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Sep 30 2022

Army’s First Transgender Officer Spied for Russia

On the classic sitcom M*A*S*H, Maxwell Q. Klinger wanted to go home from Korea, so he dressed in women’s clothes, in the hope that the military would regard him as too crazy to serve. He didn’t grasp Catch-22: anyone sane enough to want out of war is sane enough to serve.

Nowadays, the military prioritizes political correctness over sanity. As a result, it is becoming infested with kooks as wacky as Corporal Klinger pretended to be. The national interest is not served:

The U.S. Army’s first transgender officer and his wife, a Maryland doctor, were indicted on conspiracy charges Wednesday for allegedly attempting to transfer confidential military medical information to Russia.

The eight-count indictment was unsealed Thursday upon the arrest of the defendants, Major Jamie Lee Henry and anesthesiologist Anna Gabrielian, according to a Department of Justice press release. The Army granted Henry’s request to officially change his name in accordance with his gender preference in 2015. Prior to Henry’s case, identifying as a sex different than the one on one’s birth certificate made a soldier unfit for military service, warranting discharge.

It still makes a soldier unfit for service, but no longer warrants discharge under moonbat rule.

The pair are accused of stealing patient health files from Johns Hopkins and Fort Bragg and giving them to an individual they believed to be working for the Russian government. They aimed to show that they could access classified information and readily provide it to Moscow to demonstrate their allegiance, according to the indictment.

Henry’s arrest puts the liberal media in a quandary. What to do about his pronouns?

Media outlets went to great pains to avoid “misgendering” a former Army doctor who attempted to give medical information about members of the U.S. military to Russia. …

CNBC described Henry with masculine and feminine pronouns in various article versions before finally settling on “their.”

The indictment against Henry uses accurate male pronouns, rather than defying reality by referring to the cross-dressing man as if he were a woman, as we have come to expect of our government. Maybe it is because Henry’s own wife uses male pronouns for him. More likely, it is because, as with Jeffrey Dahmer, his association with fellow sexual deviants must be downplayed, because it does not help to promote the LGBT agenda.

On tips from Anonymous, ABC of the ANC, Jack D, and KirklesWorth.


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