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Feb 04 2022

Biden Conspicuously Feeble and Disoriented

Having fixed Afghanistan, crime, and inflation, Biden announced Wednesday that he will now cure cancer. The government healthcare technocracy that produced characters like Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins can look forward to another massive infusion of our money. Whether this advances cancer research is doubtful. Whether Biden understands what he reads off the teleprompter is even more doubtful. After the speech,

Biden seemed to lose his way as he left the podium, first wandering in the wrong direction, then turning back to shake hands with several officials before apparently being reminded by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) to put on his mask. Ultimately, Biden was led off the stage with a little help from first lady Jill Biden.

The exploitation of this husk would evoke pity — if he hadn’t been an evil reptile for many decades:

At the risk of repeating myself,

Democrats shriek incessantly about alleged threats to “Our Democracy.” What kind of Democracy is it when the public does not even know who is charge?

If Joe Biden is the front our rulers present to make themselves more palatable, imagine how hideous they must be behind the mask.

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