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Sep 19 2016

First Woman to Serve in British Infantry Is a Man

It’s as if terror of being denounced as politically incorrect has convinced people that a man really can become a woman by deforming his body with surgery or hormones, or simply by declaring that he is a woman. We are now told that a woman serves in the British infantry for the first time since the Army was established in 1660, even though the woman is actually a man recently named Ben Allen:

Britain’s first female infantry soldier to serve in the Army has told how [he] was born a boy and described how honoured [he] is “to be able to make history”.

Guardsman Chloe Allen, who joined the forces in 2012 as Ben Allen, made the decision to transition from male to female after being caught cross-dressing as [he] prepared to guard a royal palace.

The rot and insanity go all the way to the top:

General Sir James Everard, Commander of the Field Army, praised the 24-year-old soldier from Cumbria for [his] courage.

He said: “I’m delighted to have our first woman serving in a ground close combat unit. The British Army is really proving itself as an inclusive organisation where everyone is welcome and can thrive.”

If only Ben had decided to pretend he is a duck. Think how historic it would be for General Everard to announce the first duck to serve in the infantry for the country once known as Great Britain.

Ben “Chloe” Allen, pseudo-female soldier.

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Sep 19 2016

Absorbed by Greater DC, Alexandria Starts Scrubbing Southern Past

As the federal government grows, so does the Debt Star. It is expanding quickly into Virginia, which will soon become more a suburb of Washington than any recognizable part of the South. As territory is conquered, the region’s history is scrubbed:

In a town that once took considerable pride in its Confederate past, the Alexandria City Council voted unanimously Saturday to change the name of Jefferson Davis Highway and seek permission from the Virginia General Assembly to move a renowned statue of a Confederate soldier in historic Old Town. …

After a lengthy public hearing, the council agreed to try to relocate the “Appomattox” statue from the busy intersection of Prince and Washington streets, where thousands of motorists pass it each day. The pensive and unarmed south-facing Confederate soldier would be moved to a local history museum on the same corner.

…and from there to the city dump, when no one who might defend Virginia’s heritage is paying attention.

It was just a year ago that the city decided to end its practice of hanging three Confederate flags from traffic light poles at the “Appomattox” statue on Lee’s birthday and on Confederate Memorial Day.

Momentum is building. By the time the liberal Northeast Boston–Washington Corridor extends all the way to Florida, much more of American history will have been erased.

This Confederate soldier will soon be a casualty of a Civil War that still hasn’t ended.

On tips from Stormfax and Bodhisattva. Hat tip: Old Town Post.

Sep 19 2016

Only 5.7% of the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund Goes to Charity

So what if Shrillary sold access and influence to foreign interests as Secretary of State? At least the money went to a good cause. Leaving aside absurdly inflated speaking fees, it mostly flowed into the Clinton Foundation. From there the cash went to charities — or rather, a small percentage of it did:

Just 5.7 percent of the Clinton Foundation’s massive 2014 budget actually went to charitable grants, according to the tax-exempt organization’s IRS filings. The rest went to salaries and employee benefits, fundraising and “other expenses.”

The Clinton Foundation spent a hair under $91.3 million in 2014, the organization’s IRS filings show. But less than $5.2 million of that went to charitable grants.

That number pales in comparison to the $34.8 million the foundation spent on salaries, compensation and employee benefits.

Another $50.4 million was marked as “other expenses,” while the remaining almost $851K was marked as “professional fundraising expenses.”

That’s pretty vague. But what kind of book-keeping do you expect from a woman who misplaced $billions of public funds while she was Secretary of State?

As first reported by The Daily Caller, the IRS launched an investigation into the Clinton Foundation this past July after 64 House Republicans called the foundation a “lawless ‘pay-to-play’ enterprise that has been operating under a cloak of philanthropy for years and should be investigated” in a letter to the IRS, FBI and Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

No worries for Shrillary; any honest IRS investigators will be kept on a short leash by the White House, as with the FBI.

A slush fund for laundering bribes.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

Sep 19 2016

Entire Seattle High School Football Team Disrespects America During National Anthem

Given that public schools tend to be run by flaming moonbats, this should come as no surprise:

The entire Garfield High School football team, including the coaches, took a knee during the national anthem Friday night before their game against West Seattle High on Friday night to protest “social injustices.”

The head coach projects responsibility onto the kids:

After the game, which [unfortunately] Garfield won, Garfield High School head football coach Joey Thomas said that “the players decided to do this” to bring attention to “social injustices,” emphasizing that it was “a player-driven” move and that his players plan to continue the practice during the anthem before every game “until they tell us to stop.”

As in the NFL, that is not going to happen. Seattle Public Schools issued an official statement supporting these disgusting displays in the name of the First Amendment. If the players tried to pray on the field, they would be stopped in the name of that same amendment.

The NFL’s failure to put a stop to this has allowed the disease to spread far and wide. Once the national anthem united us in pride and respect. Now it is an occasion for moonbats and those easily cowed by moonbats to denounce our country and our heritage. Very soon the Star-Spangled Banner will be regarded as controversial, and will no longer be played so as to avoid the acrimony.

Everyone who refuses to stand for the national anthem should be kicked off the Garfield team, especially the coaches. Instead they will be congratulated on their political correctness, and Kaepernick disease will spread further, throughout high schools and down to the junior high level.

Garfield High School: United in moonbattery against the USA.

On a tip from Steve A.

Sep 19 2016

Lawfare Waged Against Black Lives Matter

We have had more than enough lawsuits, but you can at least sympathize with the sentiment on this one:

A Dallas Police Sergeant has filed a federal lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter group accusing their leaders of inciting anti-police violence.

Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, president of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation and a police officer for 17 years, filed the lawsuit in federal court Friday, claiming the group is inciting racial violence against law enforcement.

The defendants comprise an entire basket of deplorables, including Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers Party, George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama, and even Shrillary Rotten Clinton herself.

This motley crew have “repeatedly incited their supporters and others to engage in threats of and attacks to cause serious bodily injury or death upon police officers and other law enforcement persons of all races and ethnicities.”

Larry Klayman of FreedomWatch is representing Pennie. In light of the numerous police officers who have been murdered by maniacs high on Black Lives Matter rhetoric, they are asking over $500 million in damages.

The suit is unlikely to get anywhere, which is just as well, because it would open the door to any number of lawsuits targeting political speech. But hopefully it will draw attention to the extreme perniciousness of Black Lives Matter and those who support it.

Sgt. Demetrick Pennie.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Sep 19 2016

The Kind of Guy Trump Really Would Nominate to the Supreme Court

By now everyone with the possible exception of the doggedly gullible ring-kisser Hugh Hewitt understands that Trump’s list of 11 conservatives that he might or might not nominate to the Supreme Court was yet another one of his swindles. No way is a life-long liberal who clawed his way to the top of the GOP over the corpses of conservatives going to give his enemies anything he doesn’t have to; he will punish us however he can for daring to oppose his rise to power. What kind of people would Trump actually appoint? He has suggested that his ultra-radical pro-abortion sister would be a “phenomenal” choice. Here’s another possibility:

Donald Trump has made it clear he will nominate Peter Thiel to the Supreme Court if he wins the presidency, Thiel has told friends, according to a source close to the PayPal co-founder.

Trump “deeply loves Peter Thiel,” and people in the real estate mogul’s inner circle are talking about Thiel as a Supreme Court nominee, a separate source close to Trump told The Huffington Post.

Admittedly this is from a far left publication not known for its reliability. Spokesmen for both Trump and Thiel deny the report.

But the two do have a lot in common. Both are brash, elitist, media-bashing, highly vindictive zillionaires who like to deliver stilettos between the ribs in the form of lawsuits. Thiel would be the first openly homosexual justice, which a New York liberal like Trump would be sure to regard as a feather in his cap.

One thing we do know is that Trump will not be nominating the likes of Antonin Scalia, regardless of what lies he might tell prior to November. Just last December, he denounced Scalia for not favoring Affirmative Action.

Thiel: a more likely pick than anyone on the List of Eleven.

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Sep 18 2016

Open Thread


Via The People’s Cube and The Right Reasons.

Sep 18 2016

Carl Bernstein Says Bill Weld Could Drop Out and Endorse Hillary

Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame told CNN that Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld might abandon fellow pseudo-libertarian moonbat Gary Johnson and endorse Shrillary:

Although Bernstein is advising rather than reporting, his idea is not as nuts as it sounds. Bill Weld is a liberal, not a libertarian. His clueless hostility to our precious Second Amendment rights makes him a natural to back Shrillary. His running mate Johnson already essentially endorsed Bernie Sanders.

One thing Bernstein has right for sure: Johnson is not a serious person, but a marijuana-muddled flake. An outrageously awful nomination choice made 2016 a tragically wasted opportunity for the Libertarian Party almost as much as for the GOP. No one associated with Gary Johnson is going to be taken seriously in the future.

Nonetheless, Weld has committed himself to his fate as an assistant clown, and will not be following Bernstein’s advice.

On a tip from Torcer.

Sep 18 2016

The National Anthem Properly Honored

If the NFL cares more about the bottom line than it does about ramming moonbattery down the throats of its dwindling audience, it will fire Commissioner Roger Goodell soon. A good move would be to replace him with Virginia Tech Hokies basketball coach Buzz Williams:

On a tip from the Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Sep 18 2016

Dhimmi Denial, From Minnesota to Manhattan

The Islamophiles in charge have ceased to worry about their preposterous denials failing to pass the laugh test.

From St. Cloud, Minnesota, where yesterday Islamic outreach bestowed multiculturalism upon the Crossroads Center mall:

Nine people were injured by an attacker who was killed inside the Macy’s store by an off-duty Avon police officer.

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis identified that officer as Jason Falconer during a press conference Sunday.

A short time earlier, St. Cloud Somali-American community members identified the deceased suspect as Dahir Adan. …

[St. Cloud Police Chief Blair] Anderson said the attacker, who was armed with a knife, reportedly made references to Allah during the attack and asked at least one person whether they were Muslim. But Anderson pointedly declined to call the attacks an act of terrorism, saying the motive isn’t yet known.

Like the police, Minnesota FBI spokesman Kyle Loven declined to say Sunday if investigators believe the attack was a terrorist act.

It happened at a workplace. Must have been workplace violence.

Comparably absurdly,

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was grilled Sunday over his refusal to call the weekend bombing in Manhattan an act of terror.

Twenty-nine people suffered injuries when an improvised explosive device was detonated in the neighborhood of Chelsea on Saturday night.

After the explosion, authorities conducted a search for additional devices in the area and discovered a pressure cooker with an apparent mobile phone attached to it and wires protruding.

“How can you say there is no link to terrorism when the Inspire magazine published instructions on how to build one of these pressure-cooker bombs, like the one used in the Boston Marathon bombing?” a reporter, referencing an online magazine linked to Al Qaeda, asked at a press conference.

He can say it because according to the liberal narrative, Muslims are put-upon victims of Islamophobic microaggressions and terrorism is under control. An Islamic connection is assumed by all involved; otherwise moonbats like de Blasio would not hesitate to call terrorism terrorism.

At least Shrillary was willing to call the Manhattan bombing a bombing — although moments later she denounced Trump for calling it a bombing, before presumably crawling back into her deathbed:

On tips from Bodhisattva and Torcer.

Sep 18 2016

If You Respect America, Find Something Else to Do Sunday Afternoons

Kaepernick disease continues to spread. Thanks to the encouragement of the people in charge, it is completely engulfing the NFL. Tomorrow night the entire Philadelphia Eagles team is planning to use the national anthem as a pretext to make a spectacle of their contempt of America:

Football fans can expect to see another protest during the national anthem on Monday Night Football when the Philadelphia Eagles meet the Chicago Bears. Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins gave the head’s up this weekend during an interview on Philadelphia’s Sportsradio 94WIP, a CBS affiliate.

Jenkins gibbered that the reason the Eagles want to be sure everyone knows they despise America is…

“just to continue to push forward the conversation about social injustice, and that’s a range of things from police brutality to wages and job opportunities, education. There’s just a lot of things systematically that have been set up in this country since its inception that put minorities, especially African Americans, at a disadvantage when you talk about quality of life and actually growing in this country.”

In other words, it’s an all-purpose “America sucks because race-based leftist politics haven’t been shoved far enough down everyone’s throat” gesture, oriented around blaming the USA for the inevitable consequences of the way some blacks choose to behave.

To watch these overpaid, hyper-privileged thugs openly display their hostility to everything we revere on the grounds that they are “oppressed,” when in any other country they would be scraping by doing manual labor, is too much to swallow. At long last people have had enough:

The drop in TV ratings for the NFL wasn’t confined to Monday night.

With the dust settled on Week One, the NFL saw a reduction in most key apples-to-apples comparisons from 2015 to 2016.

Via Forbes, the Thursday night opener between the Panthers and Broncos drew 25.2 million, down eight percent from 2015 (Steelers-Patriots) and six percent from 2014 (Packers-Seahawks). Also, Sunday night’s game between the Patriots and Cardinals generated an audience of 23.1 million. Despite the game being decided at the last second, the audience fell by 14 percent, in comparison to last year’s Giants-Cowboys Sunday night opener.

This trend will continue as more people become aware that disrespecting the national anthem isn’t just a childish act by a handful of spoilt idiots. Spitting in the faces of the audience in the name of moonbattery has the full support of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who could quickly put a stop to this if he so chose.

A middle finger to America is the official message of the NFL. By watching NFL games, you endorse it.

boycott nfl

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Sep 18 2016

Melania Found

Ever since she got caught plagiarizing a speech by Michelle Obama, Melania Trump has been so scarce that some are concerned about her health. Rest easy; we found her and she looks well:

On a tip from TrojanMan.

Sep 18 2016

Planned Parenthood by the Numbers

Shrillary, Trump, and other supporters of Planned Parenthood would like you to think that this lucrative business is mainly about something other than killing unwanted children. The numbers tell a different story:

Planned Parenthood’s U.S. market share for Pap tests is 0.97 percent. It performed 271,539 tests in fiscal year 2014-15, out of 28.1 million tests nationwide. (Source)

Planned Parenthood’s U.S. market share for clinical breast exams is 1.8 percent. It performed 363,803 exams in fiscal year 2014-15, out of 20 million exams nationwide. (Source and note: These are physical exams, not mammograms. Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms.)

Planned Parenthood’s U.S. market share for abortions is 30.6 percent. It committed 323,999 abortions in fiscal year 2014-15, out of approximately 1.06 million abortions nationwide. (Source)

Planned Parenthood aborts 160 children for every one child it refers out for adoption. (Source)

They make very good money at this, even aside from selling pieces of the dismembered children. Yet we taxpayers are forced to give Planned Parenthood $500,000,000 per year. Much of this money is funneled back into the government in the form of campaign donations bribes to make sure the subsidies keep coming.

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Sep 17 2016

Open Thread


Via DLW and No Guff.

Sep 17 2016

Painting Hillary

In his latest lesson, Bob Ross demonstrates how to paint Shrillary:

One objection: Shrillary is not surrounded only by whites, as if it matters. If her health condition requires an emergency dose of diazepam or whatever other medication, it will probably be administered by the guy to her left in this picture:


That appears to be a pen injector in his left hand. He is rarely more than a step away from her.

Sep 17 2016

Happy Constitution Day

The reason we still enjoy a high standard of living despite awful leadership that will not be improving any time soon is that we still have most of our freedom. The reason we still have most of our freedom is that the Constitution is for the most part still respected. The reason it is still respected is that most Americans have not yet been brainwashed into moonbats like these Georgetown University students in our nation’s capital:

If it were up to these idiots, there would be nothing to restrain the government. We would soon live under a police state.

Since liberty is more under siege than ever, the Constitution is not less relevant than when it was written; it is more relevant. In Madison’s day, no one could have imagined the totalitarianism that has been experienced around the world since, or the levels of government intrusion that Americans are now willing to tolerate.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Sep 17 2016

Germans Told by Their Televisions to Embrace Islamic Clothing

Germans won’t escape the campaign to eradicate their culture by watching TV:

Tolerance has become a synonym for Islam; both mean “submission.”

The woman in the video is actress and television moderator Charlotte Würdig. As Jihad Watch notes, she is not actually wearing a hijab.

She’s just wearing a scarf over part of her hair. Much of her hair is showing. Some of her bare leg shows also as she struts around. All these elements of the presentation would make it absolutely unacceptable to the Islamic hardliners that she (and the German government, and UNESCO [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, funder of this ad campaign]) are demanding that the Germans tolerate.

But Islamization has to be packaged in a way that makes it appear acceptable. A commercial showing a woman in a burka getting horsewhipped would be more accurate but far less effective.

There isn’t much chance that Turkish TV encourages women to dress like this:


But then, German colonists aren’t pouring into the Islamic world, displacing the native population.

We’ll see how much tolerance there is for various styles of dress if the hijrah Merkel et al. have been facilitating succeeds is making Germany majority Muslim. Most likely traditional German dresses will be banned along with beer and bratwurst.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Sep 17 2016

Trump TV Trailer

At first Trump’s candidacy was a publicity stunt intended to increase the visibility of his brand. When to his surprise an angry mob supplemented by cross-voting Democrats managed to hand him the nomination against a divided field, the objective became to convert his candidacy into a launch pad for a cable channel. Now Shrillary’s decrepit health and extreme inadequacy as a candidate could conceivably land Trump in the White House, an eventuality for which he still does not seem to have prepared. But he will know what to do if he loses — launch Trump TV:

What, doesn’t Sean Hannity get a show? Careful, you don’t want to make Hannity mad.

On a tip from Torcer.

Sep 17 2016

Babysitting at Yale

Looks like the moonbats who run our colleges are not having much fun dealing with the Frankenstein’s monster their political correctness has created. In the videos below, Professor Nicholas Christakis of Yale University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country, attempts to placate a mob of juvenile, foul-mouthed, sniveling, bullying, mentally unstable, disrespectful morons that he is tasked with educating babysitting. The insufferably spoilt brats are in tantrum mode because of an email his wife sent to students in Yale’s Silliman College suggesting that they lighten up regarding the possibility that someone might inadvertently wear a politically incorrect Halloween costume. The steadily escalating moonbattery on display is appalling almost beyond belief:

Anyone who has made it through these videos now understands why college admissions used to be based on aptitude and achievement rather than on not being white.

Via Hot Air, on tips from TCS III and J.

Sep 16 2016

Open Thread


Via Michael Nöthem.

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