINOs comprising the party establishment — that is, love for the status quo, with Democrats making all the decisions while liberal Republican oligarchs ride along in the backseat in comfort.

Graphics compliments of Mr. Mentalo.

Apr 23 2014

GM Gets Contract for ObamaCare Ambulance

There is great news for Government Motors, which rather than complying with the demands of the free market was bailed out at taxpayer expense by the Obama Regime. Despite the troubled automaker’s ongoing difficulties, it has received a new contract under ObamaCare to produce government ambulances.

This should generate enough revenue to make another massive bailout unnecessary for a year or more. The ambulances will of course be environmentally friendly, in keeping with the Regime’s agenda:

obamacare ambulance

Compliments of Red State.

Apr 23 2014

Commission Finds Benghazi Could Have Been Avoided if US Had Not Switched Sides in War on Terror

This story is a bombshell. Yet to hear about it, you might have to turn to the British press:

The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, a self-selected group of former top military officers, CIA insiders and think-tankers, declared Tuesday in Washington that a seven-month review of the deadly 2012 terrorist attack has determined that it could have been prevented – if the U.S. hadn’t been helping to arm al-Qaeda militias throughout Libya a year earlier.

“The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,” Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told MailOnline. …

“The White House and senior Congressional members,” the group wrote in an interim report released Tuesday, “deliberately and knowingly pursued a policy that provided material support to terrorist organizations in order to topple a ruler [Muammar Gaddafi] who had been working closely with the West actively to suppress al-Qaeda.”

“Some look at it as treason,” said Wayne Simmons, a former CIA officer who participated in the commission’s research.

Retired Rear Admiral Chuck Kubic, another commission member, told reporters Tuesday that those weapons are now “all in Syria.”

There they are being used by Obama’s insurgent allies to murder Christians.

The commission faults the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in Chief for refusing to make peace with Gaddafi, a reformed villain who was willing to step down peacefully. Obama apparently preferred that radical Islamists take control of the country, as they had done with his support in Egypt.

As for claims that there was nothing the White House could do except watch the attack go on for 7 hours on real-time video transmitted by a drone,

[Admiral (Ret.) James “Ace” Lyons] said U.S. claims that it lacked the resources to mount a counterattack in time to save lives is false.

“I’m going to tell you that’s not true,” he said. “We had a 130-man unit of forces at Sigonella [AFB in Italy]. They were ready to go.”

“The flight time from Sigonella to Benghazi is roughly an hour.”

No wonder Obama et al. panicked to such an extreme that they tried to sell the public on the absurd lie that an obscure anti-Islam video out of California caused the entire bloodbath. If the Obama Regime were not effectively an extension of the leftwing media establishment that put it in power, the screams for impeachment if not trial for treason would be rattling windowpanes.

“We don’t claim to have all the answers here,” said Roger Aronoff, whose center-right group Accuracy in Media sponsored the group and its work.

“We hope you will, please, pursue this,” he told reporters. “Check it out. Challenge us.”

They would — if they could shoot the commission down. Since they can’t, they will just ignore it. In politics, if a tree falls in the forest and the “mainstream” media authorities don’t report it, it doesn’t make a sound. There never was any tree, as far as the herd is concerned.

Patriots could do an end run around the establishment media. But can they get around Obama’s RINO enablers?

The group has called for a Select Congressional Committee to investigate the Benghazi episode. A total of 189 House members have signed on to a bill that would create the committee, which would be bipartisan and have sweeping powers to subpoena the executive branch.

But according to Lopez,

“[House Speaker John Boehner] blocked it. One has to wonder if he and Congress have had some sort of briefing on what happened.”

Boehner must be replaced as soon as possible with someone willing to get the truth out to the public. Our government allegedly represents us. We have every right to know what it has been up to, especially when it gets Americans killed.

Benghazi Obama

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Apr 23 2014

EPA Head Gina McCarthy Won’t Talk About Keystone XL, Instead Pushes Global Warming Hoax

Gina McCarthy is head of the increasingly powerful Environmental Protection Agency because she understands the Regime’s priorities. Smaller minds might think that an oil pipeline from Canada that could help meet our energy needs, make us less dependent on our enemies, and create tens of thousands of jobs would take precedence over attempting to prop up a hoax that — given what the warmist climate models have promised — is debunked by any given day’s weather report (thus the name change from “global warming” to “climate change”). But Ms. McCarthy sees the larger goal, which is not the well-being of the American people but the ever-accelerating size and scope of the federal government. Consequently,

Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy on Tuesday sought to downplay the importance of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, and said the Obama administration will continue to focus on the bigger problem of climate change.

This as the Obama Regime has yet again hamstrung the project that is key to our economic future, for reasons that can be surmised but that are not being shared with the public due to “transparency.”

McCarthy has been responding to urgent questions about Keystone XL by changing the topic with rhetoric like this:

“We have an entire administration strategy that the president laid out that is looking at issues of energy and climate and environment. We want to keep our eyes on the big prize right now, and that big prize is climate change.”

Previously the big prize had been control of the healthcare system. But that objective was virtually guaranteed when John Roberts twisted logic into knots and ruled ObamaCare constitutional. Now it is only a matter of waiting for the private medical insurance industry to collapse as planned. In the meantime, it is on to next objective: a command-and-control, Soviet-style centralized economy. In order to avoid having to go through a civil war like the Bolsheviks did, the global warming ruse is being used to dupe the gullible herd into voluntary compliance.

So transparent is McCarthy that she refused to say even whether she is for or against the pipeline. Given that she takes her orders from someone who has repeatedly proven himself to be hostile to the energy industry, we can assume that she is against it.

McCarthy Twins
No wonder the EPA has forbidden most wood-burning stoves.

Graphic and tip compliments of Stormfax.

Apr 23 2014

#myNYPD: Total Fail

What Michael Bloomberg once boasted of as his own army, the seventh largest in the world, is now under the control of a communist. Its public image has declined precipitously since the nation stood in awe of the heroism it displayed on 9/11. So it took to Twitter to improve perceptions:

The response was pictures like these:


Many of the pictures show Occupy Wall Street lowlifes getting what they insistently asked for. But Marxist hippies are hardly the only ones to fall afoul of the NYPD:

One Twitter user put up the Post’s front page showing Kang Wong, the 84-year-old man bloodied by cops during a January jaywalking arrest.

Here Wong hobnobs with Officer Friendly:


A lesson learned? Apparently not, according to NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis, who grimly barked,

“We will not be deterred from our social media objective.”

Now that protecting the city from more Muslim terror attacks is no longer a priority, the police must have a lot of time on their hands.

On tips from Sean C. Hat tip: Reason.

Apr 23 2014

Place Your Eurovision Bets on Conchita Wurst

The progressive objective of total cultural disintegration is at hand, as may be witnessed at Eurovision:

Europe’s biggest song contest returns on Saturday 10 May as a diverse range of contenders (all unique, trust us) take to the stage in Copenhagen to do vocal battle for their country.

The competition is taking place in Denmark because that’s who won last year. Among this year’s contestants…

…there’s Conchita Wurst for Austria whose motto is “be the best version of yourself rather than a bad copy of someone else”. He/she sounds great.

Unfortunately he/she doesn’t look so great:

Conchita Wurst

Place your bets on Conchita Worst. The judges will vote for him/her/it to make a statement.

Austria won’t be giving us any more Mozarts until after moonbattery has passed away like a severe case of diarrhea — assuming Western Civilization survives it.

On a tip from Dean D.


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