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Jun 28 2016

Criminalizing Scientific Dissent Is Part of Democrat Platform

The patently tyrannical campaign to use the force of law to impose orthodoxy regarding supposedly scientific opinion is now built into the Democrat platform:

Democratic operatives responsible for creating their party’s platform this year have unanimously adopted a provision calling for the Department of Justice to investigate companies who disagree with Democrats on global warming science. …

“Another joint proposal calling on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged corporate fraud on the part of fossil fuel companies who have reportedly misled shareholders and the public on the scientific reality of climate change was also adopted by unanimous consent,” according to the Democratic National Convention’s website.

The drafting committee, led by DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, has decided to back ongoing investigations by mostly Democratic state attorneys general into ExxonMobil’s stance on global warming.

No one expects the Climate Change Inquisition. But they should.

Currently, AGs from California, Massachusetts, New York and the U.S. Virgin Islands have launched investigations of Exxon, and at least two AGs have demanded records on conservative think tanks and scientists skeptical of global warming.

The idea is to use laws against fraud and racketeering to intimidate and conceivably even imprison those who would point out that the anthropogenic global warming crisis is a hoax.

Democrats have largely scoffed at free speech arguments, saying Exxon and others were committing fraud by disagreeing with the Obama administration over the severity of global warming and the effects of potential climate policies.

This is why it is absolutely critical that the GOP survive Trump. If he manages to destroy the Republican Party or reduce it to irrelevance, there will be no effective resistance to the radicalized and openly tyrannical Democrats.

The Democrat platform also calls for abolishing all fossil fuels by 2050. To put it mildly, it is unlikely that technology will allow us to enjoy our current standard of living as Democrats coercively drive us toward that senseless objective.

We could soon find ourselves ruled without effective opposition to rule by lunatic luddites. Don’t take it for granted that the lights will always come on when you flip the switch.

No one expects the Climate Change Inquisition.

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Jun 28 2016

AMA Warns of Harmful Health Effects of New Environmentally Correct Streetlights

Caution — like a lot of moonbattery, environmentally correct streetlights can be hazardous to your health:

The American Medical Association is concerned that the glare, the high blue light content of “energy efficient” LED streetlights being rolled out across America, might be suppressing drivers’ night vision, and causing other harmful health effects.

From an AMA press release:

High-intensity LED lighting designs emit a large amount of blue light that appears white to the naked eye and create worse nighttime glare than conventional lighting. Discomfort and disability from intense, blue-rich LED lighting can decrease visual acuity and safety, resulting in concerns and creating a road hazard.

In addition to its impact on drivers, blue-rich LED streetlights operate at a wavelength that most adversely suppresses melatonin during night. It is estimated that white LED lamps have five times greater impact on circadian sleep rhythms than conventional street lamps. Recent large surveys found that brighter residential nighttime lighting is associated with reduced sleep times, dissatisfaction with sleep quality, excessive sleepiness, impaired daytime functioning and obesity.

As for the animals that enviro-Jacobins so piously prioritize,

The detrimental effects of high-intensity LED lighting are not limited to humans. Excessive outdoor lighting disrupts many species that need a dark environment. For instance, poorly designed LED lighting disorients some bird, insect, turtle and fish species…

As a rule of thumb, if it has been imposed by our moonbat rulers for ideological reasons, it is probably harmful.

led streetlights
Harmful but ideologically correct street lighting.

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Jun 27 2016

Open Thread


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Jun 27 2016

Pure Countermoonbattery: Stacey Dash on the Post-Orlando Gun-Grab

For once I wish people would listen to a Hollywood starlet:

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Jun 27 2016

Brexit: What Comes Next

Maybe Britain will sink back into the European Union — or maybe Brexit will lead to the demise of that statist abomination. Black Pigeon Speaks looks ahead:

Jun 27 2016

Why No One Respectable Will Work for Trump Campaign

For some, it’s a matter of maintaining domestic harmony:

Family concerns are not unique:

Donald Trump has finally acknowledged that to best compete against Hillary Clinton he needs more than the bare-bones campaign team that led him to primary success. But many of the most experienced Republican political advisers aren’t willing to work for him.

From Texas to New Hampshire, well-respected members of the Republican Party’s professional class say they cannot look past their deep personal and professional reservations about the presumptive presidential nominee.

While there are exceptions, many strategists who best understand the mechanics of presidential politics fear that taking a Trump paycheck might stain their resumes, spook other clients and even cause problems at home. They also are reluctant to devote months to a divisive candidate whose campaign has been plagued by infighting and disorganization.

“Right now I feel no obligation to lift a finger to help Donald Trump,” said Brent Swander, an Ohio-based operative who has coordinated nationwide logistics for Republican presidential campaigns dating to George W. Bush.

“Everything that we’re taught as children — not to bully, not to demean, to treat others with respect — everything we’re taught as children is the exact opposite of what the Republican nominee is doing. How do you work for somebody like that? What would I tell my family?” Swander said.

Hundreds of experts who worked for other candidates in the primaries have refused to work for Trump, including even aides to Chris Christie, who infamously fell to his knees and kissed Trump’s ring. Ted Cruz’s entire paid staff says, “Thanks but no way” to invitations from the Trump campaign.

Apparently quoted in the video above, Texas-based operative Scott Smith, who has worked for Cruz, Bush, and Trump sellout Rick Perry, says, “Even if I wanted to work for Trump, my wife would kill me.”

Smith, like many experienced strategists interviewed for this story, noted the intense personal sacrifice required of presidential campaigns. Many advisers do not see their families for long stretches, work brutal hours on little sleep and enjoy no job security.

They aren’t going to go through with it to help Trump destroy everything they believe in for the sake of a publicity stunt that degenerated into an ego trip — especially if it will render them toxic afterward.

Political operatives aren’t the only ones who don’t want the Trump stain on their records. Up and coming political star Mia Love has refused to attend the spectacle in Cleveland — even after being mentioned as a VP candidate. George Will just officially left the Republican Party over Trump.

Love and Will will still be around when this surreal nightmare is over. We may not be able to say the same for those who sold out conservatism to climb aboard the Trump Train:


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Jun 27 2016

Pope: Christians Should Beg Forgiveness for Past Political Incorrectness Regarding Gays

Hard as it is to believe these days, churches used to oppose immoral behavior. Their attitude could be summed up in the expression, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” Nowadays, we are expected to love the sin and hate those who used to rebuke the sinners. Pope Francis lowers the moral bar once again:

Pope Francis said on Sunday that Christians and the Roman Catholic Church should seek forgiveness from homosexuals for the way they had treated them. …

He told reporters … “there are traditions in some countries, some cultures, that have a different mentality about this question (homosexuals)” and there are “some (gay) demonstrations that are too offensive for some”.

But he suggested that those were not grounds for discrimination or marginalization of gays.

By conflating behavior with identity, Francis blesses everything militant homosexuals indulge in, from disease-spreading sexual depravity repeatedly condemned in the Bible to outrageous public displays intended to horrify and disgust those who still cling desperately to decency and moral values.

A Bible-believing Christian might refer to scripture rather than “traditions in some countries.” But for others the most holy scripture appears to be left-liberal dogma.

Top clerics in the Church of Moonbattery.

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Jun 27 2016

Prom Queen at Fame School Is “Nonbinary” Boy

As a homage to the classic commercials meant to warn of the ruinous effects of recreation drugs…

This is your culture:


This is your culture on moonbattery:


We are asked to regard the boy immediately above as a prom queen:

Matthew Crisson, an 18-year-old Staten Islander who self-identifies as “non-binary” (meaning neither male nor female), was awarded the tiara at the “Fame” school last weekend.

“Fame” refers to the movie and TV show.

Actual girls are not pleased:

Some girls at La Guardia HS of Music & Art and Performing Arts were not amused that a boy stole their stiletto-heeled thunder and became this year’s prom queen — and their claws have come out on social ­media.

“I know I go to LaGuardia because a boy won prom queen,” snarked Asia Pierre in a Facebook post that attracted 500 homophobic comments and 100 shares before it was removed.

“It just sucks that men win everything and we thought we at least deserve that,” wrote a classmate under the name Taj Mahal.

Good thing there was a snitch on hand, or politically incorrect opinions may not have been scrubbed:

Mona Davids, a LaGuardia parent who saw the negative Facebook post and [comments, notified] the school and the Department of Education’s new LGBTQ community ­liaison.

“They were very catty and negative comments about something so wonderful and positive,” Davids said. “It was very alarming to me, considering what happened in Orlando and how these things can get out of hand.”

You never know when ISIS terrorists might drop all the Islam stuff and become homicidal enforcers for aggrieved teenage girls.

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Jun 27 2016

Success of Petition for Second EU Referendum Is 4Chan Prank, Dupes BBC

On Saturday the authoritarian eurostatists at the BBC clung to their last hope:

More than 2.5 million people have signed a petition calling for a second EU referendum, after the vote to leave.

It has more signatures than any other on the parliamentary website and as it has passed 100,000, Parliament will consider it for a debate. …

The fact that more than one and a half million people have signed a petition calling for a second EU referendum has attracted a lot of attention – but it has zero chance of being enacted. …

However, there is talk around Westminster… of whether any deal on Brexit negotiated with the EU should then be put to a referendum further down the line.

But yesterday the Beeb confessed,

The House of Commons petitions committee is investigating allegations of fraud in connection with a petition calling for a second EU referendum.

Its inquiry is focused on the possibility that some names could be fraudulent – 77,000 signatures have already been removed. …

The House of Commons petitions committee said it will continue to monitor the petition for “suspicious activity”.

“Suspicious activity” is putting it mildly. Heat Street tells the whole story:

The BBC’s desperate shilling for Remain will come under increasing scrutiny as we exclusively reveal that the supposed ‘popular petition’ for a second referendum – wholly illegal and unworkable, and unprecedented in British history – is a prank by notorious sh*tposters 4 Chan.

The BBC, the UK’s national broadcaster, gleefully reported, as real, with no basic journalistic checks, an online petition that appeared to be growing at a colossal rate. By 1:30 pm, it was one of the fastest-growing petitions in history.

So fast, in fact, that somebody should have checked for bots and scripts. The BBC is failing totally in its Charter Duty to perform basic journalistic research. Here is the actual script:


Heat Street can exclusively bring our readers the proof that the spamming of the petition is a magnificent 4Chan prank that the Chads and Stacys of the BBC and liberal media swallowed whole.

Only British citizens or residents are allowed to sign the petition, yet many of the supposed signatories are from Ghana and the Vatican, which provided an impressive 39,411 signatures despite its population being only 800. No doubt these red flags were left for laughs, as the 4Chan pranksters tested the limits of what they could get away with.

The Beeb’s bumbling Chads and Stacys have some egg to wipe from their faces — unless their bitter Brexit tears have already washed the egg away.

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Jun 27 2016

Press Begins to Penetrate Hillary’s Transparency

Hillary Secretative
Keeping prying eyes at bay.

Journalists could be starting to get somewhere regarding the reason Shrillary went to such illegal lengths to keep her emails secret when she was Secretary of State:

An Associated Press review of the official calendar Hillary Clinton kept as secretary of state identified at least 75 meetings with longtime political donors, Clinton Foundation contributors and corporate and other outside interests that were not recorded or omitted the names of those she met.

The fuller details of those meetings were included in files the State Department turned over to the AP after it sued the government in federal court.

The missing entries raise new questions about how Clinton and her inner circle handled government records documenting her State Department tenure — in this case, why the official chronology of her four-year term does not closely mirror the other, more detailed records of her daily meetings.

At a time when Clinton’s private email system is under scrutiny by an FBI criminal investigation, the calendar omissions reinforce concerns that she sought to eliminate the “risk of the personal being accessible” — as she wrote in an email exchange that she failed to turn over to the government but was subsequently uncovered in a top aide’s inbox.

By “personal” she presumably means “directly related to influence peddling.” If the mainstream media expends a little more shoe leather, we could learn the likely felonious details.

hillary secretive
Like Robert Heinlein said about secrecy and tyranny…

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Jun 27 2016

Americans Reportedly Placed on Watch Lists to Meet Quotas

Because Democrats and Donald Trump hold that those on government watch lists should be denied a constitutionally guaranteed right without due process, some might wonder how easy it is to get placed on one of these lists. Here’s how easy:

You could be on a secret government database or watch list for simply taking a picture on an airplane. Some federal air marshals say they’re reporting your actions to meet a quota, even though some top officials deny it.

The air marshals, whose identities are being concealed, told 7NEWS that they’re required to submit at least one report a month. If they don’t, there’s no raise, no bonus, no awards and no special assignments.

“Innocent passengers are being entered into an international intelligence database as suspicious persons, acting in a suspicious manner on an aircraft … and they did nothing wrong,” said one federal air marshal.

These unknowing passengers who are doing nothing wrong are landing in a secret government document called a Surveillance Detection Report, or SDR. Air marshals told 7NEWS that managers in Las Vegas created and continue to maintain this potentially dangerous quota system. …

What kind of impact would it have for a flying individual to be named in an SDR?

“That could have serious impact … They could be placed on a watch list. They could wind up on databases that identify them as potential terrorists or a threat to an aircraft. It could be very serious,” said Don Strange, a former agent in charge of air marshals in Atlanta. He lost his job attempting to change policies inside the agency. …

“To meet this quota, to get their raises, do you think federal air marshals in Las Vegas are making some of this stuff up?” Kovaleski asked.

“I know they are. It’s a joke,” an air marshal replied.

This could go beyond the government arbitrarily denying you the right to buy a gun. Remember when Trump defiantly shouted during a debate that he would force agents of the federal government to violate the law by torturing suspected terrorists and murdering their relatives? One of those suspected terrorists could be you. After we have determined that those on government watch lists do not deserve rights or due process, anything is possible.

This is serious.

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Jun 27 2016

Why Brexit? Pointless Regulations

Moonbats are at a loss as to why Britons are leaving the EU. Some believe it is because they are racist, for not wanting bureaucrats in Brussels to displace the native population with Islamic welfare colonists from the Third World. But domestic politicians are as responsible as anyone for immigration getting out of control. Possibly a more powerful reason is that the British want to get out from under regulations like these:

A 1994 EU regulation specified that bananas must be ‘free from abnormal curvature.’

EU rules also governed the shape of many other fruits and vegetables — cucumbers, for example, needed to be almost perfectly straight.

Many of these specifications were abolished in 2008, though the banana guidelines remain on the books. …

From September 1, 2014, companies were prohibited from manufacturing or importing any vacuum cleaners above the 1,600-watt limit as part of a drive to reduce domestic electricity use. …

This directive was expected to be extended to kettles, toasters, hair-dryers and other domestic appliances but it was shelved earlier this year amid fears it would drive the British public towards the EU exit door.

Now that they don’t have to worry about Britain leaving anymore, the Brussels bureauweenies can really bear down on the pointless tyranny.

This one is even crazier:

In 2011, a ruling by the European Commission claimed that drinking water ‘does not ease dehydration’.

EU authorities passed a law which claimed scientists had found no evidence to suggest drinking water stopped dehydration.

Manufacturers of bottled water were prohibited from labelling products with claims that would suggest consumption would fight dehydration.

In Saudi Arabia, women aren’t allowed to drive. In the EU, it’s diabetics:

European laws introduced in 2011 meant that drivers who treat their diabetes with insulin who have had one or more episodes of severe hypoglycaemia, known as ‘hypos’, could face losing their licences. …

Diabetes UK said that the DVLA did not differentiate between daytime and night-time episodes of hypoglycaemia, meaning that some people with diabetes are losing their driving licence unnecessarily.

Many EU regulations are so trivial that they don’t seem like a big deal…

Three years ago, the European Union planned to ban the glass jar which is filled, and refilled, with olive oil and served on restaurant tables across the EU, stating that only non-refillable bottles with proper labeling on the contents would be accepted.

…but imagine trying to run a business or even just live your life under the constantly accumulating weight of thousands upon thousands of pages of pointless regulations imposed by unaccountable foreigners.

Just as coercion is an end in itself for the sort of statists who revere the EU, freedom from it is an end in itself for everyone else. That is why the British to their credit are walking out.

For the full story on why Britain left, watch this.

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Jun 26 2016

Open Thread


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Jun 26 2016

LGBTQ Activist Professor Tweets Ghoulish Anti-Christian Cartoon

Not everyone has the belly to face the horror of absolute moonbattery. Kudos to Rebel Media’s Sheila Gunn Reid for staring straight into the abyss so that she could report on the blood-chilling moral and intellectual depravity of one Kristopher Wells, Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Policy Studies and Faculty Director of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta:

Just knowing that you live on the same planet as creatures like Wells is in enough to make you feel unclean. Yet these are the people we allow to determine education policies.

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Jun 26 2016


Let’s see if the Islamic State can find any use for the B.S. spewed by its liberal enablers:

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Jun 26 2016

Crowder Schools a Sky News Apparatchik on Guns

Steven Crowder tries to reason with a Sky News moonbat regarding the lies the authoritarian media has been ramming down the public’s throat as it attempts to capitalize on the latest Islamic terror atrocity:

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Jun 26 2016

Cleveland Is Getting Crazy Already

No need to wait until the Republican Convention next month for the craziness to begin in Cleveland. Below a fan celebrates the Cavaliers winning the NBA championship by eating horse droppings:

Like they say, politics is downstream of culture. If this is our culture, the presumptive nominees for both parties begin to make sense.

From here things are likely to go downhill during the spectacle that will take place in Cleveland July 18–21. If the delegates revolt as many hope, and Trump fans riot in response as their orange-faced idol and his surrogate have encouraged them to do, a genuine circus may be in store.

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Jun 26 2016

Trump Drops Muslim Ban

Trump’s promise to ban Muslims from entering the USA was never a remotely serious proposal, but merely an example of him saying whatever whoever is in front of him wants to hear. He reacted to the refugee explosion gushing not so much from as through Syria by stating that we have to bring Islamic colonists into the country because they are “living in hell.” When that didn’t float with GOP primary voters, he pulled a stunning 180° pirouette and proclaimed that no Muslims will be allowed into the USA when he is in change. But that won’t float in the general election, so out the window it goes. Now he says that Muslims from “terror countries” will be “more severely vetted.” Characteristically, he appears to be unclear which countries those would be:

Asked how he would distinguish a ‘terror country’ from safer locales, he waved his hand to brush off the question.

‘They’re pretty well decided. All you have to do is look!’ Trump said.

‘They’re pretty well decided. I mean, people are looking at certain countries, and they’re pretty well decided already.’

The newly refined policy itself, despite the ambiguity of which countries would qualify, is not markedly different from existing U.S. rules.

Trump wouldn’t say whether any European countries count as “terror countries,” given their large and growing Muslim populations. Most likely that would depend on how he is treated by the local media.

Cluelessness incarnate.

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Jun 26 2016

Why Doesn’t the Left Respect Omar Mateen Identifying as an ISIS Terrorist?

A man can identify as a woman or a woman identify as a man and the authorities will insist that you play along with the delusion, adjusting pronouns as necessary. But they do not respect Omar Mateen’s explicit self-identification as an ISIS terrorist, even though he officially put it on the record while in the process of murdering 49 people for Allah. Elly Maye wonders why:

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Jun 25 2016

Open Thread


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