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Jan 23 2017

Open Thread


Via Patterico’s Pontifications, on a tip from Torcer.

Jan 23 2017

Bill Clinton on Illegal Immigration, 1995

Hard as it is to believe, there was once a time when both sides were sane regarding illegal immigration. This 1995 State of the Union address is proof:

Trump is president largely because lately this speech would be to the right of most Republican politicians, not to mention all Democrats. Hopefully that will now change.

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Jan 23 2017

Moonbat Sets Trump Supporter’s Hair on Fire During Inauguration

Here is what the moonbats mean when they bark “Love trumps hate”:

A video posted on YouTube allegedly shows a female Trump supporter getting set on fire during the inauguration by an anti-Trump supporter who seconds earlier was in a mob of women chanting, “Love Trumps Hate.”

Feel the love:

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Jan 23 2017

More Women’s March Moonbattery

The liberal media eagerly hopes there will be more spectacles like Saturday’s misnamed women’s marches. So do I. They will afford many opportunities to expose moonbattery.


Setting an example for children as to how to behave in public.


Liberal domestic and foreign policy, summed up in one sign.

Characteristically mistaking crassness for cleverness.

She needn’t worry.

This one places these spectacles within the context of the Culture War.

Provided their attention span permits them to keep their tantrums going (and George Soros keeps the money flowing), moonbats will provide us with endless entertainment in the years ahead.

Hat tip: New Americana. Tips from Dragon’s Lair, Everyday President, Rob E, and Torcer.

Jan 23 2017

Trump Ends U.S. Funding of Overseas Abortions

This is certainly reassuring for those of us who were alarmed by Trump’s praise for Planned Parenthood during the primaries. Taxpayers will no longer be forced to fund abortions overseas:

The so-called Mexico City policy, established by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1984, blocks federal funding for international family planning charities that provide abortions or “promote” the procedure by providing patients with information about it, including by offering referrals to abortion providers. …

President Obama rescinded the policy when he took office in 2009.

This morning Trump signed an executive order rescinding Obama’s rescindment of the policy. Every step toward erasing the Moonbat Messiah’s baleful legacy is in the right direction.

Trump’s ban could impact foreign organizations like the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPFF), which provides family planning services in more than 180 countries. …

The 2016 U.S. budget included $607.5 million in funding for reproductive health internationally, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion…

If abortion is as wonderful as liberals seem to believe, why do they hide it behind superficially innocuous euphemisms like “family planning services” and “reproductive health”? An even better question: Why has the government been confiscating hundreds of $millions of our money and spending it immorally overseas?

Democrats denounced the order as reflecting a “dangerous obsession” with rolling back reproductive rights.

Oh, that’s why. Because people in other countries have a “right” to have us pay for their abortions.

Meanwhile, Dems refuse to acknowledge that we have a right to our own property — including the cash they have been confiscating to promote and perform abortions around the world.

Hopefully Planned Parenthood defunding has only just begun.

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Jan 23 2017

Now It’s No Longer So Awful to Go After Politicians’ Kids

Things are different, since January 20. Dissent is no longer racist; now it is patriotic. Also, now vicious politically motivated personal attacks on little kids are no longer a big deal.

When a low-level GOP aide named Elizabeth Lauten responded to Sasha and Malia dressing inappropriately and rolling their eyes during a White House event by suggesting that they “try showing a little class,” the media establishment exploded in outrage. She was forced to grovel for forgiveness and then resign. But now:

The National Post isn’t alone:

Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich deleted a tweet predicting that “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” That episode only garnered three mentions in the mainstream press with write-ups in Mediaite, Britain’s Daily Mail, and MSN India, according to Lexis Nexis.

For some reason, young Barron does not warrant a cacophony of outrage.

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Jan 23 2017

Enviromoonbat Killed by SUV While Hiking Barefoot Across America to Save Planet

Mark Baumer showing off his sore feet.

Looks like moonbats could be right about SUVs; they really are a menace — at least, they are to fools who goof off along the edges of highways:

A man who was hiking across America barefoot on the side of highways to ‘save the earth’ was struck by a Buick SUV and died Saturday.

Mark Baumer, 33, began his shoeless trek in October. His journey aimed to raise awareness and funds for the FANG Collective, a Rhode Island organization that supports nonviolent resistance to the natural gas industry.

Natural gas is abundant and clean. Moonbats oppose it anyway. They would prefer for us to shiver in the dark rather than make use of cost-efficient energy resources. Bird-chopping windmills are okay though.

Florida Highway Patrol confirmed Baumer was hit on the side of Highway 90 in Walton County. He was pronounced dead on the scene during the 101st day of his trip.

Small wonder he got hit:

He told Vice that going barefoot made his feet hurt and it was more comfortable to walk on the white line grazing the edge of the road because it is the smoothest.

He told the website that people gave him strange looks for walking barefoot in such a dangerous location. …

He also said he would not move for cars but would heed to trucks because: ‘They’ll really mess you up.’

Turns out SUVs will really mess you up too.

It appears Baumer was wrong about many things in his short life, but at least he got the name of his website right:

He wrote blog posts and poems on the website for his journey titled ‘’

He said the purpose of this nutty P.R. stunt was to “raise awareness and fight climate change.” He did raise awareness about how kooky moonbats are, but the climate is likely to continue fluctuating just like it always has.

The vegan, climate advocate was a web content specialist at a library in Providence, Rhode Island. He graduated from Brown University with a MFA in 2011.

The guy obtained a master’s degree from an Ivy League university and look how he wound up. Human potential is the first casualty of moonbattery.

Actually, he did die.

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Jan 23 2017

Pictures at an Exhibition of Moonbattery

The Washington Post absurdly lies that the misnamed “Women’s Marches” on Saturday were “much larger” than the Tea Party movement, which drew tens of millions of people over a sustained period of time. For this fake news outlet to be correct, we would have to be living in a particularly vulgar mental institution. The Federalist collected photos of the lunacy on display. A few examples:






It’s not the Tea Party by a long shot, but let’s hope the women’s marches continue until women have equal rights, so that they can vote and own property and everything.

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Jan 23 2017

Three Ways We Know Women’s March on Washington Was Not About Women

Saturday’s moonbatty Women’s March on Washington was about moonbattery, not women. A CNN propagandist admitted it:

CNN analyst Bakari Sellers let slip a shocking revelation about the Women’s March Saturday.

“It’s not about women, it’s about liberalism,” he said.

That’s why pro-life women were not welcome. Some were spat on.

Further evidence:

To make any sense of this at all, it is necessary to keep in mind that to moonbats, hijabs are not a symbol of Islam and the brutal enslavement of women that it entails, so much as they represent siding with the enemy for no other reason than because it is the enemy.

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Jan 22 2017

Open Thread


Via David Fischer.

Jan 22 2017

Saturday Night Live’s Worship of Obama Goes Into Overdrive

If you think your stomach can take anything, try sitting through Saturday Night Live’s religious service devoted to worship of America’s worst president:

Anyone who isn’t barfing is probably rolling on the floor laughing, but this isn’t comedy. Everything moonbattery touches turns into moonbattery; whatever it was before goes out the window.

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Jan 22 2017

A Moonbat Celebrates Inauguration Day

This outburst may have something to do with Mom confiscating his collection of video games, but the behavior is eerily similar to that of moonbats on and since Inauguration Day:

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Jan 22 2017

Indiana Seventh Graders Taught the Benefits of Sharia

Government schools have more to teach the next generation than perverted sex. Kids also need to learn that the totalitarian code of barbarism known as sharia is wonderful:

Parents in Southern Indiana are upset by a middle school worksheet’s portrayal of “Sharia law,” which they say casts the Islamic code in a positive light while ignoring human rights violations and the oppression of women.

“The way that the worksheet is left would be like describing how effective Hitler was at nationalizing Germany and creating patriotism but leaving out that he slaughtered 6 million Jews,” said Dean Hohl, one of several parents who spoke out against the assignment at a recent New Albany-Floyd County school board meeting. …

The worksheet, assigned to seventh-graders at Highland Hills Middle School, presents a passage written by a fictional 20-year-old Saudi woman named Ahlima, who feels “very fortunate” to live under Sharia law in Saudi Arabia. She writes about how she will soon become a man’s second wife and explains her modest dress: “I understand that some foreigners see our dress as a way of keeping women from being equal, but … I find Western women’s clothing to be horribly immodest.”

Besides, if she tries to wear clothes that don’t dehumanize her, she will be whipped to within an inch of her life. But you won’t find that part in the worksheet.

Can’t we show kids a middle ground between this and Miley Cyrus?

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Jan 22 2017

At Washington Moonbat Fest, Madonna Spews Obscenity, Raves About Blowing Up White House

A handful of moonbats have internalized degeneracy and depravity at such a visceral level that they can best be described as unclean. You expect them to leave a slimy, toxic trail behind them, like nightmarish humanoid slugs that have crept up from hell. Merely to be reminded of them can make you feel dirty. A prime example is Madonna, who spoke yesterday at the moonbatfest in Washington:

During that time, Madonna cursed repeatedly on live television…

“To our detractors that insist that this march will never add up to anything: F–k you!” Madonna exclaimed.

Then Madonna claimed she has thought about blowing up the White House.

Not that anyone should take anything vomited up by Madonna seriously, but normally the Secret Service takes an interest in terroristic threats involving the President.

Apparently, news stations aired part of Madonna’s speech before cutting her off due to her excessive use of curse words and offensive language.

It’s nice to see we still have some standards as a society, even in a time when creatures like Madonna serve as role models for young girls.

If you have a strong stomach and don’t mind obscenity, see how much of her moronic hyperbole you can endure:

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Jan 22 2017

Bill Warner on Why Moderate Muslims Are Not the Solution

Moderate Muslims differ from radical Muslims to the extent that the former don’t really believe in Islam. This puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to steering a course out of the Dark Ages against the wishes of the radicals, who want to plunge ever more deeply into a barbarous past. Bill Warner explains:

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Jan 22 2017

Coercive Homosexual Spin the Bottle at Oklahoma Daycare Center

A story from Ardmore, Oklahoma demonstrates why you should never leave your children in the care of moonbats:

[Dominique] Green said her friend sent her a video that was posted to the social media app ‘Snapchat’ by an employee at the Little Angels Daycare.

“She told me ‘You know, I don’t know if you’re going to like this video. You know, it’s really bad,’” Green said.

In the clip, you see the kids playing a game that appears to be ‘spin the bottle.’

The caption reads “The girl is playing spin the bottle.”

Seconds later, Green’s 4-year-old son is seen kissing a young boy and the caption indicates they were being forced.

Ms. Green complained to the owner of the daycare center…

“She said ‘Well, I looked at it, and I don’t see anything wrong.’ So, from then on, she said I blew it out of proportion by calling the daycare,” Green said.

True enough, according to liberal ideology, there is nothing wrong with homosexual behavior, with children engaging in it, or with authorities encouraging this.

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Jan 21 2017

Open Thread


Via 5 Feet of Fury, on a tip from Anonymous.

Jan 21 2017

America Under Siege: Civil War 2017

Trevor Loudon digs beneath the headlines to provide insight into the contrived unrest that has characterized the progressive response to Trump’s young presidency:

Hats off to these militant moonbats. The louder they scream, the more regular people will be driven away from the Left. The harder they push, the more likely Trump is to reject his liberal past and embrace conservativism. Nothing these idiots do helps their own cause. That’s why Obama’s radicalized Democrat Party is imploding.

On tips from StephaneDumas and Bodhisattva.

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