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Jan 04 2021

Sarah Chambers, Teachers’ Unions Personified

This story represents the role of teachers’ union in society in general and America under COVID-19 in particular:

Sarah Chambers, a member of the Chicago Teachers Union executive board and area vice president, boasted about a recent vacation to Puerto Rico.

Illinois property taxes are so excessive that people are fleeing the state en masse. Yet the state is staggering under massive debt. A major reason for this is the cost of pensions demanded by insatiably greedy teachers’ unions.

Sarah reports that instead of teaching kids to read and write, she planned to get “some yummy seafood mofongo” in San Juan.

On Thursday, Chambers said that reopening Chicago’s public schools for in-person learning on Monday would result in a widespread coronavirus outbreak and COVID-19 deaths.

There is minimal risk of kids catching WuFlu in school. In contrast,

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise Americans not to travel to Puerto Rico, and categorizes the island as having a “very high level of COVID-19” infection.


The Chicago Teachers Union has threatened a possible strike if the schools reopen, according to WGN-TV.

Eventually, people will figure out that if air traffic controllers can be fired, teachers can too. Given the unemployment levels resulting from the ChiCom virus overreaction, which are likely to last for years with Democrats in charge, replacing the teachers would be a breeze. But then, if Democrats are in charge, unions are in charge.

Sarah Chambers was fired in 2017. But the union got her reinstated.

This isn’t her first trip to the Caribbean:

Chambers allegedly traveled to Venezuela as part of a delegation of CTU members in 2019.

“Their goals were to learn what they could from Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, exchange views on effective education and to show solidarity with the students, teachers and social movements of Venezuela,” according to the Post Millennial.

Maybe it is just as well for her to spend her time in Puerto Rico sunning herself instead of in the classroom poisoning impressionable minds with socialist propaganda.

Count the clues that Sarah is a moonbat.

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