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May 15 2021

Biden 4-Month Report Card: Straight F’s

The border crisis, government-created unemployment, skyrocketing gas prices, alarming inflation, a cyberattack on a major oil distributor, the economic sabotage of stopping the Keystone XL pipeline, renewed chaos in the Middle East, the cancelation of women’s sports, a campaign to destroy racist roads, impending suffocating taxation — Biden’s first 4 months have been unmitigated disaster, as Brittany Hughes reminds us:

Covid was a minor inconvenience compared to the much more serious crisis of Joe Biden’s election. Let the radical left put a corrupt, dim-witted, ill-tempered, and increasingly senile swamp rat in charge and only a fool would expect things to turn out any better.

It will be a testament to the USA’s durability if it can survive 4 years of this. If Democrats force through the For the People Act so that they no longer have to face legitimate elections, the past 4 months are only the beginning.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.


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