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Jul 19 2016

Muslim to Give Closing Prayer on Day Two of Cleveland Trumpfest

Looks like Trump’s demagogic targeting of Muslims has served its purpose and can now be discarded. Already he is veering back to a more characteristic left-liberal position:

[T]he RNC and Trump have announced that a Muslim is going to be giving the benediction, the closing prayer, on day two of the Republican National Convention, an event billed by media like the Drudge Report as “The Trump Convention.”

Given the tiny percentage of Americans (leave alone Republican voters) who are Muslim, this is P.C. pandering at its most nauseating.

A program of the GOP Convention provided to PolitiStick reveals that on Tuesday, the founder of a front group known as “American Muslims for Trump,” Sajid Tarar, will be praying to Allah, the same god invoked by Islamic terrorists shouting “Allahu Akbar” while committing evil around the globe in places like San Bernardino, Orlando, and more recently in Nice, France.

You might be surprised by this, considering all the hostile rhetoric Trump directed at Muslims during the primaries — unless you already knew that his initial position on the tsunami of refugees colonists currently pouring out of the Muslim world was that we have to let them in because they are “living in hell.”

As for the following preposterous promise of a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” that was downgraded to “just a suggestion” months ago, around the time he started covertly courting Muslims.

By November, Trump will be distinguishable from other liberal Democrats only by his trademark cheesy obnoxiousness — and of course his openly stated intention to torture, murder, and issue unlawful orders.

Tarar is scheduled to pray to Allah at the Trumpfest later today.

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Jul 19 2016

Islamic Outreach by Axe Attack on German Train

After we are done banning guns to prevent incidents like Orlando, airplanes to prevent incidents like 9/11, and trucks to prevent incidents like Nice, we will have to ban axes to prevent incidents like Würzburg:

18 people were injured after a man armed with an axe went on a bloody rampage after storming a train in Germany.

Armed police swarmed the area soon after receiving reports that a man hacked at passengers on board a train close to Wurzburg in southern Germany.

Police have confirmed that 18 people have been injured in the horrifying attack – three of them are fighting for life.

A 17-year-old Afghan refugee believed to be behind the attack was shot dead by police as he reportedly charged at them following the incident near Würzburg-Heidingsfeld station.

The boy is reported to have shouted “Allahu Akbar” before the attack and investigators believed he had [become a] ‘self-radicalised’ Muslim.

An ISIS flag was found in his room.

As the moonbats at BBC report,

The motive for the attack is not yet clear.

No doubt Obama would concur that his motives are a mystery.

The maniac entered Germany as an unaccompanied minor. If Germany were the sort of country where people are allowed to defend themselves, and a concealed carrier had dispatched him before he could spill blood, the media would now be weeping about the senseless death of a child. If any pictures of him as a 12-year-old could be uncovered, they would be plastered across TV screens, as after Trayvon Martin’s timely death.

The most obvious lessons: (1) law-abiding citizens must be able to defend themselves; (2) being under 18 years old does not mean you are not dangerous; (3) when you import large numbers of people from dysfunctional Islamic hellholes, you are importing their culture.

Enriching the multicultural tapestry of Germany.

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Jul 19 2016

Male Inmate Kills Female Corrections Officer

According to liberal dogma, men and women are interchangeable in the workplace, because gender is an artificial social construct. Anyone who disagrees is a hateful bigot who must be shunned. That means reality is a hateful bigot:

A male inmate killed a female corrections officer at a prison in west central Texas early Saturday, authorities said.

Mari Johnson, 55, was found unresponsive about 3 a.m. near the kitchen area of the Robertson Unit, a prison in Abilene, Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark said. Life-saving measures were initiated and Johnson then was taken to Hendricks Medical Center in Abilene where she was pronounced dead, he said. …

“Correctional officers have one of the most difficult jobs in all of state government protecting the public from dangerous individuals,” Brad Livingston, the department’s executive director, said. “This is a tragic reminder that carrying out that mission can lead to the ultimate sacrifice.”

It would be more accurate to say Mari Johnson made the ultimate sacrifice not for public safety, but for political correctness. Female corrections officers have no place in male prisons except under conditions of extreme moonbattery.

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Jul 18 2016

Open Thread


Via Harold Cook, on a tip from Varla.

Jul 18 2016

Why France Keeps Getting Attacked by Terrorists

Not only does Paul Joseph Watson have the answer, he even knows what can be done to stop it. But it seems that not enough innocents have been murdered yet for anyone in charge to listen.

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Jul 18 2016

Police-Free Zone Signs Available

Gun-free zones have been such a roaring success, moonbats might also want to try police-free zones. Signs are available at The People’s Cube:


Given their enthusiastic amplification of the Black Lives Matter rhetoric that has been getting police officers murdered, liberal journalists will surely want to place these signs prominently at their homes and places of employment, right next to their gun-free zone signs.

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Jul 18 2016

Newspeak Dictionary Update: Delete “Terrorist” and “Terrorism”

In order to avoid thought crime, it is essential to keep your copy of the Newspeak Dictionary up to date. The words “terrorist” and “terrorism” must immediately be deleted:

Adam Ragusea, writing at, believes that the word “terrorist” has become “uselessly arbitrary and loaded,” because it “has acquired a powerful religious—and specifically Islamic—connotation” that “is substantively consequential.”

As a result, Ragusea believes that the Associated Press, whose Stylebook sadly exerts nearly ironclad control over language used in U.S. establishment press journalism, should follow the lead of Reuters and stop using that word.

Reuters also severely restricted use of the word “terrorism.”

Ragusea, who is “a journalist in residence and visiting assistant professor at Mercer University’s Center for Collaborative Journalism,” considers banning the T-word to describe a person who carries out terrorist acts a public service as important as the AP’s disgraceful 2013 decision to banish the term “illegal immigrant” to describe an immigrant who is, well, here illegally.

Using the T-words is now regarded as Islamophobic, and therefore strongly forbidden. The actual practice of t*****ism by t*****ists will of course continue unabated, with the de facto support of the Inner Party (i.e., the liberal ruling class).

A simple mnemonic device will help prevent slips that might offend Muslims. Always remember: you can’t say “terror” without error.

Hat tip: Twitchy.

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Jul 18 2016

Left Party Moonbat Julian Kinzel Found Guilty of Faking Crime

A little follow-up on Hate Hoax List inductee Julian Kinzel of Germany’s Left Party:

19-year-old Julian Kinzel alleged in January that right wing extremists slashed him 17 times with a knife while calling him a “gay communist”. In the aftermath of the attack Mr Kinzel, who is heterosexual, posted a message on Facebook declaring that he would not be intimidated.

Such a courageous moonbat!

On Thursday, however, the prosecutor in the city of Schwerin accused Mr Kinzel of faking a crime. According to the Left the 19-year-old who, at the time of his allegations, represented them as a local politician, is no longer a member of the party. He is now facing either three years in prison or a fine.

Doubts about the the politician’s story surfaced not long after it became public. A number of inconsistencies in his story, not least inexplicable injuries, led to police opening the investigation against Mr Kinzel.

His fellow lefties stood with him anyway, desperately wanting to believe him. Egg now oozes down their slack-jawed faces.

Kinzel: Wounds were self-inflicted.

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Jul 18 2016

In Aftermath of Baton Rouge Bloodbath, Shep Smith of Fox News Berates Bobby Jindal for Saying All Lives Matter

When there is breaking news, I now turn the channel to CNN. Yes, they are moonbats, but they don’t make my skin crawl like Shepard Smith does on Fox News. Watch in horror and disgust as Smith, while interviewing Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in the immediate aftermath of Black Lives Matter types murdering three police officers in Baton Rouge, repeatedly berates Jindal for saying that all lives matter, which Smith claims is “derogatory” and “divisive,” since it conflicts with the ideology he apparently shares with the killers:

After devoting itself to enabling a progressive populist’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party, Fox News will find it challenging to be taken seriously. A good start would be dumping the odious Shep Smith.

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Jul 18 2016

Newspaper Publishes the Truth About Dallas Bloodbath, Quickly Apologizes

Even now you can sometimes read the truth in newspapers. When this occurs, editors are quick to apologize:

“Gunman targeted whites,” read the lead story headline in the Commercial Appeal, a member of the USA Today network. The headline was accurate, as Dallas gunman Micah Xavier Johnson explicitly talked about [how he] wanted to kill white police officers…

That didn’t stop protestors from gathering outside the paper’s office in downtown Memphis on Wednesday to express their displeasure, some holding signs that read “Black Lives Matter.”

That’s all it took.

Commercial Appeal editor Louis Graham quickly apologized after meeting with the protestors, and wrote an editorial titled, “We got it wrong.”

Wringing his hands submissively, Graham sniveled,

“That front page minimized the broader refrain of what’s happening in our country with anguish over the deaths of young black men at the hands of police. It has been viewed as suggesting that this newspaper values the lives of white police officers more than young black men who have died in incident after incident.”

In other words, the Commercial Appeal firmly established that it is on the side of lowlife hoodlums and the mobs of thugs who deify them against the police officers those mobs are getting killed.

Will this be enough to placate the mob’s leaders? Of course not. No degree of submission could ever be enough.

One of the protest leaders, Pastor Earle Fisher of the Memphis Grassroots Organization Coalition, said following a meeting with Commercial Appeal employees that the situation highlighted “the need for cultural sensitivity training.”

A free press requires more than an Amendment in the Bill of Rights. It also requires enough courage to speak the truth even if bullies don’t want it heard.

Reporting the truth is a thought crime.

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Jul 17 2016

Open Thread


Via Overpasses for America.

Jul 17 2016

Congressional Gun-Grabbers Refuse to Put Gun-Free Zone Signs on Their Property

Everyone except criminals and the government benefits from lawful gun ownership. Even if you don’t carry a gun or keep one in your house, since others do, criminals (and tyrants) are wary. That’s why congresscritters and congressional staffers aren’t about to put “gun-free zone” signs on their property, even if they are foolish enough to chip away at the Second Amendment liberties that keep us all safe:

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Jul 17 2016

Baton Rouge Cop-Killers Have Been Egged On for a Generation

Three more cops have been murdered and three injured near Police Department headquarters in Baton Rouge in an ambush in the latest unsurprising consequence of the Black Lives Matter propaganda relentlessly propagated by the Obama Administration and the liberal media that put it in power. These were political assassinations. Since politics is downstream of culture, for background on the murders, let’s have a look at the lyrics of the 1992 hit “Cop Killer” by Body Count, fronted by mulatto rap star Ice-T (real name Tracy Lauren Marrow):

Cop killer, yeah!

I got my black shirt on
I got my black gloves on
I got my ski mask on
This sh**’s been too long
I got my twelve gauge sawed off
I got my headlights turned off
I’m ’bout to bust some shots off
I’m ’bout to dust some cops off

I’m a cop killer, better you than me
Cop killer, f*** police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your family’s grieving
(F*** ’em!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even, ha ha

I got my brain on hype
Tonight’ll be your night
I got this long-assed knife
And your neck looks just right
My adrenaline’s pumpin’
I got my stereo bumpin’
I’m ’bout to kill me somethin’
A pig stopped me for nuthin’!

Cop killer, better you than me
Cop killer, f*** police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your momma’s grieving
(F*** her!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even, yeah!

Die, die, die, pig, die!

F*** the police!
F*** the police!
F*** the police!
F*** the police!

F*** the police!
F*** the police!
F*** the police!
F*** the police!

Cop killer, better you than me.
I’m a COP KILLER, f*** police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your family’s grieving
(F*** ’em!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even, ha ha ha ha, yeah!

F*** the police!
F*** the police!
F*** the police!
F*** the police!

F*** the police!
F*** the police!
F*** the police!
F*** the police!
Break it down

F*** the police, yeah!
F*** the police, for Darryl Gates
F*** the police, for Rodney King
F*** the police, for my dead homies
F*** the police, for your freedom
F*** the police, don’t be a pussy
F*** the police, have some muthaf***in’ courage
F*** the police, sing along

Cop killer!
Cop killer!
Cop killer!
Cop killer!

Cop killer! Whaddyou wanna be when you grow up?
Cop killer! Good choice
Cop killer! I’m a muthaf***in’
Cop killer!

Cop killer, better you than me
Cop killer, f*** police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your momma’s grieving
(F*** her!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even!

The entertainment industry has been pumping this evil garbage into kids’ heads for a generation now. What did they think the results would be?

Ice-T, the author and singer of these lyrics, is not some fringe figure. He is a bona fide member of the liberal establishment, with a long résumé in music and acting. Since 2000 he has played police officer Odafin “Fin” Tutuola on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

We can now look forward to Obama again echoing the ideology of the killers at a memorial service for the fallen, as he did in Dallas. But this didn’t start with Obama, who is only a symptom of the sickness — and it won’t end with the dead officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Like all things politically correct, Black Lives Matter B.S. is an expression of cultural Marxism. It was explicitly designed to tear American society to pieces, and it is working.

The attack on Baton Rouge police was an attack on all of us.

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Jul 17 2016

14-Year-Old Moonbat Gets Enthusiastic Pats on the Head for “White Boy Privilege” Slam Poem

To get an idea of what the progressives in charge of education and the media are filling the next generation’s heads with, see how long you can endure 14-year-old Royce Mann projectile vomiting a stream of undiluted moonbattery at an Atlanta poetry contest:

So that’s why there aren’t any female pitchers in the Major Leagues. White boy privilege.

Hopefully Royce will outgrow this nauseating crap before he’s old enough to shave on a regular basis. But many will never outgrow it. A society brainwashed into hating itself has no future.

How tragic that America’s meritocracy is being destroyed in the name of such obviously bogus propaganda. In its place, progressives are constructing a caste system based on the same categorizations they pretend to object to.

Needless to say, the foul-mouthed young fool was declared winner of the poetry contest.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jul 16 2016

Open Thread


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Jul 16 2016

Is Turkey Holding US Troops Hostage?

Obama’s leadership will be tested in light of the tragically failed coup against the Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is blaming Fethullah Gulen for the uprising. Gulen lives in Pennsylvania. Erdogan demands we turn him over, presumably so that the frail old man can be executed. As if to enforce this demand, Erdogan appears to be holding 1,500 US troops hostage in Turkey:

Power to the base has been cut off.

What’s Obama doing about it? Probably playing golf, according to this source:

Gulen has condemned the coup, and denies having anything to do with it. However,

Erdogan and Gulen, former political allies, have fallen out in recent years over Erdogan’s years-long crackdown on domestic dissent and Turkey’s once-open media landscape. … [Gulen] promotes a philosophy that blends a mystical form of Islam with staunch advocacy of democracy, education, science and interfaith dialogue. …

Before Friday’s coup attempt, more than 2,000 Gulen supporters had been arrested in Turkey on various charges since their split in 2013. In March, Turkish authorities seized control of one of Turkey’s largest newspapers, Zaman, which was associated with Gulen.

You can see why a hardline Islamist like Erdogan, who has been turning the clock back on Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s secularization of Turkey, might want Gulen’s head as part of the crackdown that inevitably follows a failed coup against an authoritarian regime.

Turkey being a member of NATO makes this a very sticky situation. So does Obama’s formerly buddy–buddy relationship with Erdogan, who is conspicuously not on the side of the angels.

Quality, competent, principled leadership would be nice. But that’s too much to ask these days.

On tips from Rob E and Torcer. Tweets via The Right Scoop.

Jul 16 2016

Black Lives Matter Propaganda Exposed Case by Case

Point by point, Steven Crowder counters malign and inflammatory liberal establishment/Black Lives Matter propaganda with the facts:

Given that a grossly outsized percentage of violent crime in this country is committed by blacks, it is inevitable that there will be encounters between police and blacks, and that some will result in death. This is great news for liberals, who will never have a shortage of events to distort into myths that support their bogus narrative.

On a tip from Torcer.

Jul 16 2016

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen Lays It Out Plainly

The Islamic atrocity that was inflicted on the innocent in Nice 4 days later certainly drove home these astute observations by Marion Maréchal-Le Pen:

If other parties refuse to address the threat posed by Islam, her National Front will continue to gain support.

On a tip from DM.

Jul 16 2016

Socialism Is Not Healthy for Children

Some may remember this slogan from the days when hippies roamed the land:


Now that we are older and wiser, we need to update the slogan to read, “Socialism is not healthy for children and other living things.” CNN reports on the effects end-stage socialism is having on kids in Venezuela:

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Jul 16 2016

F**k Beyoncé

Paul Joseph Watson has had enough of Beyoncé, the irritating hypocritical fraud who has positioned herself as the celebrity face of the malign Black Lives Matter movement (LANGUAGE ALERT):

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