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Jun 25 2021

Anat Kimchi and the Tragedy of Utopian Thinking

University of Maryland criminal justice doctoral candidate Anat Kimchi passionately took the side of allegedly oppressed young black men against the legal system that sometimes punishes them when they break the law. Then she traveled to Chicago, the politics of which produced Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Louis Farrakhan, and Lori Lightfoot. There, she was stabbed in the back by a derelict described as a “slim Black male with long dreadlocks” and said to be in his 30s.

Her death went almost entirely unreported, probably because the media is controlled by people possessed of the same ideology that she presumably took to the grave with her. As noted earlier, they hold that crimes committed by nonwhites should be ignored.

An update on the oppressed victim of systemic racism who killed Anat Kimchi:

The possibly homeless man who fatally stabbed a Maryland woman in the Loop over the weekend has viciously attacked at least two other women in the Loop this month, according to CPD reports and a community alert from Area Three detectives. One of the other victims was beaten so badly, fire department personnel initially believed she had been shot in the head.

Yet, despite apparently knowing who the offender is and publicly stating that investigators have good images of the man, police did not release a single photo of the suspect to help the public identify him.

No doubt releasing a photo would be racist. That was why the Austin American-Statesman refused to release the description of a mass shooter who was still at large earlier this month; it might have been “harmful in perpetuating stereotypes.”

If only authorities were more interested in eradicating crime than in eradicating whiteness, Anat Kimchi might now be safe back in Maryland, wallowing contentedly in clueless moonbattery. But at least her tragic death might serve as what they used to call a “teachable moment.”

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