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May 17 2021

In Search of Biden Supporters

After only 4 months, a gas line is the wrong place to look for people willing to admit they were foolish enough to vote for Joe Biden. Sorry about the language:

Under the previous administration, the USA was exporting energy. But upon taking power, Biden’s handlers immediately shattered the kneecaps of the energy industry, suppressing drilling and killing the Keystone XL pipeline. Reliable sources of energy are to be replaced by corrupt green energy boondoggles that are incapable of supplying more than a tiny fraction of our energy needs.

The green future being imposed on us consists of inflation, gas lines, and California-style rolling blackouts. Under Democrat rule, Homeland Security, the CIA, and the armed forces are all too focused on imposing nauseating moonbattery to defend us from cyberattacks like the one that took down the Colonial pipeline. Democrats are more interested in shutting down pipelines themselves.

At least we don’t have to worry about Biden sending mean tweets; it is doubtful he could operate a smart phone.

On a tip from Henry.


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