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Oct 03 2021

Attempt to Cancel James Webb Fails

Maybe remnants of American culture will survive the woke era. For the first time in recent memory, LGBT bullies demanded that a great American be erased — and the government pushed back:

Nasa says it will not rename the James Webb Space Telescope, despite an ongoing controversy.

It is hoped that the high-profile, $10 billion telescope will find evidence of life on other planets after it is launched in December.

James Webb died in 1992 at age 85. He was a Democrat, a Marine, and most relevantly, NASA’s administrator for 8 years during the agency’s 1960s glory days.

But it is the work he did before he held that role that has proven controversial. Webb was Undersecretary of State during the “Lavender Scare”, during which many LGBTQ people were driven from roles in government service.

Anyone associated in any way with anything militant moonbats don’t like is subject to cancelation. No doubt they would prefer it to be named the Laverne Cox Space Telescope, since only identity groups matter to them, not accomplishments.

NASA obediently conducted an investigation into Webb’s alleged thoughtcrime. But then it shockingly returned a verdict of not guilty.

“We’ve done as much as we can do at this point and have exhausted our research efforts,” senior science communications officer Karen Fox said in an email, NPR reported. “Those efforts have not uncovered evidence warranting a name change.”

Accustomed to always getting its way, the liberal media is not taking this well. A Futurism headline screams with rage:


According to moonbats, milk is racist. Why shouldn’t a telescope be homophobic?

In the future, bureaucrats should spare taxpayers the wasted time and therefore expense of investigations into the political correctness of eponyms. All demands for cancelation by cultural thugs must be refused on principle, so that our heritage may be preserved.

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