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Apr 26 2016

Open Thread


Via Marc Merlin Mauss.

Apr 26 2016

Grown Adults Succumb to Trumpomania, Chase After the Donald’s Caravan

Why do they call Trump supporters a cult? They didn’t call teenage Beatles fans a cult, did they? As you can see from this scene in Rhode Island, the behavior is about the same:

Rumors could not be confirmed that the stampede started when the Donald tossed a lock of his canary-yellow hair out the window of his limousine.

Here is what makes these lemmings and their leader all the more guffaw-worthy:

The video was posted on Twitter by Trump’s director of social media, Dan Scavino, presumably as something you are supposed to consider great or good or cool instead of sad and weird and pathetic.

Not to be outdone, Trump blog Gateway Pundit was enamored of the video and proudly proclaimed: “When was the last time you saw HUNDREDS OF MIDDLE AGED PEOPLE Chase down a candidate’s caravan?”

Uh. I don’t know. When was the last time “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” was on?

Branch Trumpidian Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit has repeatedly denounced the Cult of Obama (see here, here, and here)…

But this is different though you guys. Because reasons.

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Apr 26 2016

Steven Crowder Unloads on Social Justice Warriors at University of Massachusetts

A note from Steven Crowder:

So last night I performed at UofMAmhearst with Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Hoff Summers.

Long story short, as they made their opening statements, the professional leftist, SJW protestors were silencing them with taunts, boos and hisses before they began. Subsequently, I was called upon for my opening remarks. I was pissed.

Here’s how pissed:

On tips from Rob E and Torcer. Hat tip: RedState.

Apr 26 2016

Why the Free Market Cannot Provide Renewable Energy Without the Government

If “renewable” energy is such a great idea, why hasn’t the free market provided it without subsidies and coercion from the government? After all, capitalism has proven again and again that it can do most anything better than government can.

Here’s the answer:

Lake Land College recently announced plans to tear down broken wind turbines on campus, after the school got $987,697.20 in taxpayer support for wind power.

The turbines were funded by a $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, but the turbines lasted for less than four years and were incredibly costly to maintain.

“Since the installation in 2012, the college has spent $240,000 in parts and labor to maintain the turbines,” Kelly Allee, Director of Public Relations at Lake Land College, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The college estimates it would take another $100,000 in repairs to make the turbines function again after one of them was struck by lightning and likely suffered electrical damage last summer. School officials’ original estimates found the turbine[s] would save it $44,000 in electricity annually, far more than the $8,500 they actually generated. Under the original optimistic scenario, the turbines would have to last for 22.5 years just to recoup the costs, not accounting for inflation. If viewed as an investment, the turbines had a return of negative 99.14 percent.

The free market functions efficiently because it is compelled by reality to do what works. Something that produces a negative return of 99.14% does not work; therefore, the free market cannot provide it. But government exists in a realm of sheer moonbattery, where reality does not apply.

[College president Josh] Bullock states that the turbines simply haven’t been able to power the campus’ buildings…

At least a lesson was learned. Or maybe not:

Lake Land plans to replace the two failed turbines with a solar power system paid for by a government grant. “[T]he photovoltaic panels are expected to save the college between $50,000 and $60,000 this year,” Allee told the DCNF.

Yeah. Sure they will.

Students, get used to studying in the dark. Taxpayers, keep those wallets open.

turbine fail
Government lets you keep on failing.

On a tip from R. F.

Apr 26 2016

Why Trump and Hillary Share an Address in Delaware

Other than their shared statist ideology and extremely high unfavorable numbers, there is something else that Hillary and Trump have in common — a tax haven:

This brick-and-mortar, nondescript two-story building in Wilmington, Delaware would be awfully crowded if its registered occupants — 285,000 companies — actually resided there. What’s come to be known as the “Delaware loophole” — the unassuming building at 1209 North Orange Street — has become, as the Guardian described, “famous for helping tens of thousands of companies avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in tax.” …

[W]hat matters in Clinton’s use of the so-called Delaware loophole, in particular, is her constant harping on the need for corporations and elite individuals to pay their fair share. In other words, Clinton’s employment of North Orange Street amounts to a telling, Do As I Say, Not As I Do. And, as the Guardian notes, both of “the leading candidates for president – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – have companies registered at 1209 North Orange, and have refused to explain why.”

Another thing they have in common: both Hillary and Trump say they will raise taxes on others, even as they avoid paying taxes themselves.

So much in common, no wonder they hit it off.

On a tip from J.

Apr 26 2016

Wallowing in Racial and Cultural Self-Hatred During Whiteness History Month

Those who have developed sufficient resistance to endure pure unadulterated moonbattery may want to keep reading, but all others are advised to turn back before Progressives Today opens the door to the grotesque and nauseating realm of Whiteness History Month at Portland Community College:

A book excerpt reading took place at Portland Community College as part of their “whiteness history month”. Entitled “NW Writers Explore Whiteness, Its Causes and Impacts”, the event featured five authors who suffer from their white guilt, and decided to contribute to a book from 2Leaf Press. …

One of the authors, Tereza Topferova Bottman, was originally from the Czech Republic, and had some startling things to say: “At first glance, ‘whiteness’ as status is all benefits, advantages, and shiny packages of sparkly goodies. But the truth is white people don’t make it through unscathed. Clearly, maintaining this hegemonic system comes at a cost to us whites. Recent studies show that white, middle aged men, unlike other groups, have a mortality rate that is rising at a rapid race. They’re dying from stress related causes. White Americans are also the biggest terror threat.”

Had enough of Ms. Bottman? Have some more anyway:

“I’m scared that the violence lurking beneath the mask of white supremacy will buckle out, targeting me as a woman, as someone with Jewish heritage, someone with a black partner and mixed race kids. This fear is real and visceral. But I organize despite it. Two years ago, with several others, I helped to form a group to EDUCATE, ORGANIZE, AND MOBILE white people to work for ‘racial justice’ as part of a multi racial majority for justice, we raise funds for grass roots organizations led by people of color. We volunteer our time and skills, we bring food, we show up to unplanned rallies, we phone bank and door knock to discuss issues pertinent to our community and to the Black Lives Matter movement. We educate ourselves, as well as other white people in our circles, we practice interrupting racism. This is hard work for me. THIS IS MY ANTIDOTE, TO VIOLENCE, APATHY, AND DESPAIR. I try to embody what I’ve longed for other white people to do. Which is to answer the call to acknowledge and renounce ‘whiteness’ for its historical and current inseparability form racial violence and oppression. I want to white people to organize, en masse, divest ourselves from the narrow definition of success in a capitalistic society that forces us to subscribe to the deadly values of white supremacy. What I ask of us is nothing short of building a new world, rooted in collective action [yap yap yap yap yap].”

Guess what Ms. Bottman does with her time, when not denouncing whiteness and attending to the trendily nonwhite illegitimate offspring of her trendily nonwhite partner(s)? That’s right, she’s a schoolteacher. The reason progressives are winning is that normal people just want to go about their lives; moonbats feel compelled to infect others with their disease. Children are the best targets, not having developed resistance to bogus ideologies.

Ms. Bottman and the rest of the participants in the Whiteness History Month self-hate fest deserve a special gift for their ideological rectitude. They want a world without white people, white culture, capitalism, and all the marvels they have produced. Presenting that world:


On a tip from J.

Apr 26 2016

Another Example of Why Men Do Not Belong in the Ladies’ Room

If Bruce Springsteen, Donald Trump, and other moonbats really don’t understand why civilized people don’t let men use the ladies’ room, this might help:

Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania man was arrested after a 10-year-old girl reported seeing him in the women’s bathroom at a local shoe store attempting to take pictures of her from atop her bathroom stall with his cellphone camera.

“The victim told her mother, who was waiting outside the bathroom for her, that while she was in the bathroom, a man was in the adjoining stall, and the girl saw the man holding his phone over the top of the stall,” reports News 43. “Employees told police that this man had been in the bathroom for approximately an hour.”

Police say that the suspect, James Thomas Shoemaker, “intentionally” went into the women’s restroom to spy on little girls.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as the saying goes.

Shoemaker, 19, was initially charged with invasion of privacy, but after his phone was searched, a felony charge of possession of child pornography was added; nude photos of his 16-year-old “girlfriend” were found on the phone. The 19-year-old also allegedly viewed pornography while in the restroom spying on little girls, notes Western Journal.

Maybe he identifies as a little girl who happens to be a lesbian.

Fortunately for Shoemaker, by the time he gets out of prison shoe stores will be required to be more inclusive. He will be able to resume his activities without having to worry about bigoted little girls who close-mindedly object to his identity.

James Thomas Shoemaker: Only slightly ahead of his time.

On a tip from Torcer.

Apr 26 2016

Newspeak Alert: The Word “Eskimo” Is Now Racist

Control language and you control thought. That is why progressives have been erasing our language one word at a time, boxing us into an ever smaller corner of what they decide should be permissible. The latest word to be banished is “Eskimo.” The taxpayer-funded thought police at NPR explain that although the word comes from the Ojibwe language, it has a “controversial history.” That is, it could be tainted with Western culture:

People in many parts of the Arctic consider Eskimo a derogatory term because it was widely used by racist, non-native colonizers.

Anything used by the colonizers who brought them stoves, snowmobiles, medicine, vodka, et cetera must be bad.

Many people also thought it meant eater of raw meat, which connoted barbarism and violence. Although the word’s exact etymology is unclear, mid-century anthropologists suggested that the word came from the Latin word excommunicati, meaning the excommunicated ones, because the native people of the Canadian Arctic were not Christian.

Apparently no one was buying this, so they came up with a new theory:

According to the Alaska Native Language Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, linguists believe the word Eskimo actually came from the French word esquimaux, meaning one who nets snowshoes.

If it’s French, the word definitely has to go.

The word’s racist history means most people in Canada and Greenland still prefer other terms. The most widespread is Inuit, which means simply, “people.” The singular, which means “person,” is Inuk.

Of course, as with so many words sullied by the crimes of colonialism, not everyone agrees on what to do with Eskimo. Many Native Alaskans still refer to themselves as Eskimos, in part because the word Inuit isn’t part of the Yupik languages of Alaska and Siberia.

But unless you’re native to the circumpolar region, the short answer is: You probably shouldn’t use the word Eskimo.

Only Eskimos should be allowed to say Eskimo.

Bottom line: Westerners call Eskimos Eskimos, therefore they should not be called Eskimos. Make sure to update your Newspeak dictionary, because in no time people will start losing jobs or getting expelled from college for using the totally innocuous word.

Urgent update required.

On a tip from J.

Apr 26 2016

Climate Change Has Been for the Better

Of course there is climate change. There always has been and there always will be. Fortunately, climate change lately has been for the better:

A research letter published in the journal Nature finds that climate change has made the weather in the United States far more enjoyable over the past four decades.

The researchers looked at seasonal temperature changes since 1974, rather than annual averages, and found that “80% of Americans live in counties that are experiencing more pleasant weather than they did four decades ago,” the authors concluded.

The reason, they say, is that since the 1970s the winters have been getting warmer, but not the summers.

Although every climate study seems to find whatever data is required to support the authors’ objectives, according to this one,

Average daily temperatures in July haven’t budged since 1974, and relative humidity in that month is actually lower than it was four decades ago. In contrast, there’s a clear upward trend in the average daily temperature in January.

It’s worth noting that this is a possibility that skeptics of climate-change-doom-and-gloom predictions had pointed to years ago.

Here, for example, is what Thomas Gale Moore wrote in a paper for Stanford University’s Hoover Institution back in 1996: “If climate change were to manifest itself as warmer winters without much of an increase in temperatures during the hot months, which some climate models predict (Gates et al. 1992), the change in weather could be especially beneficial to human health. The IPCC reports (Folland et al. 1992) that over this century the weather in much of the world has been consistent with such a pattern: winter and night temperatures have risen while summer temperatures have fallen.”

So what’s the big problem?

The Huffington Post called it “bad news in the long run” because it “could prevent people from taking climate change as seriously as they should.”

Or rather, it could prevent people from taking climate demagogues seriously when they attempt to use ever-changing weather as a pretext to confiscate our money through energy taxes and to lower our standard of living through regulation that has as its only real objective the escalation of government control.

The bad news for hoaxers is that people instinctively understand that warmth is better than cold. They move south for the weather, not north. The doom mongers should have stuck with global cooling.

al gore
Pleasant weather just isn’t that scary.

On a tip from Torcer.

Apr 25 2016

Open Thread

flee socialism

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Apr 25 2016

Forty-Seven Donald Trump Insults in 90 Seconds

Do you have what it takes to stand up to Donald Trump? As a test, see if you can withstand exposure to this barrage of his insults:

He may not get the nomination, but already Trump has accomplished what only a year ago seemed impossible: making Obama look presidential.

Via Washington Examiner, on a tip from Torcer.

Apr 25 2016

Moonbat Tech: eCool Refrigerates Beer Envirosensitively

Since moonbattery is a totalitarian ideology, it can be applied to every conceivable aspect of life — even drinking beer. Introducing eCool:


Once you have spent $369 on an eCool, you will no longer need a refrigerator (assuming of course that all you keep in the fridge is beer).

Not using electricity to keep beer cool may not save the flourishing polar bears, but it does bring us a tiny step closer to the caveman level of existence mandated by environmentalist ideology taken to its logical conclusion.

They call it “progressivism” because erasing civilization is too big a job to accomplish all at once. The goal can only be accomplished by marginal increments. Moonbats who do their part by burying their beer are entitled to wear their smugness proudly.

On a tip from Steve T.

Apr 25 2016

Joe Scarborough Praises Hillary on Foreign Policy

Even Hillary herself has proven unable to name a single thing she accomplished as Secretary of State. At last something has come to light — she managed to impress MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough:

Granted, Joe set the bar very low, comparing Hillary’s prospective leadership to President Obama’s fecklessness. Even so, it was striking to hear Scarborough proclaim “Hillary Clinton does not believe in leading from behind. Hillary Clinton does not believe that you sit back and let the events of the world shape the country. Hillary Clinton does not believe in the type of foreign policy, the don’t-do-stupid-stuff foreign policy of Barack Obama.” He also claimed that within a week of assuming office, Hillary would build better coalitions around the world and with Congress than Obama ever did.

Let’s briefly review some of Hillary’s foreign policy record: 1. supported Iran deal; 2. said of ISIS that we should be “trying to understand and empathize with their perspective;” 3. architect of the failed Russian reset; 4. bungled Benghazi then lied about it. Some leadership.

Maybe that’s why the token RINO is not officially a Shrillary supporter, although he did earlier proclaim that Ted Cruz would only take nine or 10 states against her. Trump appears to be more his cup of tea, or rather Kool-Aid, as evidenced when he noisily denounced the “jackasses” and “idiots” opposing the Great Orange One. Scarborough generously describes Trump as “a centrist Democrat,” ignoring the Donald’s radical Code Pink views (e.g., here and here).

At least Scarborough has managed to get one thing right. Although awful, Shrillary would likely be an improvement on Obama:

On a tip from TCS III, Torcer, and StotheOB.

Apr 25 2016

Students Silenced for Trying to Sing National Anthem at 9/11 Memorial

Even now the sad memory of September 11 can ignite sparks of patriotism. These sparks are promptly smothered:

Two tone-deaf security guards at the 9/11 Memorial got tough with some wide-eyed middle school kids visiting the city for the first time from their small town in North Carolina — because they sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“You have to stop. This is considered a public demonstration!” one guard barked at the patriotic teens, their Waynesville Middle School music teacher, Martha Brown, told The Post.

The guards insisted the group needed a permit to sing, according to Brown.

“Some of the students were very upset and confused. I told the children, ‘This is a place where you need to respect authority even if you don’t understand it,’” she said.

Another interpretation of the lesson for the day is that America is becoming a place where you need to obey authority even though it is arbitrary.

Stopped just in time, before they could finish the verse.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Sean C.

Apr 25 2016

Most of the Money Trump Raised in the Name of Veterans Is Still Missing

Trump discovered early in his pseudo-Republican campaign that an easy way to pander to the right is to praise veterans lavishly at every opportunity. When he was afraid to face Megyn Kelly as a moderator, he used a fundraiser for veterans as a pretext to skip out on the last debate before the Iowa Caucuses. Trump raised $6 million, supposedly for the vets he was exploiting, with his debate-dodging spectacle.

As to Trump’s actual concern for vets, consider that he denounced lousy Senator but deservedly proud war hero John McCain for getting shot down by the communists in Vietnam, following which McCain was tortured repeatedly during five and a half years of captivity, two of which were spent in solitary. The draft-dodging Donald praised his own bravery for risking STDs with his degenerate lifestyle as the equivalent of combat experience. Or consider how most of the money he raised for vets has gone missing:

Trump campaign’s adviser for veterans issues can’t account for $6 million raised for veterans charities by the billionaire—and from the sounds of it, couldn’t care less.

“I could ask, but it’s not high on my priority list,” Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative, told The Daily Beast.

Baldasaro is Trump’s campaign advisor for veterans’ affairs.

Baldasaro played a major role for the Trump campaign in New Hampshire and has been outspoken in the press and on the campaign trail ever since. In fact, he helped deliver money to one veterans charity, accepting an oversized novelty check from Trump on stage at a campaign event before the New Hampshire primary. Soon after, he delivered a real $100,000 check to local veterans charity Liberty House. But he says he doesn’t know where the rest of the money went, and in essence, that it isn’t his problem.

As with the rest of the Trump campaign, at least the giant check was good theater.

Numerous journalists on both the left and right have tried to track down the missing money…

What these investigations have yielded is a solid conclusion that, thus far, Donald Trump and his nonprofit have dispensed, at maximum, about half of the $6 million to the listed beneficiaries. Nearly three months—85 days—have passed since the fundraiser.

The more time goes by, the less likely it is that veterans will be helped by the money raised in their name.

“Groups that hold fundraisers for charities should distribute the funds to those charities as rapidly as possible. By not doing so it delays aid or assistance to people in need of help and increases the risk that these funds get diverted to something other than their intended use,” said Daniel Borochoff, the president of CharityWatch.

Charities that were supposed to get the money have not even been told when they can expect it.

The Trump campaign has declined, on multiple occasions, to comment on where the millions raised for veterans have gone.

Unfavorable numbers make it obvious that the next Attorney General will be appointed by someone other than Trump. The Donald may have to cough up an answer regarding where the money went. Fortunately, after November he can just plead incompetence. That will be much more believable than his showy concern for veterans.

Political pandering at its most shameless.

On tips from ComradeJ, Torcer, and Steve A.

Apr 25 2016

Moonbat Faculty Laments Arrest of University of Wisconsin Vandal

The recent arrest of a serial vandal at the University of Wisconsin–Madison shines a light on what is being imparted instead of knowledge in some of the more politically correct courses:

Prompting widespread anger from faculty and students, University of Wisconsin at Madison police on Thursday pulled a black student from class and arrested him for allegedly spray-painting anti-racist messages across campus.

The anger was not with the punk for defacing public property, but with the police for arresting him. Over 700 fools — including faculty, naturally — signed a letter griping that the police care more about crimes like vandalism than they do about the imaginary plight of persons of politically preferred pigmentation.

At least some of the graffiti was not antiracist but rather racist, such as “THE DEVIL IZ A WHITE MAN.” But then, racism against whites counts as antiracism on college campuses.

“The university is more interested in protecting the symbols of UW as a progressive institution, like their buildings and Bucky, rather than the students who are actually fighting for social change, and apparently their lives,” Johanna Almiron, the Wisconsin professor whose Afro-American Studies class was disrupted by police, said in the letter.

Bucky refers to university mascot Bucky Badger, who has been depicted by social justice warriors as a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Johanna screeched about the cops storming into the class with “guns visible,” allegedly terrifying the students. Unfortunately for the narrative, there is video, which shows officers calmly entering the classroom to talk with McDonald.

University of Wisconsin police had been searching for the student behind the graffiti — which the university says caused about $4,000 in damage — for six months, the department said in a statement. The messages, often written in red and black spray paint and signed “God,” were found scrawled on several buildings across campus. “Racism in the air,” one message stated, “don’t breathe.”

Other messages stated, “White supremacy is a disease” and “f*** the police.”

He also allegedly threatened to kill a witness to his vandalism. But the witness was probably a racist who deserved it for not appreciating the plight of the allegedly oppressed, so you can see why faculty would take McDonald’s side.

Courses taught by the learned scholar Johanna Almiron include:

“We Wear the Mask”: Race and Representation
Towards the Black Fantastic: Afro-futurism and Black Visual Culture
Divas and Dandy-lions: Visual Culture, Gender and Critical Race Theory
Art and Visual Culture: Women of the African Diaspora and Africa

Affirmative action, combined with public funding, is reducing higher education to a farce.

In a related story,

A teaching assistant in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Afro-American studies department canceled a class on Thursday just hours after campus police located a black student — in a separate class — and arrested the student because he allegedly spray-painted “F*** THE POLICE,” “THE DEVIL IZ A WHITE MAN” and much other graffiti on a bunch of buildings all over campus for half a year.

The taxpayer-funded teaching assistant is Michael Davis.…

Davis is regularly scheduled to lead a 50-minute weekly discussion class for a three-credit course called “Hip-hop and Contemporary Society” each Thursday beginning at 2:25 p.m.

On Thursday, students who showed up to class ready to learn found no one in the classroom.

Davis had sent a curt email to students — at 1:08 p.m. on Thursday — informing them that the class was cancelled.

Davis is to be thanked for sparing what’s left of society from 50 minutes of the sort of propaganda that eggs on the likes of McDonald.

Denzel McDonald
Denzel and his handiwork.

On a tip from Lyle.

Apr 25 2016

Foggy San Francisco Mandates That Rooftops Be “Solar Ready”

Thank you Fog City, for providing us with this hilarious HuffPo headline:

San Francisco Combats Rising Sea Levels With Solar Panels

There is no chance whatsoever that San Francisco’s recent decree mandating that any new construction of a building shorter than 10 floors have at least 15% of roof space “solar ready” will have any effect on sea levels. You would be equally likely to alter sea levels by pointing a bone at the ocean and muttering incantations. However, it will make the regulatory burden of trying to do anything constructive in a city run by moonbats even more onerous.

Using coercion to push solar panels is particularly foolish in San Francisco, which is famous for being blanketed in fog much of the day from May to August, the sunniest part of the year in California. It is also among the cities with the densest construction, making it difficult to ensure that rooftops are “solar ready” rather than being in the shade of taller buildings.

On the positive side, the extra regulatory hurdles are bound to create new revenue-generating opportunities for venal bureaucrats, who probably need to be lobbied for exemptions to build so much as a dog house in San Francisco these days.

For their part, Fog City voters can luxuriate in self-satisfaction, smug in the knowledge that they have elected fellow progressives who are taking ludicrously ineffective but nonetheless well-intentioned action to save the planet from the imaginary menace of manmade climate change.

If solar power makes sense anywhere, it isn’t here.

On a tip from rpp618, an esteemed Moonbattery reader who is battling lymphoma. A fundraising page has been set up to defray his medical expenses.

Apr 25 2016

Wedding Bells in Democrat Land

Wedding bells are ringing for former prominent Democrat Harris Wofford, who not only represented Pennsylvania in the Senate but served as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Democrat Party and as a surrogate for Obama’s 2008 campaign, and who in 2012 was awarded by Obama with the Presidential Citizens Medal, America’s second-highest civilian honor. At the ripe age of 90 years, he is starting anew:

The former senator from Pennsylvania announced [his] upcoming wedding to Matthew Charlton, 40, in a New York Times op-ed.

Wofford’s wife died back in 1996. They had three children together.

Now he is “marrying” someone who is the same sex and young enough to be his grandson. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

At age 75, Wofford met Charlton on a beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Despite the differences in age and profession, the two clicked. They became part of each other’s lives and eventually fell in love.

When they embarked on this grotesque relationship that political correctness requires us to regard as normal and healthy, and Wofford was already 10 years past standard retirement age, Charlton was 25 years old.

Now, having been together 15 years, the couple has planned an April 30 wedding.

Progressives demand that arrangements like this be regarded as the equivalent of holy matrimony. Soon ministers and priests will face punishment for refusing the sanctify them.

Obama awards Wofford with his creepiest smile.

On a tip from heckrules.

Apr 24 2016

Open Thread


On a tip from Jester.

Apr 24 2016

Hillary’s War Room

This peek into Shrillary’s War Room offers just a glimpse at the massive oppo ordnance the Democrats and their media are prepared to unleash if Trump sews up the nomination:

That was awfully generous of them to credit Shrillary with even higher disapproval numbers than Trump. Every indication is that Trump’s negatives are significantly higher, and that consequently he would lose in a blowout — possibly a 50-state sweep — after which Shrillary would declare a mandate to impose her agenda.

On tips from Wilberforce, Torcer, and JusttheTipHQ. Hat tips: Right Scoop, RedState.

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