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Feb 19 2017

Sheriff Joe’s Replacement Will Not Hold Illegal Aliens for ICE

What a switch. It used to be that the Sheriff of Maricopa County was Joe Arpaio, who would do his valiant best to enforce immigration law, resulting in Washington using strong-arm tactics in an attempt to force him to cease and desist so that Phoenix and the surrounding area could be overrun by illegal aliens. Then came elections. Now the poles have reversed:

Maricopa County jails will no longer detain people flagged by federal authorities as a courtesy for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Sheriff Paul Penzone said Friday evening.

Here’s how it used to work:

After an individual is booked into a Maricopa County jail, the person receives a screening from ICE to determine whether he or she might be in the country illegally. If ICE flagged the individual, the Maricopa County jails would hold the individual for the federal government for up to 48 hours after the time the person otherwise would have been released.

If ICE finds an individual is in the country illegally, the process can initiate deportation proceedings.

But now,

Penzone said ICE agents will receive a notification when the individual is to be let out of jail, but the detainee will no longer be held more than a legal citizen would be kept.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office will not facilitate the transfer to ICE, Penzone said. He could not offer clarification on how ICE agents would collect those the agency deemed fit for deportation.

Penzone claims he had to take this new stance due to “threat of litigation.” However,

he was unable to cite a specific lawsuit and referred questions to the County Attorney’s Office.

It appears that Penzone, a Democrat, does not support the enforcement of immigration law. In Arizona, that disqualifies him from his job.

Voters presumably got tired of Sheriff Joe’s showboating and high-handedness after his 24 years in office. But after only a few weeks of Penzone, it would be nice to have him back.

joe arpaio
Come back, Joe. All is forgiven.

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Feb 18 2017

Open Thread


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Feb 18 2017

Condensed History of Islam From Brigitte Gabriel

One of the last bastions of Christianity in the Middle East is Lebanon, although many Christians were driven out during the 1975–1990 civil war. Among those who left was Hanan Qahwaji, whom we now know as Brigitte Gabriel. If people in the West knew half as much as she does about Islam, we would stop listening to reflexively treasonous Islamophile moonbats and get our guard up at long last. Last year she gave us this quick history lesson:

To learn more, including how the largely Christian Middle East became Muslim and how consistent Islamic State tactics are with those employed by the supposed Last Prophet, a recommended source is It’s All About Muhammad.

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Feb 18 2017

Whose Streets? Cars’ Streets

Liberal refusal to come to terms with the election results has produced a resurgence of the sort of unruly protests rarely seen since the days of the hippies. Blocking traffic is a favorite tactic. This delays emergency vehicles with potentially disastrous results, and could lead to direct violence against motorists. North Dakota has wisely taken steps to defend people who drive from unlawful mobs. Tennessee has followed suit, similarly offering legal protection for drivers who accidently hit protesters who are blocking traffic.

If this trend continues, and moonbat mobs still don’t learn not to block streets, it may soon be time to break out the popcorn:

You never know just how crazy a mob is going to get. Stopping for these hooligans could get you killed.

Hat tips: Rob E and J. Hat tip: Right Wing News.

Feb 18 2017

Susan Sarandon: Lonely, Open, and Up for Grabs

The sexually desperate of all 31 genders might be interested to know that 70-year-old Hollyweird has-been and loudly barking far-left moonbat Susan Sarandon is available — very available.

Saranwrap bleated piteously about not getting many romantic offers. Then when asked if she is open about her sexuality, she leaped:

“Yeah, I’m open. My sexual orientation is up for grabs, I guess you could say.”

Be forewarned that her previous sexual accomplishments may include turning some poor guy gay:

Sarandon also revealed she once had an affair with gay British actor Philip Sayer, who was her co-star in the 1983 vampire film The Hunger and who died in 1989.

She said: “I did at one point have a very successful and very loving and wonderful affair with a man who then wasn’t with another woman after me, and that worked out fine!”

Presumably Sayer was not as gay before the relationship as he was afterward, unless there is something Susan has not told us.

Once again Hollyweird reminds us of the importance of forming life-long bonds within the context of holy matrimony, even if Sarandon’s relationships appear to have lasted longer than most by Tinseltown standards. Relatively shallow relationships don’t last and can leave you high and dry in your golden years — possibly even desperate and undignified.

Susan Sarandon, all made up.

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Feb 18 2017

Historic Home Plastered With Menacing Anti-Trump Graffiti

Normally when we see menacing graffiti on someone’s home, we assume it is yet another hoax. But this threatening graffiti on a historic home in Denver appears to be the work of genuine malice:

If the sophisticated propagandists of the mainstream media can’t figure out that they are casting Trump in a sympathetic light with their overly vociferous displays of hostility, what do you expect of the wretched little punks who vandalize with spray paint?

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Feb 17 2017

Open Thread

vagina heads

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Feb 17 2017

When It’s Okay to Leave Your Baby Locked in the Car While You Watch a Movie

Leaving a baby in a locked car often results in death. It is one crime that we give people very little slack over — unless of course they are special:

A video of a baby left in a locked car in Southern Texas has gone viral and so has the reason why the parents of the child weren’t arrested.

A couple from Saudi Arabia was watching a movie at a theater in Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday night. While they were watching the movie, they left their baby locked inside, according to police. While the baby was unharmed, it hasn’t stopped people from being outraged at why officers didn’t hold the couple, who is not from this country, accountable.

“It wasn’t an accident and there wasn’t an arrest … it seems this time, culture played an unexpected factor,” KIII-TV reports.

Or rather, Islamophilic political correctness played a factor.

Don’t expect to get away with this crime unless you belong to a “marginalized” group high up in the caste system.

Authorities aren’t sure how long the family has been living in the United States, but decided to show “cultural sensitivity” and let the family go this time. Police are filing the case as an active criminal investigation and plan to follow up with the parents and see if it “really is normal in Saudi Arabia” to leave a child unattended in a car.

It is normal in Saudi Arabia to whip women to within an inch of their lives for getting raped. Presumably police will let that go too.

Try not to grind your teeth as the police admit that there probably would have been an arrest had the culprits been regular Americans:

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Feb 17 2017

Lawless Outer Suburbs Encroach on Paris

France under siege.

A cancer has encircled Paris. The left-wing fools running France have for decades imported largely unassimilable people of mainly Islamic backgrounds from the Third World and banished them to housing projects in the outer suburbs, where they live off welfare, breed explosively, and fester with resentment. Inevitably, that cancer is closing in on Paris itself:

Tear-gas was used by police as rioting that originated in the suburbs spilled into the French capital around the Barbes Metro station, close to Gare du Nord.

It follows the alleged rape of a young black man, named only as Theo, by French police.

Any pretext to unleash chaos will do, even it is an isolated incident, involving rogue cops who have been charged with serious crimes.

Protesters started fires and smashed windows, while there were reports of riot police being attacked and shops looted.

No doubt knowing the protest would be violent, the police had refused to give permission for it. But as France slides into anarchy, permission is losing its relevance.

Apparently some young French moonbats have joined in with the Third Worlders who are displacing them to tear their own country down. Maybe it is for the best that great Frenchman seem to exist only in the past. It would be intolerable for the likes of Charles Martel to have to witness this.

It was a turning point in history when Paris fell to the Nazis — one that was fortunately reversed, at great cost in blood and treasure. The next time Paris falls, it may be impossible to reverse.

This would make a great campaign ad for Marine Le Pen:

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Feb 17 2017

Flier at University of North Carolina Calls for Violence Against Trump Supporters

The media has told us repeatedly that ever since the election, there has been an epidemic of violence by Trump supporters against groups favored by liberals, particularly Muslims, blacks, and homosexuals. This narrative has relied heavily on hoaxes. In reality, it is the Trump supporters who have been targeted for violence. This flier was found on a distribution box for The Daily Tar Heel at University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill:


Since you don’t often see people walking around college campuses with swastika tattoos, students who want to “Bash the Fash” will have to assume fascist thoughts before assaulting their victims. A “fascist” in liberalese is anyone who doesn’t buy whole-heartedly into the entire package of political correctness. A MAGA hat is an obvious indicator of fascism under this definition.

The violence isn’t just a proposal. At Berkeley, a suspected Trump supporter had his head bashed with a shovel and another had her face pepper-sprayed.

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Feb 17 2017

Washington State’s Supreme Court Forces Florist to Violate Religious Beliefs

Washington State’s Supreme Court confirms that refusing to take part in homosexual ceremonies that you regard as blasphemous is illegal:

The court ruled unanimously that Barronelle Stutzman discriminated against longtime customers Rob Ingersoll and Curt Freed when she refused to do the flowers for their 2013 wedding because of her religious opposition to same-sex marriage. Instead, Stutzman suggested several other florists in the area who would help them. …

Attorneys for Stutzman argued that a floral arrangement is a form of speech deserving of protection and that government cannot compel Stutzman to create an arrangement for a gay couple against her religious beliefs.

The ruling violates the First Amendment twice, by coercing speech and by denying the free exercise of religion. But the Constitution is an outdated document, written by dead white heterosexuals. We now reject old-fangled God-given rights in favor of the government-granted right to force others to endorse perversion.

The principle is horrible enough. Where this is heading is worse still.

Why do the tyrants of the ACLU (who brought the suit along with Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the sexually deviant lovebirds) care so much about forcing florists to violate their religious beliefs? Because it is a stepping stone to larger objectives.

When progressives start using the same legal reasoning to force Christian churches to perform homosexual “marriages,” the Christian religion will be driven underground for the first time since Constantine was the Emperor of Rome. Worse, a corrupt, sham version of Christianity — a blasphemous mockery defying scripture and serving anti-Christian liberal ideology — will continue to exist at the public level, tainting and discrediting the faith.

first amendment
No longer relevant in court rulings.

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Feb 17 2017

Moonbats Demand Free Tuition and Housing for Blacks, Denounce Aptitude Tests

The student government at the University of Wisconsin-Madison insists that black students be provided with free tuition and housing at others’ expense.

This outlandish demand was issued partially on the grounds that blacks were denied educational opportunities during slavery, which ended many generations ago. Now non-blacks are to be the slaves, working to provide for blacks on a coercive basis. That is morally warped, but it gets worse still:

The Associated Students of Madison said in a resolution that students from suburban high schools are overrepresented. The group said consideration of ACT and SAT scores in applications restricts opportunities for the poor and thus upholds “white supremacy.”

Objective tests discriminate in favor of those most likely to make good use of educational opportunities. That is their purpose. Therefore, to fight discrimination, we must reject these tests.

Merely excluding higher-performing whites to make room for lower-performing blacks is not enough to achieve social justice. Excluded whites must be forced to pay for the blacks’ tuition and even their room and board.

The resolution demands free access to the university for all black people, including former inmates. That means free tuition, free housing and no fees, [ASM Student Council Rep. Tyriek] Mack said. That would save a black resident undergraduate student about $20,000 a year.

The resolution also demands that the university “study the feasibility of test-optional and geographically weighted admissions.”

Aptitude tests should be optional, because objective measures enforce “white supremacy.” Having black skin is what should get you into school. Having black skin and coming from a ghetto is even better.

Better still: why not keep the aptitude tests, but turn them upside down, so that the lower your score, the more likely you are to be accepted? That would accomplish the liberal goals of increasing diversity and undermining white supremacy.

This isn’t just notoriously moonbatty U.W.-Madison:

The language mirrors demands that the Black Liberation Collective, a national network of black youth focused on higher education, has made to nearly 90 campuses across the country.

Thank you, Black Liberation Collective, for hopefully opening a few eyes to the depravity of liberal ideology by pushing it along toward its utterly insane logical conclusion.

Useless people demand that you finance their slothful posturing.

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Feb 17 2017

One-Sentence Solution to the EPA

There seems to be a correlation between the length of a bill and its perniciousness. ObamaCare is 2,700 pages long (with many thousands of pages of related regulations). At the opposite end of the spectrum is H.R. 861, which reads as follows:

The Environmental Protection Agency shall terminate on December 31, 2018.

Anything the EPA does that is actually constructive can be accomplished by democratic means through legislation. The agency is both tyrannical and unnecessary. Unlike ObamaCare, this excellent bill deserves to pass.

H.R. 861 in all its glory.

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Feb 16 2017

Open Thread


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Feb 16 2017

Christian University in Texas Establishes Muslim Prayer Room

These days you can’t escape from Islamopandering anywhere — not even at a Christian university in Texas:

The Methodist-affiliated McMurry University dedicated … space in one of the school’s residential dorms for its Muslim students’ daily prayers. …

McMurry’s chaplain, Jeff Lust, and Dr. Mark Waters, professor of religion and director of international education, reportedly helped [to establish the Muslim prayer room]. …

Lust told KTXS that the room is “a step in the right direction.”

Christianity once dominated the Middle East. It was forcibly driven out by Muslims. When the Islamic State crucifies children for having Christian parents, these are mop-up operations, concluding a campaign that took centuries. The same is true of the violence that characterized Lebanon during the 1980s.

After the fall of Rome, the capital city of Christendom for many hundreds of years was Constantinople. Now we know the city as Istanbul.

As the Crusaders figured out some time ago, Western Civilization has got to stop giving ground.

What are the odds of finding a Christian prayer room in a mosque?

What Christian schools may look like in the future.

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Feb 16 2017

Nonexistent Global Warming Crisis Blamed for Trouble at Oroville Dam

We have been told many times that California’s recent draught was caused not by the region’s longstanding tendency toward drought, but by global warming. So what caused the drought to be ended by heavy rains that overwhelmed the neglected Oroville dam, forcing the evacuation of 200,000 people? You guessed it — global warming:

Oroville Is a Warning for California Dams, as Climate Change Adds Stress,” the New York Times reported. “Broken California Dam Is a Sign of Emergencies to Come,” reads an article published in Scientific American, adding that “[c]limate change is leading to more extreme rainfalls that can overwhelm infrastructure.”


California has a history of abruptly switching from drought conditions to torrential rain.

Blaming global warming for rain and the lack of rain in California is equivalent to blaming it for the sun going down at night.

In reality, the blame lies stinking at the feet of the moonbats running California.

Oroville’s problem was a corroded main spillway, put under stress by heavy rains. Had workers caught the main spillway problems during the dam’s last inspection in July 2015, this may have been averted.

Better still, the problem could have been averted by creating more facilities for storing rainwater. That way there would be something to drink when there is drought, and somewhere for the water to go when there isn’t.

However, Jerry Brown et al. have opted to spend the massive amounts of money passing through their hands wastefully (e.g., $25.3 billion on illegal aliens per year, $10 billion on a foolish high-speed rail boondoggle).


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Feb 16 2017

Does Maxine Waters Have a Point?

It’s as if abortion advocates just don’t listen to themselves:


You have to admit that Congress might be less corrupt if Maxine’s mom had had easier access to abortion.

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Feb 16 2017

Meteorologist Mish Michaels Fired for Not Believing in Global Warming Hoax

Unlike climate scientists, meteorologists deal with actual weather, not esoteric, politically driven theory. When they make predictions about the future, it takes a matter of days instead of decades to discover whether the predictions come true. That’s why, despite the relentless propaganda and establishment peer pressure, only 46% of broadcast meteorologists believe in anthropogenic climate change. Yet you will rarely hear them speak out against the hoax. Mish Michaels demonstrates why:

Michaels, a former meteorologist at WBZ-TV, lost her job as a science reporter at WGBH’s show “Greater Boston” last week after colleagues raised concerns about her views on vaccines and climate change. She had previously questioned the safety of vaccines and the evidence that human activity was causing global warming, both widely held views in the scientific community.

Michaels says she never said she doesn’t believe in vaccines. But questioning leftist dogma on climate change is probably what got her in trouble.

There are plenty of other skeptics. They are just better at keeping their heads down. Uh oh, another is speaking up:

Tim Kelley, who has issued weather forecasts on New England Cable News since 1992 … describes himself as a “student of climate change,” but says his experience with the variability of computer models has made him skeptical that anyone can predict how greenhouse gases will change the environment in the coming decades. …

Kelley acknowledges the climate is changing, but like many skeptics he questions whether rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are the reason. He believes most of the changes are natural, not man-made.

“I’m much less alarmed by global warming than most people,” he said. “I’d rather it be warmer.”

Who wouldn’t, living in New England? But he had better watch it with the heresy. Hasn’t he heard that the temperature rising by only a couple of degrees over the course of a century could end civilization and result in human extinction?

Kelley said he was deeply concerned by what he sees as Michaels’s firing.

“It’s alarming that you can be scapegoated or branded as a denier,” he said.

Kelley is right to be alarmed. He should give thought to a second career.

mish michaels
Mish Michaels, heretic.

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