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May 29 2017

Open Thread


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May 29 2017

Memorial Day Beach Quiz

For Jesse Watters, Memorial Day is an opportunity to gauge the effect a moonbat-dominated education system has had on public awareness of who the heroes we honor today were fighting:

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May 29 2017

Muslim Sues Little Caesars for $100 Million Claiming Pepperoni Wasn’t Halal

In contrast to the melting pot approach of days gone by, multiculturalism means our own culture gets incrementally erased, in accordance with cultural Marxist objectives. Steps in that direction have been taken in the Muslim colony Dearborn:

A Muslim man is suing Little Caesars for $100 million after he says he was served and then accidentally ate pepperoni made with pork, a food prohibited by Islamic law.

$100 million for putting normal pepperoni on a pizza. I wonder how much he will demand if he finds bacon in his BLT.

The complaint says Mohamad Bazzi of Dearborn ordered halal pizza twice from the shop on Schaefer in Dearborn. The boxes were labeled “halal,” but the pies inside were topped with regular pepperoni.

Maybe it is mislabeling a box that is worth $100 million. Or maybe the $100 question is, If you want to eat halal, why not choose something that isn’t traditionally made largely out of pork?

Bazzi’s attorney Majed Moughni took this opportunity to teach us a little something about Islam, informing us that eating pork is “one of the worst sins you can do.”

Whereas blowing up a bunch of little girls at an Ariana Grande concert is not sinful at all.

Not all value systems are of equal value.

Allegedly, Bazzi asked an employee to put a halal sticker on the pizza box. It might have made the scam less obvious if he had saved a halal sticker from a previous box.

Nonetheless, he will probably get paid off handsomely; no company wants to face the public’s wrath after failing to revere sacred Muslims. McDonalds was shaken down for $700,000 by Dearborn Muslims claiming to have been served non-halal food in 2011.

Regardless of the outcome of this get rich quick scam and/or crybully nuisance suit, many alive today will live to see an America in which most if not all publicly served food is required to be halal. When they push us, we move. Why should they stop pushing?

Appeasement doesn’t end well.

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May 29 2017

BuzzFeed Celebrates Communist Tyranny Becoming Fashionable Again Among Malevolent Idiots

On Memorial Day, we honor the ultimate sacrifice that American heroes have made to keep this country free. At the opposite end of the spectrum from freedom we find communism, the most profoundly evil ideology ever devised. Communist regimes killed 100 million of their own subjects during the 20th century; hundreds of millions more had their lives ruined. Wherever communists have come to power, poverty, slavery, and misery have been inflicted ruthlessly so that a tiny oligarchy could live like czars. Under communism, there is no point to any endeavor because the government does not allow individual achievement. Anything you build will only be confiscated, in the unlikely event that all-powerful, all-pervasive government lets you build it in the first place. Human history is an excruciating climb upward from a jungle realm of coercion; communism is the forcible reversal back to that savage condition. It does not permit you to be fully human. There is only one thing that can be said in favor of communism: BuzzFeed thinks it is really hip.

It would be nice to think that the piece entitled “Ten Really Cool Ways Communism Is Becoming Cool Again!” is just a sick joke. Unfortunately, the unfunny humor appears to be an attempt to come off as trendily ironic; the enthusiasm for totalitarian collectivism seems real.

The slave state Cuba, which so many have gone to such dangerous extremes to escape, is praised lavishly. The vicious dictator who imposed this hellish regime is depicted as a “cool dude.”

Former KGB officer Vladimir Putin is extolled for liking dogs. Even the maniacal Kim Jong-un is praised as a bulwark against “US expansion.”

Capitalism has lifted even more people out of poverty than communism has killed. Yet it is preposterously accused of killing millions of people every year.

Speaking of preposterous, this graphic is featured, above a paragraph deifying communist execution Che Guevara:


Guevara despised blacks, and the system he helped impose would never have allowed anyone other than a government thug to acquire the absurd Jay Z’s wealth.

The sacrifices that we honor today will have been made in vain if we allow America to be destroyed from within by the sort of people who write for BuzzFeed.

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May 29 2017

Ronald Reagan Memorial Day Speech

Having soldiers who fight and die doesn’t make a country special — not if they fight and die as mercenaries for a tyrant or oppressive oligarchy. It’s different with America. Ronald Reagan understood why. This one never gets old:

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May 29 2017

Memorial Day Tribute

If you have a flag, fly it high today for these guys (but half-staff until noon):

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May 28 2017

Open Thread


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May 28 2017

Another Reason Not to Drink Heineken

In case Katy Perry’s lofty arguments did not convince you that we need to facilitate more Islamic terror with open borders:

Click for full size.

Due to the craft beer explosion, chances are excellent that better beer than Heineken is brewed within 50 miles of your door. There isn’t much reason to pay extra for second-rate beer imported from the other side of the world. That must be why Heineken throws in the moonbattery at no extra charge.

Via Warner Todd Huston. Tip from KirklesWorth.

May 28 2017

Rahm Emanuel Reacts With Horror to Suggestion That Shrillary Might Run Yet Again

Surely Democrats have figured out by now that Shrillary can do nothing but lose at the presidential level and will stop her from running yet again. Or maybe not. Watch Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel practically gasp with horror when asked if she should run in 2020:

A bitter laugh might have been an appropriate answer, considering that Shrillary just finished losing to someone almost universally regarded as unelectable. But Rahm wasn’t laughing. Shrillary might be harder to kill than Jason Voorhees — which could be excellent news for the GOP.

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May 28 2017

Academic Identifies as Hippopotamus

How would you even go about parodying moonbats at this point? Below is an actual abstract from the peer-reviewed scholarly publication Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, published by Taylor & Francis:

This article explores the formation of a tranimal, hippopotamus alter-ego. Confronting transgender with transpecies, the author claims that his hippopotamus “identity” allowed him to (verbally) escape, all at once, several sets of categorization that govern human bodies (“gender,” “sexuality,” age). He starts with an account of how his metaphorical hippo-self is collectively produced and performed, distinguishing the subjective, the intersubjective and the social. The article then investigates the politics of equating transgender and transpecies, critically examining the question of the inclusion of “xenogenders” in the trans political movement. Finally, the author returns to the magical power of metaphors, arguing that metaphors do materialize insofar as the flesh does not remain unchanged by them. Analogizing his hippo-self to a “cut” as theorized by Eva Hayward – a regeneration of the boundaries of the self – he offers a final crossing to the world of fiction by showing how the His Dark Materials trilogy outlines an aesthetics of porosity, which suggests that the self is, as much as a novel, a work of fiction.

The author is a French transsexual named Florentin Félix Morin. The University of Arizona has been proud to host him as a visiting scholar, specializing in perversion and depravity. From the Department of Gender & Women’s Studies at the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences:


Tranimal body modifications. Bruce Jenner and Bradley Manning are only the beginning of the grotesque horrors that social engineers have in store for us.

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May 28 2017

Watch Latest Center for Medical Progress Undercover Video While You Can

Center for Medical Progress is not going quietly. Despite liberals’ ham-fisted attempts to shut them up, they have released another video documenting the blood-chilling moral depravity that characterizes the lavishly taxpayer-subsidized abortion industry:

Planned Parenthood executives joked about decapitated fetuses, admitted to altering abortion procedures to preserve fetal organs and said clinics have a financial incentive to sell human tissue in a new undercover video released Thursday.

The three-minute video was recorded at an annual National Abortion Federation meeting by pro-life investigators with the Center for Medical Progress. The advocacy group said it’s just a preview of never-before-seen content that has been sealed for almost two years due to legal fights.

The authorities cracked down fast:

A video released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) Friday was up for only a few hours before it was yanked from YouTube. A judge had issued a gag order on the video last year, after the National Abortion Federation sued CMP to block the damning footage.

Since then, copies have sprung up on Facebook, LiveLeak and other video platforms — only to be pulled.

The copy below is sure to get pulled too. If you watch it before it disappears, you’ll understand why the people in charge don’t want you to see it:

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May 28 2017

Whitesplaining White Privilege

As cultural Marxists get ever less subtle regarding their hostility toward America and its core population, the term “white privilege” becomes more prevalent. Ami Horowitz sets out to learn what it means at the National White Privilege Conference in Kansas City and at a housing project in Harlem:

It’s wrong to judge people collectively; all white people are racist and therefore bad. Leftists can hold both of these opinions simultaneously, and see no contradiction. This is what George Orwell called doublethink.

One group that it is okay to judge collectively is moonbats, because by definition they are full of malevolent crap.

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May 28 2017

Unpersuaded by Katy Perry

The Islamic atrocity in Manchester targeted just the sort of people who attend performances by Katy Perry. Yet the leftist pop star encouraged more terror attacks with vacuous platitudes supporting the liberal policies that resulted in the carnage in Manchester. Her arguments do not seem to have won over former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie:

Paul Joseph Watson, the redeeming quality of Infowars, also found her moonbattery unpersuasive (language alert):

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May 27 2017

Open Thread


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May 27 2017

Bill Nye the Science Lie

Left-wing entertainer Bill Nye is the perfect spokesman for the global warming hoax, because he is not a scientist, and the global warming hoax is not science. Despite his clownishness, there is something malign about Nye. He represents an attack on science — an effort to reduce it to a political agenda. Bill Whittle applies a little real science to get things back in perspective:

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May 27 2017

The Government Investigates

Andrew Klavan sorts out the investigations that have been clogging up the news, so that at last we can make sense of them:

At least Klavan made one thing clear: why people have begun to take government investigations less seriously than the media might like them to.

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May 27 2017

Refugee Spigot Is Turned Up, Sanctions Against Sanctuary Cities Evaporate

What the hell is going on here?

The State Department will no longer restrict the number of refugees allowed to enter the U.S., a huge break from what President Trump promised on the campaign trail last year.

Organizations that help refugees resettle in the U.S. were informed about an abrupt change to allow a level of refugees that would be “unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place,” according to an email State official Jennifer Smith sent to groups on Thursday.

Instead of 830 refugees allowed for admission each week, more than 1,500 people could begin entering the country per week starting in June.

In related news,

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday clarified President Trump’s executive order on so-called sanctuary cities, narrowly defining such jurisdictions — and the money they could expect to receive from the federal government — in a way that appeared to fall far short of Mr. Trump’s previous threats to starve all federal funding from localities that limit their cooperation with federal immigration enforcement. …

Mr. Trump’s executive order on immigration, signed on Jan. 25, appeared to take a much harder line with sanctuary cities. …

Yet since that initial threat, the administration has not moved to withhold any federal aid from sanctuary cities.

It is possible that some minor grants will be withheld from cities that are the most arrogant about refusing to hold illegal alien criminals for deportation. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

At least we’ll have that border wall. Just as soon as Mexico sends the money to pay for it.

No wonder ALIPAC rescinded its endorsement.

Maybe the best way to get people to stop making a fuss about getting screwed out of their country is to trick them into thinking they are getting their way.

You’re not laughing?

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May 27 2017

The State of Modern Art

Now for some cultural enrichment. Straight from the Waterloo Center for the Arts in Waterloo, Iowa, a hairy guy dressed up as Wonder Woman spins around until he falls down. Then he gets up and does it again:

David Thompson provides some background:

“As a queer artist I seek to create a temporal historical rupture,” says Texas-based performance artist Sarah Hill, while describing her – sorry, their – 2014 opus They Wonder. “During the performance,” we’re told, “I repeatedly spin around and around in circles.” The reason being that, as an artist and worker of profundity, Ms Hill is “interested in the continuous action of spinning and getting no-where, falling down and getting back up.”

Practitioners of critical theory can leave the art world alone at this point. That aspect of Western Civilization has already been destroyed. Their energies are more efficiently spent on those that have been infiltrated, corrupted, and corroded, but that have not yet collapsed entirely.

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