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Apr 08 2023

Amazon Prime Abandons Audience in Favor of Moonbattery

America was about opportunity. People had the chance to rise or fall by their own merits. In contrast, effort makes less sense in the USSA under moonbat rule, because outcomes are predetermined by social engineers. Metrics of aptitude or achievement that do not reflect the desired results are abolished. That’s why colleges have been dropping the ACT, SAT, and LSAT. The reason most people have to go to college to find suitable employment is that a degree serves as a substitute for an IQ test, which employers have been forbidden from using for hiring purposes — for the same reason. The policy of abolishing metrics that do not produce the desired results applies also to programming on Amazon Prime.

Amazon is trying to produce a big series hit. It has the money, but woke ideology may get in the way. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

[A] complaint is that [Amazon head of television Vernon] Sanders relies heavily on feedback from focus groups, which tend to favor broad and less inclusive programming. Several Amazon insiders say the reliance on testing and data led to a clash late last summer, when an Amazon executive said in a marketing meeting for the series A League of Their Own that data showed audiences found queer stories off-putting and suggested downplaying those themes in materials promoting the show. Series co-creator Will Graham became greatly concerned about bias built into Amazon’s system for evaluating shows, which multiple sources say often ranked broad series featuring straight, white male leads above all others. One executive calls A League of Their Own “a proxy for how diverse and inclusive shows are treated.”

Graham launched into an interrogation of the system, questioning multiple executives about it. Amazon took the issue seriously and dropped the system of ranking shows based on audience scores.

Now programming can be based purely on what audiences are supposed to like in accordance with leftist ideology, as opposed to what they do like. Anheuser-Busch applies the same approach to marketing beer.

As Not the Bee observes, there is a massive market out there for entertainment that does not ram nauseating perversion and woke ideology down the audience’s throat:

The first company to successfully tap it will control the stories and culture of the generations to come.

Fox News exploited the gaping hole where non-left-wing news coverage needed to be and has overwhelmingly dominated cable news ever since. An alternative Hollywood could make a killing by steering clear of moonbattery.

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