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Mar 27 2023

65-Year-Old Baby Girl Steals Diapers From Daycare Center

According to the transgender ideology of our ruling class, you are what you identify as, regardless of how absurdly it contradicts reality. This opens new possibilities in the realm of crime. From upstate New York:

An Orleans County man allegedly entered a Clarkson daycare center while it was closed, stole diapers and formula and left notes behind indicating he wanted to pretend to be a baby girl.

Police said they took Daniel Seeler, 65, of Holley, into custody Feb. 18 shortly after he ran out the back door of Inspire! Learning and Childcare…

The director has security video…

…showing a man playing with diapers and piecing them together to make a bigger one. She said the man went into the bathroom, pulled his pants down, put the diaper on and then put his pants over it before running out of the building.

Hold on, Seeler didn’t steal; he paid for those diapers:

The center’s director told police an employee found $120 along with a hand-written note Monday, Jan. 30 asking if the daycare had adult-size diapers and if the staff would “play along.”

Welcome to the year 2023.

The director said the note included sizes for pants, shoes, bras and dresses, with the man indicating he liked to play as a baby girl and called himself “Baby Danielle.”

Authorities play along with female impersonator Dylan Mulvaney to the point of inviting him to the White House and paying him astounding sums to speak at colleges. Mulvaney, before whom the liberal establishment literally kneels, identifies as a 6-year-old girl named Eloise. Why won’t they play along with Daniel Seeler?

This daycare center reeks of transphobia. The bigots must be smoked out and canceled. Otherwise, Seeler won’t feel safe. Trans babies exist!

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