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Jun 24 2021

Fact-Checker: Reporting Crime Is Racist

Democrats’ war on police and glorification of lawless mobs have predictably resulted in an epidemic of crime. Biden’s handlers respond by repressing the gun rights of law-abiding citizens, so that they will be rendered defenseless. This of course will only increase violent crime. However, the “fact checkers” who helped the media put Biden’s handlers in power have an idea that will make rising crime disappear.

The powerful fact checker Poynter demands that news outlets stop reporting crime, on the grounds that drawing attention to it is racist.

Presumably crimes committed by white guys can still be reported, unless their name is Biden.

Paul Joseph Watson reports on what the media is becoming:

George Orwell would kick himself for not coming up with the concept of “fact checkers” whose job is to make the media even more mendacious.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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One Response to “Fact-Checker: Reporting Crime Is Racist”

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