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Aug 03 2022

$50 Apiece in Covid Cash for $3 3D-Printed Guns

A major reason that inflation is destroying the value of our savings is that the irresponsible fools running the federal government exploited Covid as a pretext to fling $billions upon $billions to the four winds. The money is still being spent as fast as our rulers can print it. Some has financed a gun buyback in Houston:

Over the weekend, Houston’s Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner held a gun buyback event in a church parking lot where residents could turn in their firearms and receive a gift card ranging from $50 to $200 with no questions asked. According to the Mayor’s announcement, the funds provided to those turning in firearms came from the American Rescue Plan — aka American taxpayers — and the amount-per-firearm was $50.00 for a non-functioning firearm, $100.00 for a rifle or shotgun, $150.00 for a handgun, and $200.00 for a fully automatic rifle.

Not a bad deal, considering how cheaply you can 3D print a gun:

One man showed up to the buyback with dozens of 3D-printed firearms, and Houston authorities had no choice but to accept them and hand over gift cards in return. The real kicker: it only cost the man $3 to print each firearm, of which he made 62, and received $50 per 3D-printed gun for a total of nearly $3,000 in gift cards.

Sylvester Turner will go far in the Democratic Party. He knows how to waste our money on moronic gestures intended to reduce our freedom.

Success as defined by moonbats.

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