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Jun 25 2021

Brandeis University Issues Newspeak Dictionary Update

Just because a term was acceptable an hour ago does not mean that using it now would not result in immediate cancelation on grounds of intolerance and insensitivity. If you don’t want to become marginalized on behalf of the “marginalized,” you can’t wait for the Inner Party to issue an official new edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. Updates come from all corners of the liberal establishment, and they must be incorporated immediately. Here’s a major one from Brandeis University:

“Policeman,” “congressman” and even the gender-neutral descriptor “freshman” have been deemed “oppressive” at Massachusetts’ Brandeis University, a small, elite private school in Waltham, because they are “gender exclusive.”

As academia descends into a maelstrom of moonbattery, even referring to the act of walking becomes thoughtcrime. The term “walk-in” is forbidden as part of the war on ableism, as are the expressions “crazy” and “lame.”

Brandeis’ Prevention, Advocacy, and Resource Center lays down the law in its “Oppressive Language List”:

PARC recognizes that language is a powerful tool that can be used to perpetrate and perpetuate oppression. As a community, we can strive to remove language that may hurt those who have experienced violence from our everyday use. These recommendations for more-neutral language are brought forth by students who have been subject to violence or who have worked with others who are healing from violence…

By “oppression” and “violence,” they mean anything a pampered crybully chooses to find offensive.

Terms denounced as un-PC include the pronouns “he” and “she,” because transsexuals don’t like them.

Remember when we were forbidden to say “Negro” for no particular reason, and race hustler Jesse Jackson demanded we say “African-American” instead? Now we are not allowed to say that either. We must say “Black” and yes, it must be capitalized.

“People of color” is no longer acceptable. Instead, must say “BIPOC,” defined as “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.” Blacks need to be singled out for special reverence because they “are disproportionately impacted by violence in the US.” PARC doesn’t mention that the violence is inflicted by other blacks or that it is so prevalent because their fellow moonbats have hamstrung the police.

Terms like “Long time no see” and “No can do” are nixed because they allegedly oppress “indigenous people and Asians.” The word “picnic” oppresses sacred blacks I mean Blacks.

You can’t even say “trigger warning” because the word “trigger” might trigger hoplophobic liberals by reminding them of guns.

With each passing day, progressives move closer to abolishing all language other than grunts of assent or self-abasement.

Memorize the whole list if you don’t want to sabotage your next job interview by inadvertently sinning against moonbattery, which is the official religion not only of academia but also of the human resources profession.

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