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May 19 2015

You Could Face Jail for Collecting Rainwater on Your Own Property

Who owns the rain and snow that fall on your house? In some parts of the country, Big Government does:

You might be aware that it is illegal to collect rainwater on your own property in some states, but did you know that doing so could actually land you in jail? That is exactly what is happening to Gary Harrington of Eagle Point, Oregon. He is now facing a 30-day jail sentence and fines of more than $1,500.

His crime? Harrington has been collecting rainwater in three reservoirs on his property, and the government doesn’t like it. In Oregon, all water is considered property of the state whether it flows from the tap or falls from the sky.

Collecting, storing and using rainwater is permitted if you obtain a permit from the state, but Harrington’s permits were revoked. The reasons why are not clear.

Harrington has been wrangling with Oregon’s Water Resources Department for more than ten years. In 2002, the state informed him that they had received “complaints” regarding three reservoirs located on his property. The reservoirs were used to collect and store rainwater and snow melt. One of the reservoirs has been on the property for nearly four decades.

When the government doesn’t allow you to collect rainwater on your property, you may fairly say that you live under tyranny.

A potential crime against the state.

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May 19 2015

Under de Blasio, Bill Bratton Throws Broken Windows Into Reverse

Those of us who lived in New York City when Rudy Giuliani became mayor in 1994 witnessed a miraculous transformation, as the Big Apple went from a rotten worm-ridden hellhole to something you might actually want to bite into largely thanks to the remarkably effective Broken Windows strategy of combating the chaos and lawlessness of urban blight by cracking down on minor offenses. Under NYC’s current rule by moonbats who deliberately exacerbate decay so as to broaden their political base, this policy is being run in reverse:

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is behind a controversial proposal to grant amnesty to more than 1 million people with open warrants for low-level offenses.

But some experts worry it could cause crime to skyrocket.

Ya think?

First he called for reduced penalties for smoking marijuana. Now, Bratton wants to explore granting amnesty to 1.2 million city residents with open warrants for low-level offenses, people who run the risk of being arrested for failing to resolve tickets for drinking in public, disorderly conduct and the like, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported Monday.

This runs diametrically opposite to the undeniably successful Broken Windows strategy that made Bratton’s career. Ironically — or maybe just disgustingly — Bratton is the same guy who cleaned up NYC under Giuliani, back when Broken Windows was used to fight crime and decay rather than run backward to promote them.

Bratton works for the criminals now.

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May 19 2015

Clueless Kayaktivists


Smug self-righteousness is a powerful drug. The econazis who indulge in it achieve such a state of delirium that they can’t even hear regular Americans laughing at them. From the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow:

They came in automobiles fueled by oil, wearing clothing made from oil, to protest oil, in kayaks made from oil. Then they tweeted their photos on phones made from oil and drove home.

Once there, they can luxuriate in how comfortable their houses are thanks to oil.

On a tip from Stormfax.

May 19 2015

Judicial Watch Obtains Smoking Guns on Benghazi

Before the Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans including an ambassador, Shrillary’s State Department refused requests for increased security. As it unfolded, she and Obama made themselves scarce. Afterward, they claimed that it was not a terror attack but a “spontaneous demonstration” provoked by some obscure anti-Islam video out of California. Their reaction was to throw the film maker in prison, and for Obama to proclaim before the United Nations that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Only grudgingly did they admit that it was in fact a well-coordinated terror attack. Yet look what the government watchdog Judicial Watch has found:

Judicial Watch announced [Monday] that it obtained more than 100 pages of previously classified “Secret” documents from the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of State revealing that DOD almost immediately reported that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was committed by the al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-linked “Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman” (BCOAR), and had been planned at least 10 days in advance. Rahman is known as the Blind Sheikh, and is serving life in prison for his involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and other terrorist acts. The new documents also provide the first official confirmation that shows the U.S. government was aware of arms shipments from Benghazi to Syria. The documents also include an August 2012 analysis warning of the rise of ISIS and the predicted failure of the Obama policy of regime change in Syria.

We have officially reached the point where no reasonable American could want the brazen liars Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in a position of responsibility.

A Defense Department document from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), dated September 12, 2012, the day after the Benghazi attack, details that the attack on the compound had been carefully planned by the BOCAR terrorist group “to kill as many Americans as possible.” The document was sent to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Obama White House National Security Council. The heavily redacted Defense Department “information report” says that the attack on the Benghazi facility “was planned and executed by The Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman (BCOAR).” The group subscribes to “AQ ideologies” …

The DOD documents also contain the first official documentation that the Obama administration knew that weapons were being shipped from the Port of Benghazi to rebel troops in Syria.

These “rebel troops” no doubt included some of the maniacs currently crucifying Christians on an industrial scale under the black flag of ISIS on land that had only recently been liberated at great cost in terms of blood and treasure by the USA.

Another DIA report, written in August 2012 (the same time period the U.S. was monitoring weapons flows from Libya to Syria), said that the opposition in Syria was driven by al Qaeda and other extremist Muslim groups: “the Salafist, the Muslim Brotherhood, and AQI are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria.” The growing sectarian direction of the war was predicted to have dire consequences for Iraq, which included the “grave danger” of the rise of ISIS.

Seventeen months before Obama dismissed ISIS as a JV team, he was receiving intelligence predicting its rise. From the DIA report:

The deterioration of the situation has dire consequences on the Iraqi situation and are as follows:

This creates the ideal atmosphere for AQI [al Qaeda Iraq] to return to its old pockets in Mosul and Ramadi, and will provide a renewed momentum under the presumption of unifying the jihad among Sunni Iraq and Syria, and the rest of the Sunnis in the Arab world against what it considers one enemy, the dissenters. ISI could also declare an Islamic state through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, which will create grave danger in regards to unifying Iraq and the protection of its territory.

It’s not as if no one saw the horror coming. But hey, Obama had golf to play. Plus he doesn’t seem to be sure whose side to take anyway.

Some of the “dire consequences” are blacked out but the DIA presciently warned one such consequence would be the “renewing facilitation of terrorist elements from all over the Arab world entering into Iraqi Arena.”

This was an especially like scenario given that Obama had prematurely withdrawn US troops, creating an irresistible power vacuum.

A State Department document pried loose through a separate lawsuit makes clear that no one was talking about the video and supposedly spontaneous demonstration that they sent the pathetic Susan Rice out to the Sunday news shows to blather about. That whole narrative was not a misunderstanding but a deliberately contrived lie — an attempt to blame Islamic terrorism on the critics of Islam.

“These documents are jaw-dropping. No wonder we had to file more FOIA lawsuits and wait over two years for them. If the American people had known the truth – that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other top administration officials knew that the Benghazi attack was an al-Qaeda terrorist attack from the get-go – and yet lied and covered this fact up – Mitt Romney might very well be president. And why would the Obama administration continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood even after it knew it was tied to the Benghazi terrorist attack and to al Qaeda? These documents also point to connection between the collapse in Libya and the ISIS war – and confirm that the U.S. knew remarkable details about the transfer of arms from Benghazi to Syrian jihadists,” stated Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president. “These documents show that the Benghazi cover-up has continued for years and is only unraveling through our independent lawsuits. The Benghazi scandal just got a whole lot worse for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

However, the base supporters of Obama and Shrillary are unlikely to be appalled even now, so long as they can keep the wealth redistribution running in high gear and stick their thumbs in the eyes of regular Americans.

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May 19 2015

Kerry Calls for Imposing International Rules on Internet

Because it allows citizens to circumvent establishment information gatekeepers like the partisan liars comprising the mainstream media, the Internet is second only to the Constitution as a tool to defend liberty. That is why it must be crushed, or as Hanoi John Kerry put it while droning in South Korea yesterday, the Internet “needs rules to be able to flourish and work properly.”

Speaking on behalf of the Obama administration, Kerry said that Internet policy is “a key component of our foreign policy.”

Kerry made his remarks in the context of talking about how international law is applicable to the Internet. “As I’ve mentioned, the basic rules of international law apply in cyberspace. Acts of aggression are not permissible. And countries that are hurt by an attack have a right to respond in ways that are appropriate, proportional, and that minimize harm to innocent parties. We also support a set of additional principles that, if observed, can contribute substantially to conflict prevention and stability in time of peace. We view these as universal concepts that should be appealing to all responsible states, and they are already gaining traction,” said Kerry.

This sounds benevolent until you remember that it is coming from an administration that responded to a Muslim terror attack that killed a US ambassador by proclaiming that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Putting United Nation types in a position to censor the Internet would in effect impose some of the most repressive aspects of sharia law. Imagine an Internet that doesn’t allow you to say anything expansionist Muslims don’t want said. That would turn the Internet into PBS.

Sure it would be nice to put an end to identity theft, property theft, hacking, cyberterrorism, et cetera. But nothing coming out of the Obama Regime is to be trusted.

Threat to the Internet.

On tips from Stormfax, J, Dragon’s Lair, Henry, and Petterssonp.

May 19 2015

Boston University Victim Studies Professor Saida Grundy Mocks Traumatized Rape Victim

Boston University Caucasian Hatred African-American Studies prof Saida Grundy is at it again. When first we heard of Ms. Grungy, she was denouncing America, calling for the word “pioneer” to be banned, and blaming whites for all slavery despite whites playing a disproportionate role in ending it. She then went on to portray white males as a “problem population”; Hitler taught us what progressives do with those. In the latest episode, she taunts a white rape victim:

That victim, Meghan Chamberlin, told that [Grundy’s Facebook] posts, made in a February public chat, felt “like a kick in the stomach.”

The woman who identified herself as Grundy posted the comments after Chamberlin took issue with a controversial article on race that the Facebook thread had linked to.

“I LITERALLY cry and lose sleep over this,” Chamberlin wrote, adding she had been raped as a child and felt that: “what this article did was tell me that I’m not aloud (sic) to ask for help… Because I am a WHITE woman… So when I read this article… you do understand what that does to me, right? It kills me…”

The woman, who identified herself as Sai Grundy in the Feb. 25 thread and uses the same photo the professor uses on tweets she acknowledged last week, responded by making fun of the victim’s crying.

“’I literally cry’…. While we literally die,” she said before adding, “try this article. A white woman explaining this issue to other white women… who manages NOT to cry while doing it!”

Chamberlin, the rape survivor, responded: “No really. I got it. You can take your claws out, thanks.”

To which Grundy exploded:

“^^THIS IS THE S**T I AM TALKING ABOUT. WHY DO YOU GET TO PLAY THE VICTIM EVERY TIME PEOPLE OF COLOR AND OUR ALLIES WANT TO POINT OUT RACISM. my CLAWS?? Do you see how you just took an issue that WASNT about you, MADE it about you, and NOW want to play the victim when I take the time to explain to you some s**t that is literally $82,000 below my pay grade? And then you promote your #whitegirltears like that’s some badge you get to wear… YOU BENEFIT FROM RACISM. WE’RE EXPLAINING THAT TO YOU and you’re vilifying my act of intellectual altruism by saying i stuck my “claws” into you?”

The elevated victim castes aggressively personified by Grungy have a monopoly on theatrical self-pity. They aren’t about to compromise it by acknowledging that others feel pain too.

Chamberlin responded by trying to leave the discussion. “I am choosing to “exit” this conversation,” she wrote.

But Grundy posted again, finishing with: “go cry somewhere. since that’s what you do.”

Chamberlin responded: “Will do.”

Grundy then responded to others: “am I mocking her tears or am I saying that her tears are meaningless displays of emotions because they don’t reflect at ALL an intention to understand the issue from the prospective (sic) of women of color or queer women.”

These are of course the only women who count. To disagree would be racist and sexist.

She added, “my name is *Sai*, but you can call me Dr. Grundy.”

The honorific “Dr.” doesn’t mean as much as it did before Affirmative Action.

People of this caliber are paid large salaries to teach youth.

Today’s academic discourse.

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May 19 2015

Ducks in a Row: ISIS Target-Rich Environment Wasted

Good thing for the Islamic State that it doesn’t have any opposition with intelligence and air power. Otherwise the big ISIS parade celebrating the fall of Ramadi would have been a long array of sitting ducks:

The “coalition” is led by Obama; does that answer the question?

On a tip from Bodhisattva. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

May 19 2015

DHS Buses In Somali Colonists Who Enter Illegally From Mexico

Importing foreign invaders in contravention of the law meets any reasonable definition of treason:

The U.S. is bringing in 100,000 Muslims every year through legal channels such as the United Nations refugee program and various visa programs, but new reports indicate a pipeline has been established through the southern border with the help of the federal agency whose job it is to protect the homeland.

Turning over homeland security to the likes of Barack Obama and Jeh Johnson is the ultimate example of putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

They are coming from Somalia and other African nations, according to a Homeland Security official who was caught recently transporting a busload of Africans to a detention center near Victorville, California.

For a variety of reasons, colonists from the failed state of Somalia are the least assimilable people on the planet. Importing Somalis means importing the three things Somalia is known for: poverty, chaos, and terrorism.

Somalia is the home base of al-Shabab, a designated foreign terrorist organization that slaughtered 147 Christians at a university in Kenya just last month. It executed another 67 at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013, and has put out warnings that it will target malls in Canada and the U.S. Dozens of Somali refugees in the U.S. have been arrested, charged and convicted of providing support to overseas terrorist organizations over the past few years. …

So when Anita Fuentes of posted a video of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security bus pulling into a Shell station in Victorville, on the night of May 7, admitting he had a busload of Somalis and other Africans who had crossed the southern border, it raised more than a few eyebrows among those concerned with illegal immigration and national security.

A man who appeared to be a Customs and Border Patrol agent was filmed at the gas station at 10:30 p.m. When questioned by Fuentes, he informed her that his large touring bus was full of Somalis and other Africans being transported to a nearby detention center. …

“Well they’re coming in asking for asylum,” he said.

“That’s what it is, that special key word huh? That’s a password now?” Fuentes said.

“That’s what the password is now,” he responds.

From that you can deduce how long the Somali welfare colonists will be incarcerated at the detention facility before being distributed throughout the country as part of Obama’s fundamental transformation of the American population. If DHS were doing the job it explicitly exists to perform, these people would be stopped at the border rather than brought into the country. How many of them are affiliated with ISIS — which is said to have a presence just over the border — is anyone’s guess.

We thought invasion would feature Soviet tanks. If only.

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May 18 2015

Open Thread

On a tip from Dan F.

May 18 2015

Bill Maher Schools PBS’s Charlie Rose on Islam

Just how clueless are the willfully stupid, mealy-mouthed cultural Marxist dhimmis at taxpayer-subsidized PBS? Even Bill Maher can school the laughable Charlie Rose on a subject he would need to know about to make sense of current events:

Apparently a “moderate” Muslim is one that does not believe in the Koran or approve of the behavior of Mohammad. By definition, a moderate Muslim is not a Muslim. The very notion of a moderate in the context of an ideology as extreme and intolerant as Islam is preposterous.

To defend Islam you must be either ignorant or evil. In neither case do you deserve to be coercively subsidized by the government.


On a tip from Jester.

May 18 2015

Countermoonbat Art: Racist in South Africa

Better late than never; some South Africans are putting up resistance to political correctness, the ideology that destroyed their country:

Controversy is brewing around the selection of a work by a major South African artist, Willem Boshoff, for the country’s official exhibition at the Venice Biennale international art exhibition.

Young South African artists reacted strongly last week to Racist in South Africa, which has a prominent place on the group show What Remains is Tomorrow at the South African Pavilion in the Italian city.

It is a 120cm x 120cm piece of text engraved into aluminium, which rants in despair about the state of the nation.

The work begins with the line “I am proud to be labelled racist in South Africa if it means that…” and lists a plethora of gripes, each one framed within a rhetoric of racialised fears…

As indicated by the snide tone in the original source, liberal establishmentarians don’t have much appreciation for Boshoff’s work.

Numerous South African visitors to the exhibition that City Press spoke to expressed disdain for the work. …

A significant player in the art scene said: “This work isn’t even a liberal white person ranting. It’s 100% conservative.”

What could be worse than that?

Another artist used an obscenity to denounce Boshoff for implying that any attempt to address South Africa’s many severe problems will be promptly stopped by the presentation of the race card.

Even after the last Caucasian has been driven out and South Africa collapses into a Third World failed state dependent on Western handouts for survival, it will all be the fault of the white man.

Probably the best work at the exhibit.

On a tip from rANCid Rainbow Nation.

May 18 2015

A Postcard From the Vatican of the Future

Recently menacing a procession in honor of the Virgin Mary because they regarded it as “provocative” is hardly the worst offense against Christianity by the Moslem colonists imported by Italy’s liberal ruling class. An appalling story from January slipped past, probably because the media didn’t regard it as newsworthy:

A man was kneeling in prayer before the statue of the revered Madonna, with the photograph of a loved one in hand, in the small chapel of St. Barnabas in Perugia (Italy), when he was attacked by five “immigrants.”

The first thing they did was rip the photo from his hands.

Next they unleashed their hatred against the image of the Virgin Mary. They broke the statue to pieces and then urinated on it.

This should surprise nobody:

Although the Diocese condemned the act of sacrilege against the Madonna statue, it also followed the Pope’s lead by absolving Islam of any responsibility for what happened.

None of this cowardice will prevent the dhimmis inside the Vatican from losing their heads if the ongoing demographic conquest succeeds. Unless there is drastic change before it is too late, this will be the Vatican’s future:


On a tip from Wiggins. Graphic compliments of Sean C.

May 18 2015

Girl Scouts Welcome Transgender Boys

Progressivism is not so much an ideology as a strategy for implementing the ideology of liberalism. A key element is the infiltration and subversion of institutions. This has already been accomplished with the media, academia, the courts, an increasing number of churches, and virtually everything else that can be regarded as part of the establishment — including the Girl Scouts:

A new Girl Scouts of America policy extends membership to boys who identify as girls. In other words, this girls group is now embracing transgender boys. …

“This means girls in the organization will be forced to recognize and accept transgenderism as a normal lifestyle. Boys in skirts, boys in make-up and boys in tents will become a part of the program. This change will put young, innocent girls at risk,” says Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association. “Adults are willing to experiment on our kids—both the boys who are confused and the girls who will wonder why a boy in a dress is in the bathroom with them.”

This is the nature of the twisted freak show our politically correct overlords are imposing not just on adults, but on children.

The Girl Scouts of America has lost its moral compass and needs your encouragement to rescind this new policy. Think about the potential mind-bending trauma this will cause to girls in Girl Scouts, the distress it will cause many parents and other yet-to-be-understood consequences.

The moral compass wasn’t lost; it was deliberately smashed. GSA will not stop pushing ever leftward until the day comes that it is no longer run by liberals. In the meantime, parents are warned to keep their girls far away from it. Any parents who would enlist their boys in the Girl Scouts are beyond heeding warnings.

The wholesomeness level of fundamentally transformed Girl Scouts.

On tips from MrRightWingDave and Wilberforce.

May 18 2015

Federal Hammer to Come Down on Trans Fats

Nothing is as good in a country dominated by liberals. The laundry doesn’t come out as clean because the mandated eco-washers don’t use enough water. Dishes come out of the dishwater dirty because liberals don’t like phosphates. Cars are becoming tin cans that don’t go very fast but that it is a death sentence to be inside during a crash. Power bills and taxes go up and up and up. Telling a harmless joke can cost you your job. Most everything on television is moronic and disgusting. Other countries hold ours in contempt. Plus this: food won’t taste as good.

The Obama administration is expected to all but ban trans fat in a final ruling that could drop as soon as next week, killing most uses of an ingredient that has been put in everything from frozen pizza to Reese’s Pieces but since deemed harmful to human health.

The agency may create some very limited exemptions, but the ruling could force food companies to cut trans fat use beyond the 85 percent reduction already achieved over the past decade — a key piece of the Obama administration’s broader agenda to nudge Americans toward a healthier diet.

“Nudge” is a liberal euphemism for “force.” As with Michelle Obama’s inedible school lunches, whether the federally mandated diet will be any healthier is doubtful. What the government regards as healthy fluctuates wildly.

The federal government’s crackdown on trans fat is an ironic twist for a substance that first came into favor in the 1950’s as a response to the perceived negative health issues linked to the use of saturated fats from animal products, like lard and butter. The oils, which are made “partially hydrogenated” by bubbling hydrogen molecules through liquid at high temperatures, become solid, giving food a better shelf life and texture.

As always with ham-fisted government coercion, there will be unintended consequences…

[M]any food companies look to palm oil as a substitute for partially hydrogenate oils, but harvesting palm oil sometimes means clearing rainforests to make way for palm plantations.

According to liberal ideology, clearing rainforests causes global warming.

Given the hysteria of our liberal ruling class, it is likely that trans fats are totally harmless when consumed in normal quantities. Casualties of the jihad against them will include sprinkles on donuts.

The trans fats ban may worsen the freshness, appearance, and texture of food more than its taste per se. But coming soon: bans on sugar and salt.

Even Homer Simpson could figure out that this is tyranny.

On a tip Petterssonp.

May 18 2015

ISIS Thanks Obama for Ramadi Spoils

The Islamic State may consist of satanic maniacs as explosively evil as Mohammad himself, but you can’t call them ingrates. ISIS terrorists know whom to thank for creating the power vacuum they have been filling, and for providing the ordnance they use to conquer and to kill the innocent:


The spoils from their recent conquest of Ramadi are said to include:

-40 Humvees
-10 Abrams tanks
-A battalion of Howitzer artillery
-Armored trucks & ammunition

American taxpayers picked up the tab for it all, but thanks appropriately go to Obama, who took the goodies out of American hands and left them there for whatever Islamists could think of a use for them.

ISIS demonstrates the depth of its gratitude to the Muslim-butt–snuffling Dhimmi in Chief with this gruesome photoshop:


That is all the thanks any Islamophile has any right to expect. When it comes to the Religion of Peace, there are only two options that could ever make sense: convert to it or fight it tooth and nail.

On tips from Rob E and Petterssonp.

May 18 2015

Affirmative Action in Action: NYPD Firefighter Runs Away From Fires

Bill de Blasio and his comrades in the courts have made it clear that New York City firemen — sorry, firepersons — are to be hired on the basis of race and gender rather than fitness for the job. The predictable result:

Michael D. Johnson won’t fight fires. Instead he stays on the sidelines as his Engine Co. 257 colleagues rush into burning buildings, FDNY insiders told The Post.

Nicknamed “Tragic Johnson” by rank and file, he’s managed to evade the smoke and flames several times since joining the Canarsie, Brooklyn, firehouse last year, sources confirmed.

“To have a guy that you know to be afraid is not going to be there for you when you need him to be — it’s frightening,” said one FDNY source.

The latest fright unfolded April 2 at a three-alarm blaze on East 78th Street, when Johnson’s irked captain radioed a “mayday” after discovering Johnson was AWOL, sources said. He had been assigned as “backup” to the nozzle man carrying the hose into the burning two-story building.

That left just two firefighters — the first and a third — to haul the heavy hose up a long staircase and spray water on the flames.

A photo obtained by The Post shows Johnson at the curb next to a FDNY vehicle while fellow firefighters march up steps into a house engulfed in black smoke.

Several anonymous firefighters expressed concern about the danger Johnson poses to his colleagues and the public.

But department members are afraid to openly complain or criticize Johnson, who is black, because he was hired under a court order to increase minority hiring in the FDNY.

Johnson was one of 282 “priority hires” who had previously been passed over as a result of discrimination according to a federal judge’s ruling. In the lunatic world of pure leftist ideology inhabited by federal judges, if a person of politically preferred pigmentation does not get the job, it could only be because of “discrimination” — never mind that blacks are obviously the last people to get discriminated against in public hiring in a place like NYC.

His June 2, 2014, graduation class of 286 probationary firefighters was hailed as the most diverse in FDNY history — 24 percent Hispanic, 17 percent black and with four women.

Wonderful. But did they put any fires out? Never mind; the only important thing in a society run by cultural Marxists is to hire people who aren’t white males.

Johnson’s colleagues are right to be concerned. This sick idiocy is going to get people killed.

His picture is all the resumé Johnson needs.

On tips from Rob E, Sean C, wingmann, and Dean D.

May 18 2015

Sheriff Is Glad Maniac Who Rammed Police Car Is White

You can see what progressives have reduced our country to when you read something like this:

“We are glad that he is white,” [Nelson County, Kentucky Sheriff Ed] Mattingly said of suspect John Kennedy Fenwick, who was transported to a Louisville hospital in critical condition after he allegedly rammed an officer’s cruiser and was shot.

That is because when a black criminal manages to get himself hurt in a conflict with the police, the national media and federal government aggressively exploit the incident to whip up riots, advance their racial agenda, and attack the institution of local police.

In a press conference discussing the recent incident, one reporter asked … Mattingly if he was “concerned about some sort of backlash from the community.”

Backlash, over shooting a white person? Apparently that was meant as a joke.

After a muted chuckle, Mattingly explained he and others in his profession must respond appropriately to the ongoing push to depict the law enforcement community as racist.

“We must take notice of previous cases … and how the media have handled those situations,” he said…

People are starting to figure out who runs America: the cultural Marxists who have taken over the media. Figureheads like Obama come and go, but the drivers of the agenda he personifies will remain in power until they are dislodged. The media put Obama in the White House despite his obvious unsuitability and prevented him from being impeached through selective reporting. If the 2016 election goes as planned, the media will also select the next rabidly anti-American neo-Marxist to take his place.

Project Black Lives Matter is a textbook example of how the national media acts in concert to advance its destructive agenda.

On tips from Wiggins and Ken in Florida.

May 18 2015

Media Gives Big to Corrupt Clinton Foundation

It isn’t just the Clintonista munchkin George Snuffleupagus. Look at some of the big names in the media that have been shoveling money at the money-laundering slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation:


Carlos Slim
Chairman & CEO of Telmex, largest New York Times shareholder

James Murdoch
Chief Operating Officer of 21st Century Fox

Newsmax Media
Florida-based conservative media network

Thomson Reuters
Owner of the Reuters news service



News Corporation Foundation
Philanthropic arm of former Fox News parent company

By now no one should be surprised to see supposedly conservative outfits like 21st Century Fox/News Corporation (has owned Fox News, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Weekly Standard) and Newsmax on this list. When all is said and done, there is only one establishment.

Interestingly, left-wing NBCUniversal and PBS are way down in the $5,000-$10,000 donor group — this despite PBS being in a position to give away taxpayers’ money.

Maybe Murdoch Jr. et al. are just paying bribes to keep Fox News on the air even if God forbid Shrillary becomes president. But the senior Murdoch seems to hit it off with her nicely:

Murdoch Hillary
Shrillary & Murdoch

On a tip from Stormfax.

May 17 2015

Open Thread


Via iOTWReport, on a tip from TED.

May 17 2015

Pro-Abortion Moonbat Does Not Want You to See Him in This Video

A young moonbat named Alex seems to have figured out that he didn’t make a very compelling case for the legality of killing inconvenient children:

Alex is “not advocating murder of any kind.” It isn’t murder if you call it “abortion.” Not even if you call it “postnatal abortion.”

Once you have rejected the concept of right and wrong by embracing liberalism, anything goes.

On a tip from RKae. Hat tip: ClashDaily.

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