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Jun 28 2017

Fecal Bacteria Found in Starbucks Iced Drinks

Given moonbats’ affinity both for Starbucks and for all things anal or fecal (e.g., e.g., e.g., e.g., e.g., e.g.), this comes as no surprise:

The BBC’s consumer-affairs “Watchdog” program found that samples of iced drinks from Starbucks and two other UK chains — Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero — contained “varying levels of [fecal] bacteria.” …

Tony Lewis, the head of policy at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, said the levels found were “concerning.” He said the types of bacteria identified were “the source of human disease,” adding: “These should not be present at any level — never mind the significant numbers found.”

How fecal matter would get from between the ears of its pretentious and moonbatty customer base into the drinks was not explained.

Care for some Starbucks softserve?

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Jun 28 2017

Antifa Plans to Burn Flags and Desecrate Graves at Gettysburg on Anniversary of Battle

What better place for the Civil War to resume than Gettysburg?

Officials in Gettysburg are bracing for protests this weekend coinciding with the 154th anniversary of the Civil War battle. …

Reports that the anti-fascist group Antifa plans to burn Confederate flags and desecrate graves have prompted calls on social media for other groups to gather in Gettysburg to counter those protesters.

Far better men on both sides of the conflict died at Gettysburg than anyone associated with the Antifa movement. With luck, patriotic Americans who understand that our history and heritage are worth defending will so outnumber the black-clad vermin that no desecration or violence is attempted.

Gettysburg: scheduled for defilement.

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Jun 28 2017

Dem Congresscritter Denounces Statistics as White Privilege

You know what else is a racist manifestation of white privilege? Statistics:

It all started at a House Judiciary Committee hearing where [Rep. Steve King, R-IA] brought up the high-crime rates of Central American nations that many immigrants hail from. King called the violence of countries like El Salvador shocking, but then pointed out that some cities in the U.S. have comparable murder rates.

Specifically, the murder rate in New Orleans post-Katrina was very nearly as high as El Salvador at 90 per 100,000. It remains one of the most violent cities in the country. The Big Easy has degenerated to the point that part of it is represented by Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) the Congressional Black Caucus lout who infamously made crude comments about Kellyanne Conway being on her knees. He went after King like a hydrophobic dog:

“We’re going to lose all civility in this committee if he thinks it’s appropriate to compare New Orleans to Guatemala,” Richmond fumed…

El Salvador, Guatemala, what’s the difference?

Attempts by the committee chairman to calm Richmond failed. He started raving about the Ku Klux Klan and even issued a veiled threat of physical violence.

“If the gentleman persists on it, then let’s go in the back and have the conversation about New Orleans. If it takes walking across over there, then I’m prepared to do that, too.”

Then out came the white privilege card:

“It’s not appropriate. It’s insensitive. And it’s nothing more than traditional white privilege of ‘let me criticize a minority city,’” he declared.

Demagogic showboating of this sort must please the voters in Richmond’s district. It certainly pleases the left-wing media. Fusion praised the oaf for shutting down King’s white privilege. Seriously:

Meanwhile, no one lifts a finger to stop the bloodshed in New Orleans. The stratospheric murder rates of cities with large black populations isn’t the problem; acknowledging it is the problem. Because statistics are white privilege.

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Jun 28 2017

Trump Tweet Endorses Internet Sales Tax

We have lived in fear of an Internet sales tax for years. When we get one, the impetus may come not only from government greed, but from Trump’s desire to punish Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos for owning the Washington Post, which has devoted itself to attacking Trump relentlessly. For example, today WaPo ran a featured story on a risibly phony Time cover extolling Trump’s greatness that is prominently displayed at some of his golf resorts. The POTUS rages:

The ineffectual Republican Congress cannot be relied on to kill this notion. An Internet sales tax would help fund the GOP reboot of ObamaCare.

Be smart, Bezos. Have WaPo say something nice about Trump to calm him down before this gets out of hand.

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Jun 28 2017

Imposing “Social Justice” Ideology Through Fraternities and Sororities

Nowadays colleges are all about hard left indoctrination, and not only in the classroom. Even Greek life must be harnessed to the ideological yoke. Moonbats are advised of a job opening at Northwestern University:

The new “Assistant Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life” will be responsible not only for advising fraternity and sororities, responding to emergency situations, and ensuring adherence to university policies, but also for assisting in the coordination of “social justice education” programming.

Minimum qualifications for the position include … “demonstrated experience” in the field of “social justice.”

Examples might include disrupting students who are trying to study in the name of Black Lives Matter, or dressing all in black and throwing bricks at bank windows so as to smash capitalism.

While there is no mention of social justice programming on Northwestern’s Fraternity and Sorority Life website, Northwestern does offer a variety of social-justice themed programming through its Student Affairs office, including a program on “deconstructing whiteness” and another to “deconstruct masculinity.”

This same nauseating brainwashing will now be imposed through fraternities. I wonder how Bluto would feel about fraternities being converted into indoctrination centers for the liberal establishment’s propaganda.

Animal House Bluto
Bluto aghast.

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Jun 28 2017

Theater Group That Staged Trump Assassination Gets $100,000 Grant From Federal Government

The San Francisco Mime Troupe is hardly the only inappropriate recipient of the federal government’s excessive largesse. Bureaucrats are dumping our money even on the theater group infamous for egging on James Hodgkinson types to assassinate the president:

The Public Theater in New York has received an additional $100,000 grant from the federal government, fresh off its controversy for staging a Julius Caesar production where a Donald Trump lookalike is assassinated.

These days almost nothing is too moonbatty for major corporations. But the Public Theater is so over the top, Bank of America and Delta Airlines pulled out as corporate sponsors. Not you though. If you pay federal taxes, you are still funding them.

The Public Theater has raked in almost $30 million in coercive government funding since 2009. No wonder moonbats like socialism so much.

Cash Spigot

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Jun 27 2017

Open Thread


Via Brannon and David Fischer.

Jun 27 2017

Metrosexual Moonbats Train for Close Combat

Watch and laugh as metrosexual moonbats prepare themselves for hand-to-hand combat by squirming around on the grass like little kids:

Heat Street reports:

An Antifa group in Chicago called the “Haymaker Collective” recently began raising money on Indiegogo for an “anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-racist” “self-defense gym” in the city’s hipster-y Little Village neighborhood. …

Haymaker— a play, it appears, on Haymarket, an 1880s anarchist riot in Chicago that killed one police officer—wanted $44,000 for their safe space. But it raised only a pitiful $6,000 to fight the rising tide of the “alt-right” and “white nationalism” they say is now rife in Donald Trump’s “Amerikkka.”

Nonetheless, they have been training furiously, and will surely Bash the Fash in their goofy trendoid glasses and flowery hats.

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Jun 27 2017

Iowa LEO Fired for Islamophobia

As predicted earlier, the career of Dan Charleston, until recently a deputy sergeant in the Polk County, Iowa Sheriff’s Office, is toast. He committed an inexcusable thought crime by acknowledging the obvious threat posed by Islam:

Charleston has faced a number of controversies during his time at the sheriff’s office. Most recently, he was under internal investigation by the sheriff’s office for Facebook posts made in early June regarding Islam, including one post that called the religion an “evil ideology.”

One post showed a graphic that claimed to list “verses from the Quran that inspire terrorists.” Charleston added his own comments to accompany the graphic, including: “No reasoning with this evil ideology,” referring to Islam.

That post had been deleted as of Thursday morning, but another post on Charleston’s Facebook was a quote claiming to warn about the “threat of Islam.” The quote was attributed to Franklin Graham, a nationally known Christian evangelist.

When quoting a highly respected evangelist endangers your job, you are living in scary times.

How can law enforcement officers defend us from Muslim terror attacks when they are required to pretend that Islam is not a threat?

I wonder if the dhimmis who made Charleston walk the plank think they will be singled out for mercy as Muslim violence continues to escalate.

Dan Charleston

Dan Charleston
Not permissible speech.

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Jun 27 2017

Bill Maher Confirms Leftist Hatred of Humanity

If you ever doubted that leftism in general and environmentalism in particular are driven by a hatred of humanity, listen to Bill Maher’s arguments in favor of a holiday honoring people for not having children:

“There’s nothing literally that you can do that is better for the environment than to not produce another resource-sucking, waste-making human being, probably with a bad attitude.”

“I didn’t bring a kid into the world to consume valuable resources,” Maher ranted. “Where’s my breakfast in bed? Where’s my coupon ‘Good for One Foot Rub?’”

“You could do it all, you could get a hybrid car, do the recycling, not throw batteries in the trash,” he continued. “It all adds up to a fraction of the good it would do to have just one less child, because that child increases your carbon legacy by over 9,000 tons.”

By the same sick logic, you could justify murdering a child on the grounds that it would theoretically reduce the levels of harmless carbon.

Bill Maher may be an odious freak, but he has had a large audience for many years, because his views resonate with liberals.

Progressives see human reproduction as something bad. They want us to subsist as government slaves, each individual held down to the lowest common denominator. But it would be better still if we stopped reproducing. Then we wouldn’t exist at all.

The future progressives would like to cancel.

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Jun 27 2017

Beyond Equality: Imposing Equity

Egalitarian moonbats aspire to go beyond the tyranny of imposing equality. They want equity. This tediously overused meme makes their argument:


A moonbat explains how the concept will be implemented in the Harrison Bergeron dystopia they intend to inflict:

The distinction between equity and equality is an important one. For example, if we’re talking about school funding, advocating for equality would mean ensuring that all schools had the same amount of resources per pupil (an improvement in most cases, to be sure). On the other hand, advocating for equity would mean recognizing that some schools — like those serving students in low-income Communities of Color — will actually need more resources (funding, experienced teachers, relevant curriculum, etc.) if we are going to make a dent in the educational disparities that have come to be known as the “achievement gap.”

There will always be an achievement gap, because outside the bubble of leftist dogma, no two people, cultures, or races will ever be equal. This fact is warded off with mendacious B.S.:

[The achievement gap] should actually be termed the “opportunity gap” because the problem is not in the abilities of students, but in the disparate opportunities they are afforded. It is rooted in a history of oppression, from colonization and slavery to “separate but equal” and redlining. It is sustained by systemic racism and the country’s ever-growing economic inequality.

I won’t waste much time disputing that, because anyone who would take it seriously after decades of Affirmative Action is probably unreachable. Since we have been arguing with graphics, let’s try this one:


Did Romans fail to afford Africans opportunity? Who afforded Romans opportunity?

As for the ballgame graphic at the top, if I had the time, I would download the 4th Box Toolkit and make my own version. It would feature all three characters standing on the ground, staring at a high wall far over their heads. That would illustrate the smothering, redistributive state erecting barriers and destroying the incentive to make any boxes to redistribute.

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Jun 27 2017

As in Malmö, So in Cape Town: Rioting Savages Burn Down Community Clinic, Stone Firefighters

Putting out fires is no fun in places where the Third World has encroached upon civilization. The Muslim colony of Malmö is one example; welfare colonists set fires at their housing projects for the sport of stoning the Swedish firefighters who arrive to put them out. This pastime appears to be catching on in South Africa:

Cape Town firefighters have had to abandon efforts to fight a blaze which razed a community clinic in the Joe Slovo settlement in Milnerton after they were pelted with stones.

The clinic was set ablaze during a service delivery protest.

No matter how much Big Government provides at other people’s expense, it could never be enough for people conditioned to believe that whining and throwing tantrums will get them whatever they want. Thus the service delivery protests in South Africa.

City of Cape Town Fire Chief Theo Layne says police escorted them out of the area.

Firefighters in Malmö require police escorts too.

Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, J.P Smith says the City’s budget is over stretched and they will not be able to replace the clinic soon.

Smith says several other buildings were also set alight.

This is unlikely to improve the quality of the free services the savages were rioting over, which is equally unlikely to prevent them from burning down more facilities the next time the mood strikes them.

Firefighting in multiculturalized Sweden.

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Jun 27 2017

Study: Seattle’s High Minimum Wage Is Hurting Low-Wage Workers

Seattle has taken the lead in hiking up minimum wage. Considering the city’s growing economy and low unemployment, if higher minimum wage doesn’t work there, it won’t work anywhere. The results are in. Minimum wage doesn’t work there:

Seattle’s first-in-the-nation $15 per hour minimum wage law is hurting the workers it aimed to help, a new study has found.

The working poor are making more per hour but taking home less pay. The University of Washington paper asserts the new wages boosted worker pay by 3 percent, but also resulted in a 9-percent reduction in hours and a $125 cut to the monthly paychecks.

The law also cost the city 5,000 jobs, the report said.

But this no reason for other cities (and whole states like California) to refrain from following suit. Any mental defective could figure out that artificially raising the cost of unskilled labor doesn’t help the poor. It just makes the poor more numerous, by sawing off the bottom rung of the economic ladder. This helps Democrats, who cater to those reliant on government handouts, and who can be expected to impose exorbitant minimum wage at the national level as soon as they are back in power.

Well, maybe not any mental defective.

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Jun 27 2017

Sweden Will Force Priests to Perform Gay Marriages Against Their Will

Why was the blasphemous concept of homosexual marriage suddenly so important to progressive social engineers? Always a few miles ahead on the road to moonbat hell, Sweden demonstrates:

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has announced that he intends to force all priests in the Swedish church to marry same-sex couples even if they disagree with gay marriage.

The Swedish Prime Minister made his view clear in a recent interview saying, “no priest in the Swedish Church can refuse to marry same-sex couples.” Mr Lofven argued that it did not matter what the view of the individual priests was and even supports a motion to only allow priests who agree with same-sex marriage the opportunity to be ordained SVT reports.

Stalin tried shipping priests off to die in the snow at gulags. Christianity persisted. Liberals take a more devious approach. Hollow out its insides, replace them with liberalism. Forbid anyone who has any respect for scripture from becoming a priest. Congregations don’t have to be repressed. They will wander away on their own in disgust. It is already happening, and not only in Sweden.

“If you work as a midwife [you] must be able to perform abortions, otherwise you have to do something else. It is the same for priests who do not want to perform same-sex marriages,” Lofven said.

The logic is undeniable. If you are going to force midwives to murder babies, why not force priests to blaspheme?

Sweden legalised gay marriage in 2009 but the legislation did not compel clergy of individual faiths to perform same-sex marriages.

It took 8 years in Sweden. We’ll see if it takes as long from the Supreme Court’s dictatorial gay marriage decree to the point where priests and ministers are forced to defile their faith in the USA.

There shall be no god before political correctness, and no authority higher than Big Government. Consequently, Christianity must be destroyed. That is the main objective of the Left’s recent fanatical obsession with homosexuality. People must be trained to regard the Bible as “hate speech” in order to minimize resistance.

gay swastika
The LGBT agenda is a means to an end: tyranny.

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Jun 26 2017

Open Thread

monument slavery

Via Nonya Biznez.

Jun 26 2017

Islamophobia Explained

Egyptian TV host Youssef Al-Husseini lays out the truth like you will never hear in the Islamophilic Western media:

No wonder Obama was so infuriated when his Muslim Brotherhood friends were dislodged from power in Egypt. They would have put Al-Husseini’s head on a stake. The people running our dhimmi media would have secretly applauded.

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Jun 26 2017

Countermoonbat Power Pop: Dream Machine

Posturing frauds in the entertainment industry often present themselves as daring as they say exactly what they are expected to say. These faux rebels never step out of line because they are afraid of the punishment that results from ideological recalcitrance. A recent interview placed Matthew and Doris Melton of Dream Machine in stark contrast.

Matthew Melton:

Safe spaces make people weak, and today people should be demanding Liberty not safety and comfort.

Doris Melton, who is an immigrant from Bosnia:

ICE is just doing their job, and I’m glad they’re finally starting to work on deporting criminal illegal aliens too. It took ages for me to get my green card here legally and because there’s so many illegals coming in they make it hard for the people who do want to become part of American society the right way. They’re handing out free money to people who come here illegally, but when you want to work hard to become an American citizen to start a family they make it so hard on you, and expensive!

More from Doris:

Something that pisses me off about the music world is that girls have mostly become lazy jellyfish and are starting these horrible feminist bands just to try and ”show men what they got”. The safe space mentality has made them weak. They don’t even know how to play their instruments! They’ll make songs about being ”sexually assaulted” or about how ”empowering” abortions are or some sh** and it’s f***ing retarded, they’re embarrassing themselves. If men did that they would be crucified! You see the longing for a gender supremacy under the guise of “equal rights”. What happened to the incredible female singers from back in the day with real talent, singing about finding true love and wanting to be a good woman?

In response to these thought crimes, their label Castle Face Records dropped them like a hot rock:

Toe the line or suffer the consequences.

The Meltons sound off in an interview with Hollywood in Toto:

We were immediately dropped from the label with no opportunity to explain or defend ourselves. Castle Face Records even stated that they “urged us to make a statement” but refused to post our response clarifying and defending our interview. How very tolerant and inclusive, right?

They know we are good people and that we believe everyone deserves an equal chance at achieving happiness and prosperity regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. Despite this, they saw it as a chance to promote the label via publicity stunt with all the sworn decibels of extreme leftist ideology in order to score liberal brownie points.

But it may be Dream Machine that comes out of this with the best publicity.

[That] they freaked out so much proves our point – that the music industry really has become a thought cult. It is the ultimate duty of musicians to stand up for their beliefs, even if it’s as simple as basic common sense which now seems to be outlawed. We hope that other bands will see us as an example and remember that the spirit of rock n roll is to push against the accepted mainstream policies.

Conservatism really is becoming the new punk. They wouldn’t have freaked out if there were conservatives working for their label. If there was an equal number of conservatives and liberals working together in the music industry they wouldn’t think it’s such a big deal, but the outrage itself shows that liberals dominate the music scene.

It’s taking a turn – it’s changing, and they’re losing stability. They have come to think that music is a safe space to be nurtured and protected in, but they’re finding out it isn’t. They’ve become the uptight 1950s parents that refused to let their kids buy Elvis records.

There isn’t much excitement in listening to cowards conform to a stale ideology. Dream Machine’s career looks promising.

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Jun 26 2017

Federal Government Spends $20,000 on Leftist Musical About Lesbian Illegal Alien

Cash Spigot
Federal waste visualized.

The stories in the news come and go, but the wasteful federal spending that is bleeding us to death goes on and on and on:

The National Endowment for the Arts is spending $20,000 for a musical about a lesbian illegal immigrant who is in love with an ICE agent.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe, a self-described socialist theater group, received the funding in the first round of grants awarded under the Trump administration.

Meet the new boss, who spends like the old boss.

The musical is entitled Walls.

The lead character is Zaniyah, a criminal illegal alien and lesbian struggling with mental health issues.

Progressives should have no trouble identifying with her.

This is not San Francisco Mime Troupe’s first foray into taxpayer-financed moonbattery:

The group received a $20,000 grant last year for the musical “Freedomland,” which follows the story of a grandson of an ex-Black Panther who returns from fighting in Afghanistan to find “another war zone at home” where “young Black men … are in the crosshairs!”

“Unarmed black men being killed by the cops and they can just get away with it,” said one actor when describing the play.

Again we learn that America is racist and sucks. Capitalism sucks too:

The San Francisco Mime Troupe put on Black Panther puppet shows in the 1960s, and performed the musical 1600 Transylvania Avenue, which decries “corporate bloodsuckers” and capitalism as the “personification of greed.”

Creating wealth is greedy. Confiscating the wealth other people have created is noble.

The theater group uses the logo of a red star, to show solidarity with socialists and communists.

They are not exactly subtle regarding their seditious objectives. Yet still the federal government funds them — with our money.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe has received $461,000 from the NEA since 1998.

Trump has made noises about closing off this geyser of waste. However, the NEA was just handed a $2 million increase earlier this year.

It would be better if they took our money and flushed it down the toilet.

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