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Jan 04 2021

Amen and A-Woman

Political correctness has reached the last extreme of absurdity in Congress. Democrat Representative and ordained United Methodist pastor Emanuel Cleaver delivered the opening prayer on Sunday to start the new session. Instead of the traditional “amen,” Cleaver ended it with the more inclusive “amen and a-woman.”

Seeing is believing:

“Amen” is Latin for “so be it.” Gender has nothing to do with it. But if “history” can be deformed into “herstory,” why can’t “amen” become “awoman”? Since moonbattery is a totalitarian ideology, it applies to everything, including all words.

Good thing Cleaver pulled this before today, when new House rules presented by Nancy Pelosi are to be voted on. All gender-specific language has been stripped out, including “man” and “woman.” Because inclusion.

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