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Feb 02 2022

A Yank on Biden’s Leash

Whoever is at the helm of USS Big Government as it pushes full steam toward multiple icebergs, at least it isn’t Joe Biden. Watch him sit compliantly with his trademark inane grin on his over-botoxed face as his puppeteers jerk on his strings after an address to the National Governors Association on Monday. They abruptly change plans, contradicting his announcement that he had been told to take a question from Governor Spencer Cox (R-UT). Truly pathetic:

Thomas Lifson suspects that he was starting to sundown, and his handlers wanted him away from the cameras before he became even more incoherent than usual:

But whatever the cause of the change of plans, it is crystal clear that Biden is not calling the shots at his own public event. Someone else — a female voice off-camera — shuts down the questions, and Biden just sits there, looking back and forth and grinning stupidly as he obeys instructions from someone powerful enough to make him backtrack in public.

They say the catastrophic Afghanistan withdraw was all Biden, because no one else could be that spectacularly incompetent. His handlers are not likely to make the mistake of allowing Slow Joe to call the shots again.

They may be less stupid than their puppet, but they are not less evil. The decisionmakers might even be wicked enough to get us into a senseless war with Russia for domestic political reasons.

Democrats shriek incessantly about alleged threats to “Our Democracy.” What kind of Democracy is it when the public does not even know who is charge?

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