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Sep 22 2020

Biden Loses a Line

Attempting to hispander, Biden promises that if leftists can use him to seize power, there will be no deportations for 100 days. Or maybe there will be no deportations except for illegal aliens who commit felonies in the USA. It depends on which lines Biden catches as they scroll past on his teleprompter.

That’s the problem with running a candidate in such a state of cognitive decline that not only can he not get through staged softball interviews without a teleprompter, he can’t even competently read the teleprompter.

Watch him botch the Pledge of Allegiance in Wisconsin:

Looks like he lost a line again. Never mind; you know the thing.

Kamala, Bernie, AOC, and the rest of the radical left will not have to worry about pushback from Biden on even the most demented and anti-American initiatives. By next January, he won’t recognize himself in the mirror.

On tips from Rapinhoe, Henry B, Anonymous, Chuck A, and Mr. Freemarket.


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