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May 11 2022

Beware Ultra-MAGA Republicans

The new buzzword from the White House is “ultra-MAGA Republicans.” An example of Biden using it:

Likewise, Biden never anticipated that $trillions in wasteful government spending and deliberately crippling domestic energy production in the name of the global warming hoax would cause runaway inflation. No worries; standing in front of wallpaper printed with “TACKLING INFLATION” and “LOWERING COSTS” is so sure to solve the problem that there will be no need for Democrats to suspend their orgy of spending or take their Birkenstocks off the neck of the oil industry.

Meanwhile, as the Regime urges us to fear the radicalism of “ultra-MAGA Republicans,” mobs of thugs egged on by the White House illegally lay siege to the homes of Supreme Court justices. Samuel Alito has been in hiding so that tolerant liberals don’t mostly peacefully kill him.

The Senate has passed a bill to protect justices from leftist violence and intimidation. However, Democrats like the Lori Lightfoot call for escalation.

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