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Sep 30 2022

New York to Ban Normal Vehicles

If only the tyrannical lunacy would stay localized in California. Then it might take only a major earthquake to cure it. But moonbattery metastasizes. Already California’s plan to ban normal vehicles has been picked up by the People’s Republic of New York:

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul on Thursday announced she is ordering state regulators to make changes necessary to require all new passenger cars, pickup trucks and SUVs sold in the state to be zero emissions by 2035.

The move comes about a month after California voted to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles starting in 2035, setting a precedent for other blue states.

Electric vehicles cost on average $19,000 more than real cars, even with the subsidies that force reasonable people to help buy rich liberals’ virtue-signaling moonbatmobiles. The prices rise in tandem with the subsidies.

EVs are far more expensive to maintain and to insure. Their battery performance is significantly reduced by hot or cold weather. They spontaneously burst into flames. The electricity that makes them go is not always available in states run by liberals. Where electricity can be obtained, it is primarily generated by burning fossil fuels, which according to the champions of EVs defeats their only purpose.

The stated objective of banning affordable, reliable transportation is to improve the allegedly problematic climate. Anyone who honestly believes that driving EVs will have any perceptible effect on the climate qualifies as cognitively disabled.

The proper cars that Democrats are making illegal are actually less harmful to the environment.

EVs do not make sense at any level. That’s why progressives have to impose them by force.

Deliberately making transportation less efficient is an example of why our standard of living steadily declines under Democrat rule.

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