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Sep 08 2020

Anti-American Airlines

Free speech is important to American corporations — so long as it is left-wing speech. American Airlines has announced that flight attendants are allowed to wear Black Lives Matter pins with their uniforms while on duty.

Despite the media’s efforts to keep us in the dark, by now most people should be aware that the explicitly racist ideology of Black Lives Matter is hostile to American heritage, law enforcement, the nuclear family, and property rights. It has been associated with 550 violent protests in recent months. It is not a moderate ideology, nor is it a benevolent one. Many lives have been destroyed or even snuffed out during the long summer of BLM rioting.

In response, AA is working on a special uniform pin to virtue signal its support for Afrocentrism, to be designed by its Black Professional Network.

Given the openly violent hostility of Black Lives Matter toward law enforcement, not all AA employees are happy about it:

“I take offense to this,” one veteran flight attendant said in an email to airline management obtained by The Post. “Serious offense. My husband is a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), as was my deceased father and as far as I’m concerned ALL LIVES MATTER.”

It is unlikely that AA would allow a pin reading, “All Lives Matter.”

“I am completely disgusted at the fact that we can’t show support for our GOD, our COUNTRY, our LEOs but when it comes to BLM organization (which is controversial in itself), American Airlines says that’s obviously different,” she wrote. “And we can. How is that right? Well, I don’t feel included.”

Sounds like she is taking the term inclusion literally. An official AA statement on the matter bleats about the company being “truly committed to having an inclusive culture.” But corporations only use this term in the Orwellian sense, implying exclusion of anything opposed by leftists.

If the flight attendant wants to feel included, all she has to do is wear a Black Lives Matter pin. Otherwise, she might get labeled as a racist, which is not good for career advancement.

Some rebellious AA employees say that if they are confronted with BLM pins, they will counter with pins supporting Trump or the NYPD. Good luck to them; they will need it.

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